Defender of Texel (DOT) Strategy Guide

Defender of Texel (DOT) is essentially a card battle game with some strategic element mixed into it. In this complete DOT guide, we will go through everything that you need to know to get started in the game. We will go over some basic Defender of Texel strategies, cheats, and basic walkthrough.

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Dungeon and Journeying

In DOT, you have various dungeons that you need to journey or crawl through. Each of the use will cost some energy, and every 3 moves or so you will encounter enemies. Every 5 minute can recover 1 energy point. However, you will earn full energy points when you level up or you can recover DOT energy through the use of energy recover items.

Ajaf Leaf – Recovers 30 energy
Bitters –

On certain stages of the game, your hero’s race will have advantages in certain worlds. These units will be labeled with “edge”. The edged units will have significant 300% stat boosts which make them alot more effective in the game.

Boss Fights
For the special boss fights in DOT, you will have 3 BP (Boss Points) attempts when you face the boss stage. Each BP will take 30 minutes to recover.

The boss fights are pretty tough in DOT and you will really have to fuse and play strategically to win. We will discuss some of the playing strategy in the post below. You can consume Nux or Nux bits to recover BP.

Understanding Your DOT Hero Stats and Information

The heroes in DOT are separated into three different races. In addition, they can have elemental affinities attached to them. You should also pay some minor attention to their stats too to determine the best units to use at different situations.

Please note that some of these Defender of Texel DOT descriptions are taken directly from the game.

The DOT heroes cards come in the following three races:

Xana – The Human Life Races
Hemi – The Half Human Hybrid Race
Theri – The Beast Race

Elemental Sign
The fighters can have 5 signs in DOT:
Fire, Water, Lightning, Air, and Earth. Some fighters have no sign. When a fighter’s sign matches that of a locale or a boss’ vulnerability, the fighter’s stats are adjusted upward. This is called sign edge.

The hero cards have the following rarity ranking. In general, the more rare cards have better and stronger stats.

Common < Uncommon < Rare < Legendary < Epic Hero Level and Level Cap
The hero cards have certain level caps that limit their level and DOT fusing growth. However, you can raise that cap through “self-infusion” by infusing the card with the same card.

Self-Fusion Limit (SEF)
Each of your card has a 5 self-fusion limit. When you have fused more than 5 of the same card together, your Defender of Texel card will “evolve” and receive greatly higher stats.

The ATTACK value deteermines the effectiveness of regular and natural skill attacks.

The DEFENSE value determines the extent of damage from regular and natural skill attacks.

The AGILITY value determines the order of actions in a battle.

The WISDOM value determines the effectiveness of magical skill attacks, as well as the damage sustained from magical attacks.

Skills and Skill Proc Rate
Not every fighter has a skill. However, SPR the skill proc rate can rise according to the SEF ranking rather than the level.

Obtaining New Hero Cards

You can obtain new heroes using “builds”. You will need the different crystals or “Ixstones” to conduct the building. These character building crystals in DOT are as followed based on their rarity.

The Crystals are listed here. It should note that higher ranked Ixstones can still build weaker characters.

Pixite – Common
Voxite – Uncommon
Doxite – Rare
Rexite – Legendary
Premium – Epic

You can also spend some real money to obtain “premium” builds that typically offer more rare monsters and heroes.

The numbers of hero cards that you can have is limited based on your class level. However, you can boost the max number using Pavilion.

Special Dungeon Events
From time to time, DOT will release special dungeons that reward you with special and strong fighters. Make sure that you participate in them to obtain new heroes!

Upgrade and Making Your Defender of Texel Heroes Stronger

To upgrade your DOT unit cards, you will need to “Fuse” them. What you will do is to fuse the weaker cards and feed your stronger ones. In general, you want to keep a good mix of heroes based on their races and element to take advantage of “Edged” character advantages. However, a rule of thumb is that you should combine and fuse the same cards.

When you fuse the cards together, the original card can “level up” and gain additional boosts.

Additional Power Boost from Gears
Gears are used in the game to boost your Defender of Texel POP. POP stands for Position Power. The position power’s levels will boost the stats of the power in that square. Each level of POP boost the fighter by 1%. In addition, you can fuse weapons together to make them stronger.

Hero Card Placement and Battle Tips and Strategies

Defender of Texel is special and unique compared to the other typical trading card games on the mobile platform. You have 9 squares at which you can place your units unto, and based on that you will have different activation strategies. Below are some of the base strategies to help you through the majorities of the battles.

1. Strongest Unit Goes in Center
If you are familiar with Tic-Tac-Toe, you will know that center is the most important tile. You will have 4 different ways that you can swipe through the center, this makes the center unit the most important card. If your center unit dies easily, it can really hinder your game play.

2. Second Strongest Cards in Corners
You will want to place your second tier units on the corners. The corner tiles have 3 ways that you can swipe through.

3. Weakest Cards on the Side’s Middle Tile
Place your weakest of the 9 cards on each side’s middle tiles. These units only have 2 ways that you can activate them. This makes them the least used units in the Defender of Texel (DOT) battles.

4. Playing Order and Optimization Stratety
If you have placed your DOT Defender of Texel units with our recommended strategy. You will find that your strongest attacks will come from the method of X swipes. Based on this concept, we will list the following DOT optimization and tactic for you to win.

a. Optimize by plaing higher speed units on the opposite corner.
If your units are strong enough to take out enemy units in one hit. Place them and activate them early on in the battle. By taking them out firsts, you will avoid getting damaged. However, if you cannot kill them in one turn, use the higher attack units. Your goal is to both destroy enemies first and in the least numbers of attack possible.

b. Optimize by strategically placing your third tier units.
The third tier units on the middle tile of the side are “back up” plans in DOT. With this in mind, you should usually place your strongest unit on the corner units that “tank” better. By the time you have to resort to using these units, your corner units may have already received some damage.

c. Plan ahead of your move order and place your units accordingly.
To improve the efficiency of your playing speed, you can plan ahead some move orders and prepare the Defender of Texel DOT battle plans.

5. AOE Spells and Further Skill Consideration
The spells and skills can make or break your game. Make sure that you study and know the types of skills that your fighters can PROC. Sometimes if your units have AOE spells, use those units at the beginning of the round to deal the best amount of damage possible.

6. Use Healing Items
When your fighter’s HP is low, always heal them up with Duct Tape. You should even consider using G.L.U. to revive your units if it is toward the end of the mission. You do not want to give up your progress because your team gets wiped out from the mission. However, if you are dying at the beginning of the round, it means that you are too weak for the stage. For this situation you should not use any healing items.

7. Permanent V.O.X. Power Boost
You can boost your entire’s bands battle stats using VOX. Each VOX can boost the POP for one additional level. Horn Unknown.