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Achievements are the various titles and events that you do. The Arcane Legends achievement system shows you the things that you can do in the game to achieve full game completion. We have compiled a quick list for you to check all the Arcane Legends achievement listing. Please let us know if we have missed any of the information and remember to share this with your friends if you have found it useful! Please also check out the rest of our Arcane Legends game guides for more helpful guides and walkthrough listed with other Browser Games.

The character achievements is geared toward your character development in Arcane Legends.

-Level 5 (Title: Experienced)
-Level 10
-Level 15 (Title: Gifted)
-5 Skill Points
-10 Skill Points
-15 Skill Points (Title: Skilled)
-500 APs (Title: Hero)
-5k APs (Title: Exemplar)

The venturing achievements deal with the locations of the game that you have been to.

-First Quest (Title: Freelancer)
-Brackenridge Village
-Rooks’ Nest
-The Watcher’s Tomb
-The Kaarg Crypts
-Love Struck – ONLY AVALIABLE AT GAME LAUNCH (Title: Love Struck)
-Hauntlet Runner
-Haunted (Title: Haunted)
-Hauntlet Exorcising
-Revenant (Title: Reveenant)
-Wraith (Title: Wraith)
-100 pve kills
-500 pve kills
-1000 pve kills
-5000 pve kills
-10000 pve kills (Title: Elite)

Archenemies achievement is based on the Arcane Legends bosses that you have killed in the game.

-Krax Wildstorm
-Thunk Third-Eye
-Speed Slayer
-Precise Perambulator
-Brained Before Beauty
-The Fist of Destiny
-Stabb [Elite]
-Krax Wildstorm [Elite]
-Jarl [Elite]
-Thunk Third-Eye [Elite]
-Speed Slayer [Elite]
-Precise Perambulator [Elite]
-Mother [Elite]
-Brained Before Beauty [Elite]
-The Fist of Destiny [Elite]

The PvP Achievement is based upon the PvP wins and kills that you have obtained.

-1 Flag
-10 Flags
-50 Flags
-100 Flags
-500 Flags
-1000 Flags (Title: Champion)
-5000 Flags
-10000 Flags
-10 Pvp Kills
-100 Pvp Kills
-500 Pvp Kills
-1000 Pvp Kills (Title: Gladiator)
-5000 Pvp Kills
-10000 Pvp Kills (Title: Warmonger)

Assets achievement is based upon the items and gold that you have collected throughout your Arcane legends adventures.

-500 Gold
-1000 Gold
-5000 Gold
-10000 Gold
-50000 Gold
-100000 Gold
-Merchant (Title: Merchant)
-Auctioneer (Title: Auctioneer)

Arcane Legends social achievement is only based on the guild functions as of now.

-Guild Charter

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