The Blockheads Complete Crafting and Resource Guide

Trying to find everything that you need in the game can be quite hard. With this complete Blockheads craft and item list, you will save yourself the hassle of trying to find all of the materials. Please share this guide with your friends if you have found it useful! And check out the rest of our the Blockhead tips and guides.

With this easy to follow list, you can search through all of the crafting recipes and formulas available in the Blockheads world.

The Blockheads Portal Crafting List

Workbench (1 Dirt)
Blockhead (100+ Time Crystals, 10 Fruit)
Time Crystals ($0.99+ USD)
Double-Time ($2.99 USD)

Amethyst Upgrade
Copper Ore (50 Time Crystals)
Tin Ore (50 Time Crystals)
Amethyst Pickaxe (5 Amethysts, 20 Time Crystals)

Emerald Upgrade
Copper Ingot (50 Time Crystals)
Tin Ingot (50 Time Crystals)
Emerald Pickaxe (5 Emeralds, 60 Time Crystals)

Sapphire Upgrade
Iron Ore (50 Time Crystals)
Sapphire Pickaxe (5 Sapphires, 40 Time Crystals)

Ruby Upgrade
Bronze Ingot (50 Time Crystals)
Iron Ingot (50 Time Crystals)
Ruby Pickaxe (5 Rubies, 80 Time Crystals)

Diamond Upgrade
Diamond Pickaxe (5 Diamonds, 100 Time Crystals)
Steel Ingot (50 Time Crystals)

The Blockheads Workbench Crafting List

Campfire (10 Sticks)
Craft Bench (1 Dirt, 1 Stick)
Tool Bench (1 Dirt, 1 Flint)
Woodwork Bench (1 Wood)

Level 2 Workbench Crafts
Dye Bench (1 Stone, 1 Bucket of Water, 1 Linen)
Furnace (1 Stone, 10 Charcoal)
Kiln (1 Dirt, 1 Clay, 10 Sticks)
Mixing Bench (1 Stone, 1 Tin Bucket)
Portal (1 Stone, 100 Time Crystals)
Press (1 Stone, 1 Wood)
Tailor’s Bench (1 Stone, 5 Flax)

The Blockheads Campfire Crafting List

Basic Torch (1 Stick)
Cooked Dodo Meat (1 Raw Dodo Meat)
Ember (1 Stick)

The Blockheads Tool Bench Crafting List

Flint Axe (1 Stick, 3 Flint)
Flint Machete (1 Stick, 2 Flint)
Flint Pickaxe (1 Stick, 5 Flint)
Flint Spade (1 Stick, 3 Flint; received at beginning of game)
Flint Spear (1 Stick, 1 Flint)

Level 2 Tool Bench Recipe
Stone Axe (1 Stick, 3 Stone)
Stone Pickaxe (1 Stick, 5 Stone)
Stone Spade (1 Stick, 3 Stone)

Level 3 Tool Bench Crafts
Bronze Machete (1 Stick, 2 Bronze Ingots)
Bronze Pickaxe (1 Stick, 5 Bronze Ingots)
Bronze Sword (1 Stick, 3 Bronze Ingots)
Tin Spade (1 Stick, 3 Tin Ingots)

Level 4 Tool Bench Crafts
Iron Axe (1 Stick, 3 Iron Ingots)
Iron Machete (1 Stick, 2 Iron Ingots)
Iron Pickaxe (1 Stick, 5 Iron Ingots)
Iron Sword (1 Stick, 3 Iron Ingots)

Level 5 Tool Bench Crafts
Steel Pickaxe (1 Stick, 5 Steel Ingots)

Level 6 Tool Bench Crafts
Gold Pickaxe (1 Stick, 5 Gold Ingots)
Gold Spade (1 Stick, 3 Gold Ingots)

The Blockheads Craft Bench Crafting List

Basket (5 Sticks; received at beginning of game)

Level 2 Tool Bench Crafts
Boat (2 Wood, 2 Linen)
Camera (1 Wood, 1 Glass)
Carrot on a Stick (1 Carrot, 1 String, 1 Stick)
Coffee (1 Cup, 1 Bucket of Water, 1 Roasted Coffee Bean)
Compost (5 Kelp)
Steel Lantern (1 Steel Ingot, 1 Glass, 1 Oil)
String (1 Flax)
Tin Bucket (3 Tin Ingots)

Level 3 Tool Bench Crafts
Amethyst Chandelier (5 Glass, 10 Amethysts)
Diamond Chandelier (5 Glass, 10 Diamonds)
Emerald Chandelier (5 Glass, 10 Emeralds)
Ruby Chandelier (5 Glass, 10 Rubies)
Sapphire Chandelier (5 Glass, 10 Sapphires)

