How to Build Best Warbow (Ranger) | Aura Kingdom

The Warbow is the latest addition to the game. The Longbow (Warbow Ranger) class has an interesting mechanic where you can charge your skills to deal additional damage while achieving additional buff and debuff. In this guide, we will go over some basic character builds, secret stone usages, and gear recommendations.

Please feel free to leave any comments if you have any other thoughts regarding the sample builds. Below is a quick index of the different sections for this guide. Please check the rest of our Aura Kingdom guides if you have found this guide helpful.

Warbow Stats Build
Warbow Gears
Warbow Secret Stone Selections
Warbow Skills
Warbow ‘s Skill Mastery
Warbow Envoy’s Path
Secondary Class Choices

Warbow Stats Build

Offense Stats

There are a couple of ways that you can build out your Aura Kingdom Warbow. Because of the charging mechanic of Warbow, speed becomes one of the more important stats for Warbow class compared to other DPS classes in Aura Kingdom. Out of these builds, we recommend 30% natural speed cap / crit or full crit builds.

Different from other DPS classes, you have “charging” or “optional casting” time where you can hold down the hot key while casting to “charge”. The SPD reduces the charge time similar to how the percentage of SPD reduction lowers skill CD. This means that a 50% capped speed ranger can charge their attacks 2 times faster than a character with 0% SPD.

Special Note
It should also note that the current version, the GCD (Global Cooldown) triggers when you start charge. However, this mechanic gets nerfed in later versions where the GCD triggers after the skill is released. This is a big deal because with the unnerfed version, you can shoot out all of your skills charged while it overlaps with the GCD. However, after the update, your effective DPS is almost halved since you have to wait for the GCD.

What this means is that pre-nerf, a pure SPD cap build is worthwhile because of your ability to smoothly rotate, charge, and spam your skills. However, after the nerf less SPD and more CRIT is more helpful to make all of your charged shots really hurt. You will have to make your call based on your play style and ability to use the skills.

30% Speed / Rest Crit
This is our most recommended build for your Warbow character. At 30% natural speed, you can achieve 0.8s DoT tick rate for both your main class skills and your sub class skills. You will charge your shots at decent speeds while achieving a decent balance of crits. With 30% speed, you can also have the flexibility of equipping of either SPD or Crit gears when you need to.

50% Speed Cap / Rest Crit
Depending on your use of food buffs or party members buffs, you can cap your speed at roughly 35% unbuffed. Make adjustments based on your actual needs and game play. This build allows you to charge all of your arrow skills at the fastest speed possible. Speed caster has the benefit of laying all the buffs and debuffs against mobs fast. However, this build puts the Warbow at a more supportive role instead of DPS because of much lower crit rate.

Pure Crit Build
This build can deal the best consistent damage. The only downfall is that all of your skills will take a long time to charge, a good chunk of those charged arrow shots will be crits which can boost your overall damage output. You can potentially achieve 100% crit rate with the Warbow’s natural 20% additional crit on charged skills. This means that although you may have slower charging rate, but all of your shots will crit.

Crit Variation Build
Some variations are possible based on your needs:
50% Crit, 30% Speed, Rest in Damage: This variation takes advantage of Dimensional Shots +30% crit if fully charged plus your natural crit. Dimensional shot will be your main DPS skill because of the higher crit chance.
50% Crit, Rest in Speed: Similar to the idea before, but you will have slightly higher speed.

Pure Damage Build
We do not recommend this build, by putting all the points into damage, you have the potential to deal huge one time burst damage given that the shot does crit. However, the damage output is a joke when you get a consistent string of non-crits.

Defensive Builds

As a ranged DPS, the Ranger is pretty squishy without any meaning envoy’s path that boost your ability to survive better. You have mainly two paths to take in terms of boosting your defense. When you choose to specialize in either of the stats, boost them even higher with other sources such as gears, envoy’s path, and skill mastery.

In general, you should start the game with pure Defense, and restat into HP at later levels (level 60+) once you start getting advanced and fortified gears.

Pure Defense
Pure defense is one of the easiest way to buff your defense during early part of the game. Defense is relatively easier to boost and cap compared to HP. With defense, you can take more shots during early parts of the game, use less pots, and have an easier time in dungeons.

Pure HP
Pure HP is better for PvP purposes and for later dungeons. Mobs at later dungeons can hit for tons of damage, however with the combination of HP stats plus your defense gears. You will achieve higher survival ability. In addition, HP is the only meaningful “defense” against enemy player and boss’ DoT attacks.

EVA Build
Although you can pull off EVA build with Ranger, however it is not really recommended until late stage where you can pull off a high number of defense. It is much easier to play by starting with either defense or HP builds. However, EVA build can be decent in PvP against non-ACC geared players.

Warbow Gears

Upper Sets
In general, you want to use the crafted HP sets such as Requiem or Titan sets or any of the highest sets available for your version. The reason is that the defensive bonus is too hard to ignore. However, if you are farming lower level dungeons, you can consider using the offense sets to deal your DPS even faster.

