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With so many quests available in the game of Arcane Legends, we have decided to put together a nice table to help you go through the game quickly and effortlessly. Use this guide to help you keep track of your quests and complete the Arcane legends quests when you are stuck. Please feel free to let us know if you see any errors in the game. We will first go over some of the common questions that you may have about the different quests, then we will provide a list of all the currently available quests! Be sure to check out our other >Arcane Legends guides in the Browser game section.

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While using this Arcane Legends quest notes, please note the following:

1. You can get pets from the Surprise items that are rewarded from quests.
2. You can turn in some of the quests through Quest drops, a good use of it may save you some walking time.
3. Use our Arcane Legends Map to help you locate the NPC’s.

(If Applicable)
Windmoore TavernTutorialGustavFollow Gustav and exit the mapJohan20g
Help Gustav!City of WindmooreJohanFind Elderman Gustav in Brackenridge ForestGustav (Brackenridge Forest)50g
Long ForgottenCity of WindmooreRoyal StatueFind and examine the Ancient Alter in Brackenridge ForestAncient AlterNone
Missing MerchantCity of WindmooreBoltagFind the missing merchant's body in the AqueductsMissing Merchant30gMissing Merchant
The Only Good GoblinCity of WindmooreBoltagKill enemies in the Goblin invaders campaign and chance quest item drops automatically*Boltag40g
[Daily] Where o'Ware?City of WindmooreBoltagKill enemies in the campaign and chance quest item drops automatically*Boltag40gThe Only Good Goblin
[Daily] Skeleton MedleyCity of WindmooreStrasz the BardComplete the mapStrasz the BardStory Token, 30g
[Daily] The Companion CanticleCity of WindmooreStrasz the BardComplete the mapStrasz the BardStory Token, 85g
Just A KissCity of WindmooreTavern KeeperGo to Kermut in the Rook's HideoutKermut70gLord of the Flies
[Daily] Reignbow CollectionCity of WindmooreTavern KeeperKill Rook archers and chance quest item drops automaticallyKermutSurprise Item (random chance at Dauphin's egg), 70g
Charge It!Brackenridge ForestWeapon MasterTap and HOLD your ATTACK button until you are [CHARGED] then releaseWeapon Master10g
Find Dorte!Brackenridge ForestBarkleyFind Dorte in Brackenridge ForestDorte30g
[Daily] Stolen PropertyBrackenridge ForestRefugeeKill enemies in Arcane Legends Aqueduct for dropRefugee (Aqueducts)30g
Looting RichesBrackenridge ForestWhen Stabb is defeatedFree Dorte in Brackenridge ForestDorteSilver Chest, 30g
[Daily] Daily RewardsBrackenridge ForestZyboxHit the accept buttonZybox 30g
CipherBrackenridge ForestAncient AlterFind the cipher dropped by Aqueducts enemiesRead the parchmentNoneLong Forgotten
Save the Aqueducts!Brackenridge ForestElderman GustavDefeat Krax Wildstorm in AqueductsRefugee (Aqueducts)Sub-Uberplate of Tenacity, 70g
The Hungry PuppyBrackenridge ForestBarkleyKill enemies for loot dropBarkley30gBarkley's Call
The Sleepy PuppyBrackenridge ForestBarkleyKill enemies for loot dropBarkley30gThe Hungry Puppy
[Daily] The Bored PuppyBrackenridge ForestBarkley Kill enemies for loot dropBarkleySurprise Item (random chance at Chase's egg), 30gThe Sleepy Puppy
A Grim TaskAqueductsMissing MerchantTalk to BoltagBoltag30g
Find Lisbet!AqueductsSheebaFind Lisbet in AqueductsLisbet40g
TraitorAqueductsSealed LetterKill Jarl Gruwaldf in VillageGold PouchBauble of Burtality, 120g
HauntedAqueductsParchmentDefeat Cyril and talk to the Ghost of CyrilGhost of CyrilNone
Companions!AqueductsTalk to BettyTalk to BettyBettyBarney
Summon your Pet!AqueductsBettyGo to your Stable using the UI menu and summon BarneyBetty50g
Brackenridge on FireAqueductsRefugeeKill Thunk One-EyeRefugee (Village)Sub-Uberplate Helmet of Security, 120g
Leaves for LisbetAqueductsSheebaKill enemies for loot dropLisbet40gSheeba's Call
Now You See ItAqueductsSheebaKill enemies for loot dropLisbet40gLeaves for Lisbet
[Daily] Think of MeAqueductsSheebaKill enemies for loot dropLisbetSurprise Item, 40gNow You See It
Find Wiznit!VillageHedwigFind Wiznit in VillageWiznit115g
Potions!VillagePetroTalk to PetroPetroPetro's Potion Pack
Goblin MineVillageRefugeeDefeat Ghul Bellybottom and light the dynamite to close the portalBroken PortalCleavanator of Assault, 200g
Seeds for WiznitVillageHedwigKill enemies for quest itemWiznit70gHedwig's Call
The Magic TomesVillageHedwigKill enemies for quest itemWiznit70gSeeds for Wiznit
[Daily] The Bone CharmsVillageHedwigKill enemies (shaman) for lootWiznitSurprise Item, 70gThe Magic Tomes
Find Vitor!Gold MineGrimmFind Vitor in the Gold MineVitor115g
Find Burni!Gold MineSierraFind Burni in Gold MineBurni115g
She Lives Below the GroundGold MineGhost of CyrilDefeat Morgana and speak with her ghostGhost of MorganaNone
[Daily] Twisted RitesGold MineSierraExamine 5 Goblin codex within the Goblin Ritual siteBurni115gFind Burni!
