Advanced Combat Strategy for Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance

Combat is the basic part in Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance. This complete and advanced guide will help you through the difference behaviors, actions, and reactions for your combat units in both offense and defense situations. Use this guide to help you plan strikes to minimize your losses, repair cost, and repair time.

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Introduction to Advanced Combat Strategy

Not all units are made the same in Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance, these units have different movement speed, range, as well as cost for you to deploy them in battle.

The units can be categorized into several divisions: Infantry, Vehicle, or Aircraft, or Structure. They can then be subdivided into different types that are strong against another as seen in the basic combat strategy. Offensive units include infantry, vehicle, and aircraft. And defense units include infantry, vehicle, and structures.

You will also have mobile (moving) such as Missile Square or stationary units such as MG Nest when you are defending your base. The moving speed of your attacking units all vary, therefore you will have to take into account of these differences when you are planning your strike in C&C Tiberium Alliance. It should be noted that Firehawks are the only units that use ammunition when hitting units or structures.

When your attacking units have equal choices of targets in the same range, attacking units will engage units/structures on the right first.

Basic Battle Information

The armies units are one of the most important aspect of the game. Well command and conquer is a battle strategy after all. By planning your building strategy, you will be able to build faster and conquer more territories and resources. If you have found this strategy guide helpful, please check out our other C&C Tiberium Alliance guides.

C&C Tebibrium Alliance Unit Types for Offense
There are three types of military units available in Command & Conquer

Infantry: All of these units are weak against anti-infantry defenses, and require a Barracks to build
-Rifleman Squad: Strong Vs. Infantry
-Missile Squad: Strong Vs. Structures
-Zone Troopers: Strong Vs. Vehicles
-Commando: Very Strong Vs Structures
-Sniper Team: Very Strong Vs. Infantry

Vehicles: All of these units are weak against anti-vehicle defenses, and require a Factory to build
-Guardian: Strong Vs. Infantry
-Pitbull: Strong Vs. Structures
-Predator: Strong Vs. Vehicles
-Juggernaut: Very Strong Vs. Structures
-Mammoth Tank: Very Strong Vs. Vehicles

Air: All of these units are weak against anti-air defenses, and require an Airfield to build
-Paladin: Strong Vs. Vehicles
-Firehawk: Strong Vs. Structures
-Orca: Strong Vs. Infantry
-Kodiak: Very Strong Vs. Structures

C&C Tebibrium Alliance Unit Types for Defense

Infantry: These Defenses are weak against anti-infantry units
-MG Nest: Strong Vs. Infantry
-Missile Squad: Strong Vs. Air [MOBILE]
-Zone Trooper: Strong Vs. Vehicles [MOBILE]
-Sniper Team: Very Strong Vs. Infantry

Vehicles: These Defenses are weak against anti-vehicle units
-Predator: Strong Vs. Vehicles [MOBILE]
-Guardian: Strong Vs. Infantry [MOBILE]
-Pitbull: Strong Vs. Air [MOBILE]
-Watchtower: Very Strong Vs. Infantry
-Titan Artillery: Very Strong Vs. Vehicles
-SAM Site: Very Strong Vs. Air

Structures: These Defenses are weak against anti-structure units
-Wall: Does not attack
-Anti-Tank Barrier: Strong Vs. Vehicles
-Barbwire: Strong Vs. Infantry
-Flak: Strong Vs. Air
-Guardian Cannon: Very Strong Vs. Vehicles

Combat Timing and Attack Order
The combat units in Tiberium Alliance will always stop to attack the units that they are strong against. Such as that the guardian will stop and attack Forgotten infantry. However, these combat units will still attack other units as they move by them.

C&C Tiberium Alliance Unit Upgrade
Upgrading your combat units will make them stronger against enemy units. The level of upgrade for a unit is shown on the bottom left of the unit.

Defense versus Offense
A note that should be mentioned is that Defense will always be a little bit stronger than Offense even if they have the same unit upgrade level. This means that when its Defense versus Offense with the same level unit, the defense will always win because of its additional edge.