Bottom Sets
The damage sets or golden sets of your level cap is usually the best choices. However, you can go for the HP sets for additional survival ability. As you move further into the game at level 65+, you can consider wearing the Crit damage boost golden gears to further improve your damage output.

Depending on your build, you can either go for sets that have SPD or go for the sets that offer you with CRIT.

Similar to the Accesories, however, the Crit trophies are better choices because crit trophies give additional special enchantment boosts that increase your DPS. For example, the green and orange version of Malodnak’s claw are great choices to boost your damage output. You can also equip Toto’s Sharp Blade for the Crit Damage as well.

Warbow Secret Stone Selections

Below is a list of all the secret stones that you could purchase at the Master trainer in Navea. We have bolded the secret stones that you should aim for. In general, the ones with +6% critical damage are the bonus stats that you want. Then you can either get a whole set of elements against certain mobs or go for stats that boost your character further.

Another note, if you are crit builds, you usually want to go for stones that boost your Critical damage. If you are speed build, go for the ones that increase your crit chance.

Bow – Triple Shot

Crimson: +Dmg
Sunrise: +Dmg, Triple Shot +4% Crit Chance
Golden: +Dmg, Triple Shot +15% Critical Damage
Sunset: +Dmg, + Triple Shot range

Glove – Dimensional Shot

Crimson: +Dmg
Sunrise: +Dmg, +4% Dimensional Shot Crit Chance

Belt – Corrosive Shot

Crimson: +Dmg
Emerald: Corrosive Shot Duration +4 seconds

Helmet – Arrow of Light

Crimson: +Dmg
Sunrise: Arrow of Light Crit Rate +4%

Armor – Hail of Arrow

Crimson: +Dmg
Golden: +15% Critical Damage

Warbow Skills

For all of the Warbow skills, you can move while charging. However, some skills lock you while shooting out your arrows. We will note which skills lock you in place.

Triple Shot
No element, Single Target
Fully charged shot deals 4th arrow (additional 1/3 damage)
Possible to move while charging and casting

Note: A great and useful DPS damage skill when combined with the skill mastery to lower mobs damage.

Frost Arrow
Ice element , Single Target
Applies -30% move SPD to target for 4sec
Fully charged shot freezes the target, making it unable to move for 4sec
Locked while casting

Note: You will mainly use Frost Arrow when you are kiting the mobs. However, because Frost Arrow is single target, you really will only use it for PvP 1 on 1 situations.

Dimensional Shot
Main DPS skill
Dark element
DoT effect for 10sec
Fully charged shot has crit chance +30% while casting the skill
Straight line AoE

Note: Great DPS for you to use plus DoT effects. You generally want to fully charge this skill for the extra Crit chance.

Blessing of the Winds
Self buff
Duration: 25sec
DMG +x
+30% chance to double hit

If longbow is main weapon:
Move SPD+ 10%
Dmg taken -10%

Note: This buff is a requirement for longbow’s DPS. The damage boost from double hit and defense boost from dmg taken is too great to be ignored. With fully speed build, you have no excuse not to keep this buff on at all times.

Corrosive Arrow
No element. Shoots 2 arrows of which the 1st deals 2/3, and the 2nd 1/3 of the dmg
Single target
Decreases DEF, can be stacked 3 times. Lasts for 12sec
Fully charged shot decreases target’s HEAL% by 40%. Lasts for 12sec
Locked while casting

Note: One of the best skill as a Warbow. When the defense debuff is fully stacked, it takes out more defense than any other class’ skills. You always want to start your fight with this skill so that your subsequent attacks can deal more damage, your party member’s attacks will deal more damage too.

Awesome skill to be used in PvP settings against bards or any other class with decent heals such as Katar.

Arrow of Light
Main DPS skill
Light element
Fully charged shot decreases target’s DMG by 15% for 10sec
Half-circle fan AoE

Note: Spam this skill fully charged is great for higher end dungeons and hell dungeons. The damage debuff can often save your team members from one shotted by mob skills. The fan like AoE also covers a decent range.

Hail of Arrows
No element
Circular AoE around target.
Fully charged shot increases AoE range

Note: An awesome skill to use in mob situations only, fully charged shot can cover quite a bit of area. The skill itself has decent damage, however if you have other classes with stronger single target skills, use those instead in your skill rotation.

Burst of Speed
Increases party’s speed by +x and increases accuracy by +5%

Note: This is a decent party buff to use that improves your entire team’s accuracy.

Warbow’s Skill Mastery

General Skills

Bullseye Trio is a better skill mastery to take to lower mobs damage. You want to lower boss damage especially for harder dungeons to avoid you and your team members from being one shot killed from boss attacks.