Grimm MedicineGold MineGrimmKill enemies for TalismanVitor115gGrimm's Call
Source of KnowledgeGold MineSierraTalk to Gustav, Woodruff then BurniBurni115gSierra's Call
Strong MagicGold MineGrimmKill enemies for Crystals dropsVitor115gGrimm Medicine
[Daily] Potent DyesGold MineGrimmKill enemies for Potent dyesVitorSurprise Item, 115gStrong Magic
[Daily] Measuring the ArcaneGold MineSierraExamine the glowing purple rocks scattered around the campaignBurni115gDeep Dark Secrets
[Repeats] Barkley's Call Traveler's OutpostWoodruff the Beastmaster Talk to Barkley in Brackenridge ForestBarkley30gFind Dorte!
[Repeats] Sheeba's CallTraveler's OutpostWoodruff the BeastmasterTalk to Sheeba in the AqueductsSheeba40gFind Lisbet!
[Repeats] Hedwig's CallTraveler's OutpostWoodruff the BeastmasterTalk to Hedwig in the VillageHedwig40gFind Wiznit!
[Repeats] Grimm's CallTraveler's OutpostWoodruff the BeastmasterTalk to Grimm in Gold MineGrimm40gFind Vitor!
[Repeats] Sierra's Call Traveler's OutpostWoodruff the BeastmasterTalk to Sierra in the Gold MineSierra40gFind Burni!
Eternal FlameTraveler's OutpostBenadiktComplete the Watchers' Tomb - Level 1 (defeat Fractured Fel)Benadikt120g
Terror TombsTraveler's OutpostBenadiktComplete the Watchers' Tomb - Level 2 (defeat Yrena the Deathless)Benadikt120gEternal Flame
Darkest DepthsTraveler's OutpostBenadiktComplete the Watchers' Tomb - Level 3 (defeat Krack Krushbone)Benadikt200gEternal Flame, Terror Tombs
Who Goes There?Traveler's OutpostAhnoldKill enemies in the Watchers' Tomb for quest itemAhnold70gDarkest Depths
Dead DiaryTraveler's OutpostAhnold Kill enemies in the Watchers' Tomb for quest journalAhnold70gWho Goes There?
Vanished ValorTraveler's OutpostAhnoldKill enemies in the Watchers' Tomb for Crest of Valor itemsAhnold275gDead Diary
Ydra ForestTraveler's OutpostMage MessengerTalk to Karin in Ydra OutskirtsKarin250g
[Daily] King Dude DittyTraveler's OutpostKincaid the BardComplete the map by defeating the mobs to gain access to the next areaKincaid the BardStory Token, 30g
The Troubled TurtleYdra OutskirtsDonatelloTalk to Ahnold in Traveler's OutpostDonatello300g
To Catch A KillerYdra OutskirtsKarinAvenge Karin's father and kill Stahl the Ydra Outskirts bossSealed Letter500gYdra Forest
Pen PalsYdra OutskirtsSealed LetterKill enemies in the Rook's Hideout until a Sealed Letter dropsSealed Letter340go Catch A Killer
Fear No EvilYdra OutskirtsDonatelloKill enemies for Arcane Legends quest lootAhnold300g The Troubled Turtle
Get A ClueYdra OutskirtsDonatelloOpen chests/break boxesAhnold300g Fear No Evil
[Daily] The ShredderYdra OutskirtsDonatello Kill enemies for shredderAhnoldSurprise Item (random chance at Bismark's egg), 300gGet A Clue
The Space BetweenRook's HideoutGhost of MorganaExamine the Ancient Alter in the Tombs of Kraag IIIAncient AlterNone
The Lonely FrogRook's HideoutKermutTalk to the Tavern Keeper in the Slurred King and lead with "Thanks, lovely lady!"Kermut5g
Mother in PerilRook's HideoutSealed Letter (Rook's Hideout)Defeat the boss Mother in Rook's HideoutMotherSpidersilk Helm of Tenacity, 550gPen Pals
TrollingRook's HideoutMotherDefeat Klutus in Ydra ForestSealed Letter (Ydra Forest)Troll Ring of Force, 625gMother in Peril
Lord of the FliesRook's HideoutKermutKill enemies for flies quest dropTavern Keeper40gThe Lonely Frog
The Solitary DodoYdra ForestWatsonTalk to Quimby the Witless in Windmoore tell him "Ha, you remind me of Watson"Watson70g
