Wartune Pay to Win Balen and VIP Guide

This is guide for those with the money to put into the game. Without knowing how to properly use your hard earned money in Wartune, you will not be able to make your character stronger. In this guide, we will go over the various parts of the game that you will be needing money to play. Gamelytic will separate and note the parts that will be necessary for you to be overpowered and pay to win. We will also go over the parts that are completely optional. Please let us know if we have missed anything or if you have any tips or thoughts.

It should be noted that you can totally play for free without the use of money, but you simply cannot expect to be within top 10~30 of the server without putting at least $20~$50 into the game. This guide is purely written for competitive players who are relatively new to the game and willing to spend the money and balen.

We have left out the prices for these methods because they may differ from server to server, and will change based on the different sales going on. You should use your best judgement to purchase the item that are the most “worthwhile” for you. Just remember do not over spend your budget and blow more money than you can afford.

Primary Overpowered Cash Playing Areas

These methods are primary items that you must purchase to stay ahead of the curve in the game. By purchasing these items early in the game, you ensure your lead through higher loot and gold gains from Wartune Arena fights, and Wartune World boss fights. However, once you have achieved a certain damage point, you will earn more Gold and Daru through world boss revive compared to alchemy. At this time it may be worthwhile to use balens on World Bosses.

Gem Sockets

You will get the most bang of your bucks when you properly socket all of your gears with 3 Wartune gem slots. Most of your Wartune gears come with 1 sockets by default with a few exception that come with 2 gem sockets. You can purchase the rare gem sockets with balens. With additional gem slots, you can power up your characters with 3 gems per equipment. That would be a total of 24 gems that you can use on your Wartune hero.

Purchasing Wartune Gems Directly

Level 2 wartune gems can be purchased directly from the shop. Although you can get gems for free from the game mostly via Wartune crypt and other roulette draws, the chance and speed of getting them is too slow. By purchasing directly early on in the game, you ensure that you keep your gem lead throughout the game. In addition, you can focus on the gems for the stats that you need for your class – MATK for mage, etc.

Gem Transposer Scrolls

To bring your Wartune game to a whole new level, you will have to create higher level gems from the gems that you own. This requires gem item synthesis and gem transposer scrolls. At the mid-end game stage of the game, you will be spending quite a bit of money to stay ahead of your competition in gem ranking. But the result will be worth it.

Crypt Key Purchase and Run

The Wartune Forgotten Tombs are extremely important method for you to earn additional EXP and gold in the game. You should purchase the crypt keys from the shop so that you can use up all of the running attempts. You can gain additional gems and exp by simply letting your computer AFK in the Wartune Crypt.

Refinement Balen Stats Lock

When you refine your gears to obtain secondary stats. It is worthwhile to lock the stats so that you can roll for the stats that you want. However, this method is better used for higher level gears because using Balens for stats refinement lock can quickly add up your cost. We personally recommend to start using balens for refinement lock for your level 50+ gears.

Secondary Balen Uses

In this section, we will go over secondary uses that you can use the Balens for. These are not exclusively necessary to make your character stronger. However, they can definitely help by boosting your resources and become the strongest faster.

Alchemy for Gold and Daru Recruit

Depending on the version of the Wartune game that you have, you will be able to exchange your Balen for Wartune Gold and Wartune Daru, based on the building levels of your City.

Building and Research Acceleration

This balen spending method is helpful in the beginning of the game. You can use balens or voucher to accelerate your building speed. This can be essential to get that top spot early in the game. However, as your level gets higher, it becomes less helpful to use money to upgrade your Cities faster. Your leveling pace levels off for the acceleration to not be worthwhile.

Wartune Farm Land Upgrade

The farming is a major part of the game that can grant you many of the Wartune resources. When your farm reaches level 30, you can upgrade your Wartune farm with either Balen or vouchers. With higher level farms, you can generate all the resources with bonuses and faster speed. It should be noted that higher level farm upgrade can cost quite a bit.

Seed Purchase with Balen

Additional farming seeds are sold in the farm shop as your farm level gets higher. However, higher level seeds level 3 or above requires balens to purchase. These are great ways to boost your resources if you do not mind spending the money.

Optional Balen Spending for Convenience Only

The items below are ways that you can use your balen in Wartune. These ways are purely for convenience purposes for the most part. The more inventory spaces that you purchase, the higher the cost in balen will become.

Additional Inventory Space

With all the gems of different level, you will often run out of your inventory spaces. Use your balen to add more spaces and make your life easier. Another way is to join a high level guild with high level vault for extra storage.

Extra Star Points (Astral Inventory)

Astral system in Wartune is essential to make your character stronger in the game. However, with all the different astrals that you can equip and exchange, your Astral inventory may not be enough. You can only spend balen to upgrade your astral inventory storage. With extra astral storage, you will have an easier time juggling between your stash.

Balen Revive for World Boss Fight

For some cash players, they have chosen to use Balen revive to have easier shot at ranking top player. However, we think that the amount of Balen spent is not worthwhile to win at Wartune World Boss. There are better ways to spend your hard earned Balens with.

Mystery Shop

Mystery shop is a new feature that sells different items at a slight discount (majority of the time). If you have spare Balens, you can consider purchasing these items via the Mystery Shop feature.

Wartune VIP Status

Lastly, there is the VIP status that you spend money directly to join. The Wartune VIP system is good for you to spend all of your VIP tokens. With additional VIP ranking, you can also claim various gift packs. We highly recommend you to join the VIP program if you do have money to spare. However, depending on the server that you play, the publisher may offer different rewards for their Wartune VIP program, so double check on your server.

However, for VIP tokens, you should only go for the draw when you have the majority of the board with the item that you want. The VIP roulette tends to start with the least worthwhile items, only at the end of the draw that you will get the higher quality loots.

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  1. Prezen Gurung on said:

    Wartune maker..plz make vip and balens without money..cuz we can’t play it nicely, i am not a businessman,

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    Wartune maker..plz make vip and balens without money..cuz we can’t play it nicely, i am not a businessman,

  3. Kitty on said:

    sadly this did NOT answer my question at all, what i wanted to know is if i buy the VIP does it come with a free amount of balens and if so how many?
    ……does anyone know?

    • Gamelytic on said:

      Nope it does not come with balens. You do however earn special perks.

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      why to get the balen so fast

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    nice guide!:D

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    You might want to mention the importance of refining weapon stats and using balens to lock the higher stats.

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