Triple Trouble: Triple Shot Damage +5%
Bullseye Trio: Target Dmg -5%
Dimensional Shot: Target ACC -10%

Attack Spec
Use Callousness to boost your CRIT Damage number. You can also consider using Murderous intent if you intend to get the most crit rate possible, however you will actually obtain a little higher damage output by getting the Crit damage from Callousness. Zeal sounds good in theory however the chance of it proc is actually pretty low. You are better off using the other skill masteries.

Divine Power: DMG +5%
Divine Power (Green): DMG +7%. Obtained via level 30 dungeon.

Focus: SPD +5%
Focus (Green): SPD +7%, obtained via Ultimate Skill Lucky Pack: Attack Spec or level 30 dungeon at 3rd boss drop.

Murderous Intent: CRIT +5%
Murderous Intent (Green): CRIT +7%. Obtained via level 45 dungeon or attack chest box.

Zeal: 10% chance to deal 50% more damage
Zeal (Green): 10% chance to deal 70% more damage. Obtained via level 50 dungeon or attack chest box.

Boost: SPD +3%, DMG +2%
Boost (Green): SPD +5%, DMG +2%

Callousness: Crit +3%, Crit DMG +4%

Advanced Skills

For the advanced skills, you generally want to go for Binding Arrow to improve your Arrow of Light’s DPS. However, if you are soloing or luring for your party, Brilliant Phoenix movement speed increase may be helpful.

Binding Arrow: Arrow of Light Dmg +15%
Brilliant Phoenix: Arrow of Light buffs movement speed +5% for 10 sec.
Swift Hail: Hail of Arrows buffs EVA +5% for 10 sec.

Defense Spec

Use Iron Wall for the DEF buff or Courage if you are HP build.

Vigor: Max HP +5%
Vigor (Green): Max HP +7%

Iron Wall: DEF +5%
Iron Wall (Green): Def +7%

Agility: EVA +5%
Agility (Green): EVA +7%

Unyieldness: Recover 1% HP while being attacked. This effect can be triggered once every 30 seconds.

Courage: Max HP +3%, damage taken -2%

Extreme Speed: EVA +3%, Move SPD +5%

Tactical Spec
Go for either decrease target DMG or DEF. In general, you may want to decrease target’s DMG in hell mode to lower boss’s attack power, and DEF in party mode so that your party can kill the monsters faster.

Organized Sabotage: Every attack has a 25% chance to decrease the target’s DMG by 10%

Break Defense: Every attack has a 25% chance to decrease the target’s DEF by 10%

Preemptive Strike: Every attack has a 25% chance to decrease the target’s CRIT +5% and CRIT DMG by 10%.

Ambush: Every attack has a 25% chance to decrease the target’s SPD by 10%

Expose Weakness: Every attack has a 25% chance to decrease the target’s Received Healing by 20%

Ars Noxia: Every attack has a 25% chance to decrease the target’s Move Speed by 10%

Special Skills

Go for Best Defense if you are DEF build or Capoeira if you have a EVA build.

The Best Defense: 1% of DMG added to DEF.
The Best Defense (Green): 2% of DMG added to DEF.

Capoeira: 1% of DMG added to EVA

Deep Blue: DMG +2%, Malice -5%.

Omniscience: 1% of DEF added to SPD.

Warbow Envoy’s Path

With so many different Envoy path skills to get, we will hit some of the main envoy path’s that you should build your character into. In general, most of the skill specific envoy path’s are not that great to have.

Battlefield Motivator: This skill is one of the main reason that having a main job ranger is great in party. It pretty much offers your teammates an 8% chance to deal 100% more damage. You should get it as soon as you start running party dungeons.

Overdraw: A very important envoy path to unlock. Charged shots can buff you with 3% additional ACC and DMG, and it is stackable up to 5 times. The additional ACC and DMG boost can really push your DPS to a higher level.

Attack Swiftness: You will have to use Attack Swiftness as your path to open Overdraw. And later you can either use Battle Tactics or Attack Swiftness to unlock Blessing of the Winds Mastery.

Blessing of the Winds Mastery: This mastery is important if you do not have enough Speed to cooldown Blessing of the Winds fast enough. As a ranger, you should keep that buff on at all times.

Speed of Life: A great envoy to have especially if you have Speed build. At higher level it can potentially grant you a couple thousand of additional HP.

Longbow: This allows your bow skills to have an additional 3m range. The additional range is helpful to get some more distance between you and the mobs or players during fights.

Secondary Class Choices

For Warbow class, since your main class skill generate quite a bit of damage. You generally will not use any skills coming from your sub classes other for their skill debuff effects. And even then, if your subclass overlaps with another main job in the party, you may not use those skills at all simply because they are override by the more effective casts by your team members.

Thus, you have two path to go for your Warbow ranger subclass. Either go for the pre determined sub class of either Guardian or Bard to improve your survival ability both in PvE and PvP settings.

However, you can also go with a sub class that has a high level weapon that “deals bonus damage” such as wizard or grenadier.

You should however, not use a melee subclass because you are really giving up your advantage of being a ranged DPS, given that you really will not use the melee skills all that often with such as strong main weapon attacks.