Beyond RedemptionYdra ForestSealed Letter (Ydra Forest)Defeat Bael, the boss of Rook's NestElderman Gustav (Rook's Nest)Hack Sword of Assault,700gTrolling
The Lost KeysYdra ForestWatsonKill enemies and get keys for quest requirementQuimby70gThe Solitary Dodo
The Dodo StonesYdra ForestWatsonKill enemies for stones questQuimby70gThe Lost Keys
[Daily] Dodo's KeepsakesYdra ForestWatsonKill enemies for mementos quest lootQuimbySurprise Item, 70g
Fallen Companion!Rook's NestSigrunVisit the Hauntlet and engage the Fallen WarriorSigrun115g
On the Razor's EdgeRook's NestElderman GustavTravel to KraagKrobox400g
Severing the BondRook's NestSigrunDefeat the Fallen WarriorSigrun115gFallen Companion!
A Worthy CompanionRook's NestSigrunTalk to Algernon in Kraag and say "You seem brave..."Sigrun115gSevering the Bond
[Daily] Breathing FireRook's NestSigrunFire four cannons in Great City of KraagAlgernonSurprise Item, 115g
[Daily] Forgotten SilverGreat City of KraggKroboxKill enemies in the Kraag Tombs for quest itemKrobox250g
[Daily] Precious ProjectilesGreat City of KraggKroboxKill enemies in the Kraag Tombs for quest itemsKrobox250g
[Daily] The VisionGreat City of KraggKroboxDefeat Kkrrbbxx in the Kraag Tombs IIIKrobox500g
[Repeats] Donatello's CallGreat City of KraggRusalka the BeastmasterTalk to Donatello in Ydra OutskirtsDonatello40gThe Troubled Turtle
[Repeats] Kermut's Call Great City of KraggRusalka the BeastmasterTalk to Kermut in the Rook's Hideout/Talk to the Tavern Keeper in the Slurred KingKermut/Tavern Keeper40gThe Lonely Frog
[Repeats] Watson's CallGreat City of KraggRusalka the BeastmasterTalk to Watson in Ydra ForestWatson40gThe Solitary Dodo
[Repeats] Sigrun's CallGreat City of KraggRusalka the BeastmasterTalk to Sigrun in Rook's NestSigrun40gFallen Companion!
[Daily] Black HeartsGreat City of KraggBaldurKill (undead) enemiesFurnace (behind Baldur)110g
[Daily] Under FireGreat City of KraggAlgernonDestroy the six cannons at the end of the upper Hauntlet, twiceAlgernonHauntlet Coin, 110g
[Daily] Running the HauntletGreat City of KraggBertrum the Ghost in The Hauntlet - Upper HauntletComplete the HauntletBertrum the GhostHauntlet Coin, 110g
Something Stirs Below Great City of KraggKroboxDefeat Murax in Kraag Tombs Level IKrobox800g
Grave of the GoblinsGreat City of KraggKroboxDefeat Kronk in Kraag Tombs Level IIKrobox800gSomething Stirs Below
The Crypt-CrushGreat City of KraggKroboxDefeat Horgul in Kraag Tombs Level IIKrobox800gGrave of the Goblins
[Daily] A Hero Called HaleGreat City of KraggDunn the Bard in KraagComplete the map that you are placedStory Token, 85gDunn the Bard in Kraag
Letter from Karin IQuest Drop Side QuestQuest DropVisit the refugee camp in Brackenridge ForestQuest Drop30g
Letter from Karin IIQuest Drop Side QuestQuest DropVisit Brackenridge AqueductsQuest Drop30gLetters from Karin I
Letter from Karin IIIQuest Drop Side QuestQuest DropVisit the Dragon Gate in Gold Mine, the area that where Victor isQuest Drop115gLetters from Karin II
Letter from Karin IVQuest Drop Side QuestQuest DropVisit Ydra Mountain Caverns in Rook's Hideout, the area where Kermut isQuest Drop340gLetters from Karin III
Love NestQuest Drop Side QuestQuest DropVisit Rook's Nest and defeat BaelQuest Drop400gLetters from Karin IV


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