What are the Player Stats Explained | Aura Kingdom

Building out and customize your characters is half of the fun in any MMORPG. In this guide on Aura Kingdom Stats, we will go over specific character stats mechanic in the game. We will discuss the various stat caps, their effects, and some general methods to boost those ratings.

This guide will focus on defining the different stats that can affect your game play. Please note that this is a generic guide that focus on discussing the stats and we will not go into specific class builds or which stats that your characters should place points into. If you have found these explanations helpful, please check out our list of guides for Aura Kingdom.

Character Stats Development:

Offensive Stats
Defensive Stats
Derived Stats
Detailed Offensive Stats
Detailed Defensive Stats

Offensive Stats

DMG: This effects how much damage that you can do. By adding DMG stat, it will affect both your main and offhand weapon damage.
Adding 1 Damage Stat Point increases Damage Stat Bonus by 0.35%.
There is no hard cap on the amount of damage that you can achieve, however the damage dealt is offset by enemy’s defenses, meaning that your final damage output is lower than your damage amount depending on the enemy’s defense rating.

CRIT: The percentage of critical attack that you can do. Note that CRIT can affect both DoT attacks and active healing (Not Ballad).
The CRIT rate is capped at 100%.
However, some player choose to go above 100% to counter other player’s Crit deduction gears in PvP settings.
Adding 1 Crit Stat Point increases Crit Stat Bonus by 0.25%.

SPD: Affect the skill casting time and the cooldown time. Faster SPD can also affect the ticking rate of DoT and HoT attacks. The range is roughly as followed:
Adding 1 Speed Stat Point increases Speed Stat Bonus by 0.30%.
SPD rating is capped at 50%.

Below 10.00% Speed, the tick interval is 1.0 second.
From 10.00% to 29.99% Speed, the tick interval is 0.9 second.
Above 30.00% Speed, the tick interval is 0.8 second.

You should always try to aim for at least roughly 30% SPD on your character for the ability to tick your over time skills as well as faster casting time. However, once you hit the cap, do not put more points into SPD as it will be a waste of your stat points in majority of the situations. Do not put more points in SPD unless you wish to counter enemy’s speed Debuff.

Defensive Stats

HP and DEF is always debatable among the players. However, in general, HP and DEF is better for PvE settings. HP can defend yourself against monster’s DoT attacks, and DEF is better at tanking damage from more monsters. However, if you wish to spend real money into buying and fortifying your gears. HP plus overpowered gears can produce phenomenal results.

Evade is better in terms of PvP to dodge enemy’s attacks only. You would be betting to dodge incoming attacks while killing other players. Because most non-pvper usually stack their characters with Dmg gears for PvP, your Evade build would work greatly in the PvP setting. However, once enemy players start building out their ACC gears, it cancels out the benefit of having high evade.

Thus, in general HP or DEF is a better setting while EVA has an element of surprise if your enemies are not prepared. EVA is bad in PvE setting because any boss’s red carpet attack can easily wipe you out.

HP: The amount of Health that you have, the more HP that you have, the more hits that you can take.
Adding 1 HP Stat Point increases HP Stat Bonus by 0.58%.
Adding stat point into HP increases the Total Base HP Amount. Total Base HP includes Equipment HP. Increasing HP increases the out of combat HP Regen. There is no Hard Cap for HP.

DEF: The amount of damage that you can offset from enemies of the same level.
Adding 1 Defense Stat Point increases Defence Stat Bonus by 0.20%.
This is the first part of the damage calculation.
The DEF damage deduction is capped at 75%.

EVA: Increase chance to evade attacks from targets of the same level.
Adding 1 Evasion Stat Point increases Evasion Stat Bonus by 0.35%.
The Hard Cap for Evasion is 95.00%.

Derived Stats

CRIT DMG: Determines how much extra damage that you do when you land a critical hit. The default rate is 130% with single weapon and 130% and it can be increased mainly through secret stones and other gears.
CRIT DMG is capped at 300% of your normal damage.

ACC: A bonus to your ability to hit the target of the same level.
Accuracy rate is capped at 75%.

HEAL: Heal % affects all aspect of your healing skills including active heal and heal of time skill. However, it does not affect the amount of heal that you receive from healers.
There is no hard cap for the heal %.

MOVING SPEED: This stat determines how fast your character can move around.

Detailed Offensive Stats

Primary Weapon Damage Bonus: This gets carried over from your main stat as well, usually you can get additional Crit damage with your main weapon within your envoy’s path skill tree.
Primary Weapon Crit Rate: This gets carried over from your main stat.
Primary Weapon Crit Damage: This gets carried over from your main stat as well, usually you can get additional Crit damage with your main weapon within your envoy’s path skill tree like the additional primary weapon damage bonus.

Damage bonus against Bosses / Elites / Players: Additional damage against the specific type of enemies.
Crit rate bonus against Bosses / Elites / Players: Additional critical rate against specific type of enemies.
Crit damage bonus against Bosses / Elites / Players: Additional CRIT DMG against specific type of enemies.

Damage bonus against Storm / Flame / Lightning / Ice / Holy / Dark:
You can achieve additional damage bonus against monsters of specific attributes. Note that this can work against monsters, bosses, elites, and other players based on their armor amount. You will generally obtain damage bonus against attributes from secret stones and weapon bonus.

Detailed Defensive Stats

Damage Deduction for Boss / Elite / Player: These deductions are calculated after your main defense. You can offset more damage taken from these monsters.

Bonus to Healing Potency: The healing potency affects the amount of active skill heals that you do to others. It does NOT enhance heal over time skills.
Bonus to Received Healing: The Received healing affects all heals received. Each tick of Heal of time skill is counted as one heal.
Damage dealt absorbed as HP: When you take in damage, those damage becomes HP to be absorbed.
Damage taken reflected back: The damage that you take is reflected back as enemy’s damage. The reflection is capped at 95%
EXP bonus from defeating monsters: The EXP rate + boost your EXP earned through fighting monsters. This is important if you are at the stage where you have to grind dungeons for EXP to level up faster. This does not affect the amount of EXP that you get from completing quests.
Drop Rate bonus: The Loot Drop Rate + stat can boost the amount and quality of loots that you obtain from mobs and bosses. Upgrade this stat to earn more gold in Aura Kingdom.