1. Repair Your Units
Because your units’s combat strength is determined by its HP. It means that a 50% hp unit will only have its damage output at 50%. Therefore, always always repair your C&C Tiberium combat units to ensure maximum effectiveness and damage output.

2. Making Attack Order to Your Advantage
Because the units will target the units that they are strong against first, you can take advantage of this setup by luring enemy units to attack a single, while you concentrate 3 other units to quickly wear off the one that they are focusing. This method works extremely well together with the concept that damaged units will output less damage.

3. High HP Units as Tank
Another strategy that can be implemented is to use higher HP units as tanks to absorb enemy fire. This method will minimize your overall units loss while taking out the enemies camps and outposts.

1. Protect Construction Yard and Defense Facility
Your goal in game is really to protect these two buildings in C&C Tiberium alliance, with an emphasis on the construction yard. What you should do is to place them next to each other and stack all the defenses together on the same side of the map.

2. Overlapping Defensive Range
You want to mix together your troops and take advantage of the ranges that these units offer. By overlapping them, you will make them stronger to cover each other’s backs. Layering your defenses is key to winning in a defensive combat play.

3. Mobile Defense Trap
Because your mobile defensive units will move around to target the units that they are strong against, it is made possible that they can be lured out of their defensive position while your other units are under attack. To prevent this effect, put a wall or non-mobile defense to the side to make sure that its firepower is always covering your other non mobile units.

4. Repair Repair
Same thing with offensive strategy, always repair all of your units whenever you can. By having full HP for your defense combat units, you keep 100% of their battle effectiveness. Having a full HP unit is key to successfully defending your C&C base from enemy strikes.

General Combat Strategy and Tips

Although some of these strategies and tips have already been mentioned in my basic combat guide, they are worth mentioning again in this advanced guide.

Repair Your Units Often

Your units’ effectiveness and damage output is based on how much HP it has left over. Therefore it is especially important for you to always have your units at 100% HP and ready to battle. Refer to the Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance unit repair guide to learn how to optimize and minimize your repair resource and time cost.

Upgrade Your Units

Strive to upgrade your units as much as you can, by having higher level units, you will have easier time to defeat enemy defenses. With higher level offense and defense units, you will deal more damage while at the same time suffer even less losses.

Tiberium Alliance Offensive Behaviors and Strategic Tactics

Tiberium Alliance Attacking Units

Engaging Units Against Their Weakness
Your offensive units will engage and attack any defending units that they are strongest. The attack will commence when they have reached the defending units at their maximum range. They will continue their movement once their target is destroyed.

Engaging Units Other Than Effective Targets
When your units are engaging in battles against defending units that they are not strong against. The offending combat units will keep on moving and reach the base area. Depending on the match of the units, different things can happen in the following situations.

1. Infantry vs Infantry
The infantry units will be blocked by one another. The infantries will continue their movement when one or another is destroyed in the battle.

2. Vehicle vs Infantry
The vehicles will drive over the infantry units. This action will slow down the movement speed of vehicles. However, vehicles will do extra damage to the infantry units while driving over them.

3. Vehicles vs Vehicle and Structures
The attacking Tiberium Alliance vehicles will be blocked by the defending vehicles and structures. The vehicles will stop to fire at the enemy vehicle and structures until they or the enemy is destroyed.

Aircraft Movements
Aircrafts such as Firehawks will drop their bombs on the fly which means that they will not spot. This is effectively because they will bypass all nonstructure units and focus on the structure only.

Notes on Defending Unit Movement
While the attacking and defending units are moving towards one another in combat, the directed fire will always be shifted to the unit type that they are strong against. For example, if units come to a halt because of blocking infantry, vehicle, or structures, they can change their fire when another comes into range.

Effective Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance Battle Tactic

Dodge Defending Units Range
When you can dodge the range of enemy stationary defense units and still able to target important buildings like defense facility or construction yard, you should also do so. By able to destroy enemy construction yard, you will get an automatic win without losing your units to stationary defending units.

Use Enemy Placements to Your Advantage
Observe your enemy defense placements. Use those defense placements when you are planning your strike. See which of the enemy units will be blocked by their own units. Plan your units and striking waves to take advantage of enemy placements.