The Blockheads Woodwork Bench Crafting List

Chest (1 Wood)
Ladder (1 Wood)
Trapdoor (1 Wood, 1 Ladder)
Wooden Bed (1 Wood)
Wooden Door (3 Wood)
Reinforced Platform (1 Wood, 1 Iron Ingot)

The Blockheads Tailor’s Bench Crafting List

Linen (5 Flax)
Linen Brimmed Hat (1 Linen)
Linen Cap (1 Linen)
Linen Pants (2 Linen)
Linen Shirt (3 Linen)

Level 2 Tailor’s Bench Crafts
Fur Boots (2 Fur)
Fur Coat (5 Fur)
Leather Boots (2 Leather)
Leather Jacket (5 Leather)
Leather Pants (3 Leather)

The Blockheads Kiln Crafting List

Charcoal (1 Stick)
Cup (1 Clay)
Glass (1 Sand)
Oil Lantern (1 Clay, 1 Oil)
Red Brick (1 Clay)
Roasted Coffee Bean (1 Green Coffee Bean)
Window (1 Glass, 1 Wood)

The Blockheads Furnace Crafting List

Tin Ingot (3 Tin Ore)
Copper Ingot (3 Copper Ore)
Bronze Ingot (2 Copper Ingots, 1 Tin Ingots)

Level 2 Kiln Crafts
Iron Ingot (3 Iron Ore)

Level 3 Kiln Crafts
Gold Block (5 Gold Ingots)
Gold Ingot (3 Gold Nuggets)
Steel Ingot (1 Iron Ingot, 5 Coal)

The Blockheads Press Crafting List

Carbon Black (5 Charcoal)
Clay (1 Dirt, 1 Bucket of Water)
Copper Blue (10 Copper Ore)
Emerald Green (1 Emerald)
Green Coffee Bean (1 Coffee Cherry)
Indian Yellow (1 Mango)
Marble White (1 Marble)
Oil (1 Flax Seed or 1 Sunflower Seed)
Red Ochre (10 Clay)
Tyrian Purple (5 Dodo Feathers)
Ultramarine Blue (1 Lapis Lazuli)

The Blockheads Mixing Bench Crafting List

It should be noted that to mix color, you will need to level up. In addition, you will also need to use additional pigments.

Paint (1 Tin Bucket, 5 Oil, 1 Pigment)
Paint Stripper (1 Tin Bucket, 5 Oil)

The Blockheads Dye Bench Crafting List

It should be noted that to mix color, you will need to level up. In addition, you will also need to use additional pigments.

Dyed Fur Boots (1 Fur Boots, 1 Bucket of Water, 1 Pigment)
Dyed Fur Coat (1 Fur Coat, 1 Bucket of Water, 1 Pigment)
Dyed Leather Boots (1 Leather Boots, 1 Bucket of Water, 1 Pigment)
Dyed Leather Jacket (1 Leather Jacket, 1 Bucket of Water, 1 Pigment)
Dyed Leather Pants (1 Leather Pants, 1 Bucket of Water, 1 Pigment)
Dyed Linen Brimmed Hat (1 Linen Brimmed Hat, 1 Bucket of Water, 1 Pigment)
Dyed Linen Cap (1 Linen Cap, 1 Bucket of Water, 1 Pigment)
Dyed Linen Pants (1 Linen Pants, 1 Bucket of Water, 1 Pigment)
Dyed Linen Shirt (1 Linen Shirt, 1 Bucket of Water, 1 Pigment)

Other Materials in the Blockheads

The Blockheads Plant and Tree Materials

Apple (apple trees)
Carrot (carrot plants)
Cherry (cherry trees)
Chilli (chilli plants)
Coconut (coconut trees)
Coffee Cherry (coffee trees)
Corn (corn plants)
Flax (flax plants)
Flax Seed (flax plants)
Kelp (kelp plants)
Mango (mango trees)
Maple Seed (maple trees)
Orange (orange trees)
Pine Cone (pine trees)
Prickly Pear (cacti)
Stick (trees)
Sunflower Seed (sunflowers)
Wood (can be harvested from trees)

The Blockheads Mined Materials

Below are the various items that you can obtaining from mining at specific locations.

Basalt (can be created by water meeting lava)
Lapis Lazuli
Red Marble
Time Crystals


Tin Ore
Copper Ore
Iron Ore
Gold Ore



The Blockheads Animal Materials

You can obtain the following materials or items through killing the animals in the Blockheads

Dodo Egg
Raw Dodo Meat
Cooked Dodo Meat (cooked via Campfire from Raw Dodo Meat)
Dodo Feather (rare)

Leather (Rare)


Special Pole Clothing

North Pole Hat of Warmth (top of the North Pole)
South Pole Boots of Speed (South Pole)
Sunrise Hat of Fullness (west equator pole)
Sunset Skirt of Happiness (east equator pole)


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