Dragon City Santa Dragon & The Christmas Tree – 2012 Special

We have not written any significantly new post for Dragon City for a while. However, we think this new special Christmas event is unique enough to warrant a new post. From now until Christmas 2012, you will have a chance to win a special Dragon City Santa Dragon through obtaining items from specific tasks. We will go over this Dragon City Christmas Tree special in detail. If you have found this Dragon City guide helpful, please check out the rest of our Dragon City guides! It should be noted that the Santa Dragon is a unique dragon that cannot be obtained via Dragon City Breeding.

Although you can see these from the game screen, it is still nice to have a little reference that you can go into when you do not have the Christmas Special menu pulled up. Remember to share our thoughts with your friends if you have found it helpful! Please link back to us as always.

The Christmas Tree Dragon City Tasks

In this special Dragon City mini game, there are 6 tasks that you can do to obtain “points”. With different amount of points that you have obtained, you will be rewarded with various gifts. Below is a list of tasks.

20 Points – Fallen Stars
Get from PvP Fights. (Fight in Dragon City Battles)

50 Points – Elf Hats
Ask Friends.

20 Points – Dragon Nog
Get by Breeding.

20 Points – Gift Socks
Get from farming. (Collect from Ready Farms)

30 Points – Gingerbread
Get from Dragon City habitats. (Collect from ready habitats)

20 Points – Dragon Candy
Get from helping friends. (Collect from Visiting friends)

Christmas Tree Rewards for Dragon City

Depending on the amount of the points that you have obtained, you will receive the following rewards.

30 Points – Xmas Tree
90 Points – Santa Habitat
160 Points – Santa Dragon (Plant/Ice) Element

Thoughts about Santa Dragon Christmas Special Event

Compared to some of the other special events that Dragon City offers, at first glance, this game seems fair that you do not need to spend gems to get the Unique Santa Dragon. However, after you look deeper into it you will find that it is not the case. The drop rate for these special items are not 100%. Our initial testing and observation shows the rate is about 20~30%, maybe even lower. Therefore, most of the players will have troubles collecting for the required item such as Fallen Stars (PvP Fights), and Dragon Candy (Help friends) if you do not have friends. You may even have trouble with the breeding requirement if you do not have both the Breeding Mountain and Ultra breeding tree. You may have to sacrifice your breeding progress just to finish breeding faster for the less rare dragons.

Thus, to obtain the Dragon City Santa Dragon, you will have to start now. Combat in PvP as much as you can, collect everything as soon as possible. We suspect that most of the players will be cutting it short and not making it at all. We also suspect that these “special” items will be sold for gems at a later time. Do you best to collect the event items as soon as you can. However, the Santa Dragon is indeed possible to obtain for those players that start early.

Finally, this Santa Dragon Christmas event is one that you do not want to miss in Dragon City. If you miss it, later on you will have to “buy” both of the Santa Dragon and Santa Habitats at a later time. Good luck and hope you will all be able to complete the 2012 Dragon City Christmas Event.