Complete Stronghold Kingdoms Offense and Defense Combat Guide

Combat in Stronghold Kingdoms can be essentially divided into two parts. The attack side of the battle and the defense side of the battle. This Stronghold Kingdom combat guide will go over both side of the equation, as well as provide helpful tips and ideas to help you advance faster in the game of Stronghold Kingdoms via combat and PvP. If you have found this guide beneficial to your game play, please check out our other Stronghold Kingdoms guides, and don’t forget to link back to us!

General Preparation

To prepare yourself for winning battles in Stronghold Kingdoms, you will have to build up your units so that they stand better chances against your enemies to win. Prepare your Stronghold Kingdom village with the following tips to ensure higher winning opportunities for you and your Stronghold Kingdoms army.

Understand and Unlock Different Unit Types

Spend the time to understand how different Stronghold Kingdoms battle units function and react after different situation. Your goal is to unlock all of your units so that you can adapt to different attacking variations. For example, archers are really good defensive units and backup damage units behind melee units in attack. Experiment with your units to learn how they move in battle is key to winning against different kinds of defenses.

Research to Make Stronghold Kingdoms Battle Troops Stronger

Whenever you can, always spend your research points into the corresponding Stronghold Kingdoms units. By putting research into them, you will increase their health points which make them stronger and harder to kill in combat. The first battle unit type that you should focus on researching are arches. Archers are versatile to be used both in defensive and offensive combat which makes it the best unit to be researched and trained early in Stronghold Kingdoms.

Use of Stronghold Kingdoms Strategy Cards

Cards can always be used in game to help your armies fight stronger in the game. If you have the money to spend, spend the time into which cards will work best with your army can be essential to win consistently.

Stronghold Kingdoms Offensives Attacks

To attack another village in Stronghold Kingdoms, you have to first pick a target to attack. On the world map, first by selecting your own Stronghold Kingdoms village which is labeled with a yellow shield. Select the attack blue icon to start the attack. You can then select the types of units that you want to use.

Various Stronghold Kingdoms Attack Options

There are multiple attack options that you can do to your opponents in game. Below is a quick guide for all these Stronghold Kingdoms attack options. It should be noted that all attacks will cost you some honor points to carry out, so think twice because you start trigger happy to kill and raze all the villages around you. It costs more honor points the higher the ranking different between you and your targets.

Capture allows you to capture the village you are attacking. You must have a vacant village spot for the capture option to be available, Your Stronghold Kingdoms troops will also reach the center of the keep with a captain alive.

Raze allows you to destroy the village you are attacking. To succeed, you must reach the centre of the keep and have a captain which survives the battle.

Pillage allows you to steal a certain percentage of goods from the village you are attacking. You can select the type of goods you wish to steal. The higher the percentage that you want to pillage the village for, the longer your troops must spend inside the enemy’s castle’s white line in order to succeed.

Ransack allows you to destroy a certain number of buildings in the village you are attacking. You can select the type and number of buildings you wish to destroy; researching Ransacking will allow you to destroy more buildings. Similar to pillage, your armies must stay within the white line for a period of time for the buildings to be successfully destroyed.

Vandalise allows you to destroy the castle you are attacking.

Stronghold Kingdoms Captain Abilities

You can also make your Stronghold Kingdoms attacks more effective by researching and using your captain’s special abilities. It should be noted that each of your combat captains can use their own unique skills within the battle. As long as that you have sent multiple captains into the attacks. By using and strategizing your attacks with Captain skills, you can lower your losses while dealing maximum damage to enemy’s Stronghold Kingdom’s castle defenses.

Delay Delays the army within a five (5) tile area around the Captain. This skill can be used from the beginning, it is not Research dependant (via “Tactics”). This skill ca be especially useful to have certain troops hold back while archers or catapults fire.

Rallying Cry: Heals the troops surrounding the Captain within a five (5) tile area.

Arrow Volley: Fires arrows from the corner of the map to the area beside the Captain.

Battle Cry: Increases the damage done to walls by the troops surrounding the Captain.

Catapult Volley: Fires a catapult volley from the corner of the map to the area beside the Captain.

Stronghold Kingdoms Defensive Castle Building

A well defended castle is the key to keep your honor and resources in Stronghold Kingdoms. Without a strong and good castle, you will eventually be attacked, killed, and slaughtered. You should start with the castle defense by upgrading Castellation which kills weaker units. Defending your Stronghold Kingdoms Castle Keep is vital because the majority of the attack commands require enemies to reach the Keep. After that you can focus on researching further into fortification to unlock various castle defense structures such as stone walls and towers.

Other ways to improve your defense is by researching archers which increase their HP. In addition, you can research guard houses to house additional defensive troops. Archers are the best defensive troop that you can use because of their ranged attacks. By housing the castle with many archers

Enclosing Your Castle

As a last note for the Stronghold Kingdoms defense, your castle is only fully enclosed when you have built a gatehouse as well.

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