Wartune Friends System Explained

The Wartune friends system is a unique feature that let you gain additional bonuses when you play with friends often. In this guide, we will go over all the little details that you should know about the Wartune friends system. If you have found this guide helpful, please check out the rest of our Wartune guides that can help you in the game.

Wartune Friends List

You can add random people, usually the system will find players of similar level for you to be added as friends. You have a Wartune friend limit of 200 players on your list. When you reach this limit, you will no longer be able to add more friends. However, if you are a Wartune VIP player, your friends list limit will be raised as your level up in VIP.

Usually you can add the people on the same map as you or the same World map. The best time to add active players is at group events such as the Wartune World Boss event.

Strangers and Wartune Friends

It should be especially noted that Strangers are people that you have requested to be added, but they did not add you back as Wartune friends. These people will take up the space of your friends. Thus it is essential for you to clean up this portion of people to get more friends on your list. When you cannot add more than 200 friends on your Wartune list, consider cleaning out the

Wartune Friends and Farming

The Wartune friends can help you with your farming. You can also gain additional farming experience from helping your Wartune friend’s farms. The limit of friends farming experience is 200.

The farming help includes weeding, bug extermination, and reviving. Weeding and bug extermination does not really help the crops but reviving will bring the different Wartune plants back to life. Another action that you can is to “steal” crops. Stealing crops will steal roughly 10% of the harvest, making your friends receive that much less. You also have a limit of daily farming steals that you can do from your Wartune friends.

You can take note of your friend’s special crops such as Kyanite, Insignia, and Vouchers. Time your visits so that you can steal from them to fuel your own personal growth.

Wartune Friendliness and Relationship Level

You will earn friendliness experience points when you or your friend energize each other’s Wartune Tree of Ancients. You will also earn friendliness level when you crawl the Wartune multiplayer dungeon together.

Wartune Friends Multiplayer Dungeon Bonus

When you run dungeons with players on your friends list, you will earn additional bonuses based on the different friends levels. As you can see from this list, it is good to have a bunch of friends who run dungeons with you to gain the extra experience points bonus to level up in Wartune.

Friendship Level 1: EXP +5%
Friendship Level 2: EXP +3%
Friendship Level 3: EXP +2%
Friendship Level 4: HP +700
Friendship Level 5: Charisma +70
Friendship Level 6: PDEF +280
Friendship Level 7: MDEF +280
Friendship Level 8: PATK/MATK +350
Friendship Level 9: PATK/MATK/PDEF/MDEF/HP/Charisma +100

As you can see, the stats boost at higher friendship level can make you pretty strong. If you can, try to stick with a couple of active close friends who play the game. The long term friendship growth will definitely pay off in both Wartune Arena fights and future group fights like the Wartune guild battle ground.

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Wartune Friends System Explained — 18 Comments

      I added a bunch of people at the start to help with quests but now I cant seem to delete them and its so unorganised and hard to keep track of

  1. Find them party in your friend or stranger list and click their name. A sub menu will pop up that will include the option to “delete” party

    • It was a part of our testing. The floating bar should drop to the left after the initial scroll. Does it not change location? Thank you for pointing it out.

  2. Someone asked how to delete a friend….Explanation was sort of given, I didn’t and don’t understand that explanation. I want to delete a friend who no longer plays….please give step by step instructions for a retard. Thanks

    • Click on the heart in your main bar at the bottom to open the friends panel

      Unfold/open the “friends” list in that panel

      scroll down the list and click on your friend’s name

      this should open up a box with some basic info with some buttons one of which will be the delete button :)

  3. A friend sent me 99 roses, will that increase our friendliness if we play together? If so what level friendliness will we have? Im eager to see the benefits from this .

  4. next to the heart on one of my friends it says that the friendliness level is “0″. Does this mean that this person have put me on his blacklist???

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