Banana Kong Game Play Guide

Banana Kong is an endless runner where your goal is to get as many bananas while scoring the longest run. In this guide, we will go over everything to help you achieve the longest run possible. If you like this general guide, please check out the rest of our mobile gaming guides.

Basic Game Plays

Before we start getting into the tips, we will go over some the basics to help you understand the different zones and movements. As the game updates with more content, we will follow up with Banana Kong as well. So please check back often!

Banana Kong Movement Tips
Power dash can destroy the obstacles.
Swiping down let you move down the different layers as well as quick drop while jumping.
Swiping down on the flower will help you bounce higher on tree tops and flower tops.
You will need to use power dash when the banana tide gets too close you.
Jumping off the vine near the end will give you banana boost. You will have to try it a couple of times to get the timing.

Getting into other areas
Jungle: This is your starting zone. You can ride the toucan while dodging fishes and other obstacles.

Tree Trop: Use power dash while hanging on the vine. In this area you mainly have to time your jumps to handle the tree top areas. However, you will have to upgrade your glide and giraffe ability to stay on the tree.. You will not die in tree top but rather send you back to the jungle level.

Cave: Power dash into the blocked caves. You can ride the boar in this zone. The boar can survive different obstacle hits. However, the banana tide can still kill you while on the boar. You want to use dash consistently to crush the obstacles without hurting your HP.

Best ways to earn bannas in Banana Kong

The best way to make bananas is all about maxing your relevant power ups as soon as you can. Below we will provide some tips and combos to help you.

Power up Combos
Cave: Max Boar
Jungle: Max Toucan and 1 point in magnet.
Tree top: Max Giraffe and Glide

Now the power ups can get quite costly at high levels. We do not recommend maxing two of the area at the same time. Mainly because you should spend the majority of the time in the zone that you have the advantage of. We personally like to go for maxing boar first because its ability to destroy rocks is very handy to earn more bananas. You want to max all the powerups first before you start going for the longest runs possible. After you have maxed the power ups, you will be more able to afford the various utilities.

Time your vine jumps
If you time your vine jumps well, you can earn additional bananas as you let go.

Leave no bananas
Always grab as many as you can,thissounds dumb but you can really make a difference if you try to get as much bananas as you can for each run.

Using Banana Kong Shops

In this section, we will discuss what kind of power ups that you should get first.
Rainbow Banana switch off some of the bananas randomly in the stage to give you extras. However the chance of it happening is way too low to be effective. Toucans can be effective in earning banana when you have maxed out its level. Triple banana + magnet can be a powerful combo. The magnets increase the amount of time for the auto attraction. However we think that the range of magnet is quite limited.

Boar’s power up is effective to take more hits and the last levels double the banana value. Giraffe boost the lifeline that you have while being on the treetop section. Glide makes your gliding ability better which is very important in the tree top level.

There are also various utilities that you can purchase but they are all typically pretty useless. The only good ability is the 1-up to give your gorilla a second chance.

Power Ups

Rainbow Bananas
A super banana worth 30 bananas. Each level increases the chance that it will appear in your run.

Upgrade costs:
Level 1: 800
Level 2: 1600
Level 3: 5600
Level 4:

Level 1: The toucan resists one blow
Level 2: Additional magnet effect
Level 3: Doubles the banana value
Level 4: Triples the banana value

Upgrade costs:
Level 1: 1000
Level 2:
Level 3:
Level 4:

Attracts bananas to you. The first level activates the power-up. Each level increases the duration.

Upgrade costs:
Level 1: 500
Level 2: 2000
Level 3:
Level 4:

Level 1: The boar can destroy 10 obstacles
Level 2: 15 obstacles
Level 3: 20 obstacles
Level 4: Doubles the banana value

Upgrade costs:
Level 1: 1000
Level 2: 3000
Level 3: 8500
Level 4:

Saves you from dropping out of the treetop. You receive one extra save for each level.

Upgrade costs:
Level 1: 500
Level 2:
Level 3:
Level 4:

Improves the ability to glide.

Upgrade costs:
Level 1: 500
Level 2:
Level 3:
Level 4:


You can purchase the following items as utilities in Banana Kong.

1-UP: Extra life for 2500
Simple Boost: Get to 500 meters for 750 bananas
Double Boost: Get to 2000 meters for 2000 bananas
Full Power Bar: Fully load power bar for 300 bananas
Water Bounce: Bounce 1 water once per lagoon in the next run

IAP banana reference

Banana beginner set: $0.99 for 2500 bananas
Box of bananas: $1.99 for 7500 bananas
Shipload of Bananas: $2.99 for 15,000 bananas
Mountain of Bananas: $7.99 for 50,000 bananas