Lure and Kill Mobile Defenses
Depending on the placement of your enemy units, you can use weaker units to lure out the mobile defense that your enemy has. By luring out the mobile defenses, it will create overall weakness in their defense line, you can then either focus your strike around that weakness by either attacking the defense buildings or focus fire to kill the mobile defense.

Focus Fire Against Defending Unit
Because the units become weaker as it becomes damaged, you can setup your attacking wave so that your units can focus their fire on a single unit. This will quickly wear down the defending unit and make you deal more damage.

Understanding Offense Roles
Understanding that all of units will either clear the way for your structure hitters or causing damage to the structures is key to winning. By realizing that your eventual goal is to take over enemy base by killing all of their structures, you can plan your strikes accordingly.

1. Clearing Army
The job of the clearing army is to kill everything else so that your structure hitters can start attacking the base. Thus, it is ok for you to more or less sacrifice your clearing units to escort your structure hitters to the base side.

2. Structure Demolitionist
Always get your units that are strong vs structures to the base area with the best health conditions. By having a full health structure killer at enemy base, you will be able to deal maximum damage with full effectiveness.

Attack Waves in Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance
When you know that you cannot destroy a Forgotten camp or outpost or other players in one hit, you should aim for the Defense facility. After you have destroyed the defense facility, you can stop enemy defenses from repairing. This will make an easier second assault. This strategy is less effective against player bases because they can shift their buildings around after realizing that they have been attacked.

Defensive Behaviors and Strategic Tactics

Basic Defensive Units Actions

The mobile defensive units will only react when they are facing a wave of units that they are strong against. They will move themselves to the closest lane to the attacking unit and keep their position until they or the target is destroyed. However, the defensive units will not move when there is no unit in the wave that they are strong against.

It should be noted that Guardians take high damage from barb wires, despite it being an anti infantry structure.

On defence you want to cover as much room as possible, so units with 2,5 range are preferred.

Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance Defense Strategy Tactic

The late stage build of Infantry Units
Most infantry units have only 1.5 range which can be countered by most of the units. The basic range rifle can be easily countered with MG nests. This means that in the beginning and mid stage of the Tiberium Alliance game play, you will not expect any infantry heavy assaults.

Anti-Air and Anti-Vehicle Defense
The best defense should be all around and supportive of each other. Make sure that you have both the anti-air and anti-vehicle defenses that overlap each other. Do not let any of those defensive units single out from each other. It should be noted that MG Nests are good allrounders so make sure to keep a few of those handy.

Importance of Construction Yard and Defense Facility
The construction yard is your single most important building, protect it at all cost. You die and lose your base when your construction yard is destroyed. Your second most important building to protect is defense facility because you want your defenses to automatically repair its self when you are under attack.

Unit Speed

Unit speed is an important factor when planning out your basic attack and advanced attacking strategies in C&C: Tiberium Alliance. In this guide, we will discuss various movement speed for the different units. We have divided the speed into different rate categories to help you locate the different types of unit speed quickly. Please also check out our other Tiberium Alliance guides if you have found this guide helpful to your game play.

Speed Ranking and Actual Movement Speed in Battle
The speed in Tiberium alliance can be divided into 4 categories. They can be ranked as slow, medium, fast, and fastest.

Slow : 0.5 block/sec (8 sec to Engage)
Medium : 0.8 block/sec (5 sec to Engage)
Fast : 1.0 block/sec (4 sec to Engage)
Fastest : 2.5 block/sec (1.6 sec to Engage)

Slow Speed Tiberium Alliance Units
Rifleman Squad : Slow
Missile Squad : Slow
Zone Troopers : Slow
Commando : Slow
Sniper Team : Slow
Juggernaut : Slow

Medium Speed Tiberium Alliance Units
Predator Tank : Medium
Mammoth Tank : Medium

Fast Speed Tiberium Alliance Units
Pitbull : Fast
Guardian APC : Fast
Paladin : Fast
Orca : Fast
Kodiak : Fast

Fastest Speed Tiberium Alliance Units
Firehawk : Fastest

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