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The Warrior class is the strongest class in Arcane Legends as of right now. With its strong defenses and health, as well as great skills, makes it the best class to play and tank. As a tanking class, the Warrior’s main job is to keep aggro of the enemies and keep the team mates alive. The warrior class currently has any major weaknesses other than slightly lower damage than the other two classes, however the massive health makes up for the damage output.

The Warrior has multitude of skills, however, some of the best build should still focus around the concept of tanking enemy damage. In this Arcane Legends warrior guide, we will go over its stat build, skill builds, and lastly touch upon a little bit on the pets and gear choices. Please share this guide with your friends and guild mates if you have found this helpful! You can also check out our list of Arcane Legends guide in Browser Game Guide List.

Warrior Stats Build
For Warriors, the following stats will affect the Warrior class’s performance:
Strength: Damage, Bonus Damage %, Health
Dexterity: Dodge, Critical
Intelligence: Mana

The building of Warrior is pretty straight forward. Pure strength will allow it to have the maximum amount of health as well as boosting its damage. However, some players also choose to put in some minor points toward Intelligence for higher mana pool. If you find yourself constantly running of out mana for your warrior skills, some intelligence may solve that problem.

Warrior Skills

Being a tanking class in Arcane Legends, the warrior gets a variety of skills that boost their defenses and HP count. Below is a list of all the unlockable and upgrade skills that associate with them.

Skyward Smash
Unlock: 21.25 mana, 4 sec cool-down, 12m range, 7-9 damage, increased damage on critical.
Seismic Slam: When striking down with a charged skyward smash, the range of damage you unleash is increased to 6 meters.
Thundering Hammer: Your skyward smash attacks will now do an additional 10% damage.
Quaking Earth: When crashing down with your skyward smash, enemies receiving damage will also have a 25% chance of being stunned in place.
Effortless Execution: After landing a successful blow on an enemy with your skyward smash, you have 25% chance of having 20 mana returned back to you.

Chest Splitter
Unlock: 16.25 Mana, 3 sec cool-down, 4.5m range, 7-9 damage, increased damage on critical.
Increase the maximum number of targetes struck with chest splitter by 1.
Enemies slain by this attack have a 25% chance with the normal chest splitter and 45% with the charged chest splitter to explode, causing high damage to other enemies around them.
Relentless Strike: Gives normal hits a 30% chance and charged hits a 50% chance to knock enemies away from you.
Staggering Blow: Hits from the chest splitter will interrupt an enemy’s attack windups, as well as provide a 20% chance to disorient them.

Unlock: 21.6 mana, 10 sec cool-down, 4m range, 6-8 damage to up to 3 targets within 4m.
Increased Radius: Increase the range of the windmill attack to 6 meters.
Blender: Damage increased by 15% for every strike from windmill.
Prolonged Spin: Increases the duration of Windmill by 25%.
Cripple: A charged Windmill attack snares affected targets for 5 seconds.

Axe Throw
Unlock: 16.25 mana, 7 sec cool-down, 16m range, 6-8 damage, increased damage on a critical.
Denting Blow: Enemies that are hit by your thrown weapon will receive a 10% reduction in armor.
Concussion: Your throwing axe now has a 25% chance of stunning an opponent it hits.
Blacksmith Touch: Enemies will receive 15% additional damage when hit by your thrown weapon.
Chained Bait: Once your weapon is attached to your enemy, they will be pulled within melee range.

Unlock: 19.25 mana, 45 sec cool-down, temporarily increase health by 25%
Ignore Pain: Ignore 20% of all incoming damage.
Second Wind: If you fall below 25% health, you will have a 50% chance to cast a self heal.
Unstoppable: Charged Juggernaut removes movement-impairing effects.
Bring It On: Charging Juggernaut will taunt all surrounding enemies.

Rally Cry
Unlock: 13 Mana, 20 sec cool-down, increase armor by 10% for 8 seconds.
Lungs of Might: All beneficial effects applied from the warhorn are increased by 10 seconds.
Call to Arms: Releasing a charged Rallying Cry will cause nearby allies to receive buffs.
Songs of the Fallen: Receive a buff from your warhorn that boosts your dodge chance by 25% for a short duration.
Forced March: A charged blow from your horn increases movement speed by 10%.

Vengeful Blood
Unlock: 16 Mana, 30 sec cool-down, 4-5 mana recharge every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
Acute Strike: While Vengeful Blood is active, your chance at performing a critical hit is increased by 10%, or by 25% with a charged cast.
Savage Strikes: Increase your damage output by 15% while Vengeful Blood is active. Charging the skill will grant a 25% boost to damage.
Focused Rage: You increased the duration of the Vengeful Blood effects by 25%.
Adrenaline Surge: Adrenaline Surge now temporarily increase your strength by +25. Charging your skill increase the benefit to +50.

Horn of Renew
Unlock: 13.15 mana, 15 sec cool-down, 6m range, heals allies for 10-13 damage every 1.5 seconds for 6 seconds.
Increased Ranged: Increase the area-of-effect range of your horn blast to 8 meters.
Increased Duration: Increase the duration of the buffs from Horn of Renew by 25%.
Challenge: Charging the Horn of Renew will taunt all enemies within 8 meters of you.
Protective Shield: Charing your Horn of Renew puts a protective shield on your allies that will stop all incoming damage for 2 seconds.

Warrior Skill Builds

Below are some of the common skills builds that Arcane Legends Warriors choose to make.

Build 1
Max Skyward Smash, Vengeful Blood. The rest points go into Whirlwind and Horn of Renew.

Build 2
Max Skyward Smash, Whirlwind. 2 Points in Horn of Renew. The rest into Juggernaut or Rally Cry.

A special note should be made about the Warrior builds, no matter which build that you choose, the single best skill that you must have is the Skyward Smash. The next on the list is the Whirlwind. The last two skills you have more room to experiment with, however in general many players choose Horn of Renew for better partying purposes.

Gears and Pets

Similar to our Arcane Legends Sorcerer guide, the way that you pick your gears and pets is hugely based upon the role that you are playing in the party.

With gears, you can go for more Str to further boost your damage output, or your can consider using Dex for higher critical attack rate or Int for higher mana pool. Pick your gears based on your playing style.

The great pet to use is the Ribbit pet which boost your critical attack chance.

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