Dragon City Dragon Training Center Guide

The Dragon City Dragon Training Center is the latest addition to the Dragon City game to make your dragons stronger than ever with trained skills. We at gamelytic have put together some tips for you to make the best use of the new Dragon City Dragon Training Center. If you have found this Dragon City guide useful, please be sure to check out the rest of our great Dragon City guides written to help you in the game.

Basic Dragon Training Center Information

The Dragon Training Center is available to those players that are level 20+. It takes 500k Dragon City gold and requires 6 hours to be built. Once built, it will give you 20k experience points in Dragon City. Once you have completed the Dragon Training Center, you can start putting your dragons in for training new skills.

Dragon Training Center Skill Training

Depending on the types of dragon breeds in Dragon City, different skill can be trained. The dragons must be level 15+ or higher to be taken into training. The skill training time takes 24~48 hours depending on the type of skill it is. You can only put one dragon into skill training at Dragon Training Center at a time.

Once you get to the skill training menu in Dragon City, you will pick the skills. When you pick the skill that you want to be swapped, note the tooltip which gives you information about how much more damage the new skill will do over the ones that you want to replace. In general, all the new skills available in Dragon Training Center will do significantly more damage than the default skills.

Training and Dragon down time

When you have your dragon in training at the Dragon City Dragon Training Center, you cannot use your dragon for breeding or to select them for battling. Thus, it is smart to have a couple of dragon substitutes so that you can continue the battle in Combat world and tournaments. The down time is determined by the skill training time of the dragon.

Is Dragon Training Center Worthwhile

Because the damage increase offered by trained skills is significantly than their default counterpart, you should train your Dragon City dragons with Dragon Training Center skills as soon as you have it unlocked. With the improved new skills, the trained dragon will outshine the same level counterparts and potentially beat the ones that outlevel it. Thus, start training early and make sure that every dragon in your team has at least one new skill from the Dragon Training Center.

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Dragon City Dragon Training Center Guide — 114 Comments

  1. ezar on said:

    saya mau cheat dragon city

  2. Andrew on said:

    So why is the training center not available on Android? Is this temporary or did apple yet again pay money for a miniscule application to have another exclusive for them? I’d appreciate if us Android users were able to use the full functionality of the game, considering this gives others a huge advantage in combat.

    • Anonymous on said:

      I agree

    • Anonymous on said:

      I agree not fair

  3. gabboy300 on said:

    I just hope it even works out

    • Anonymous on said:

      Also i

  4. filza syahrul on said:


  5. filza syahrul on said:


  6. jr on said:

    in my dragon city I do not have the training center in my build how do I get it

    • Anonymous on said:

      Training center is not available on android phone

  7. Szilard on said:

    I don’t see the training center in my shop and I reched lvl 20. (I’m 26 and 1/2) It wont let me update my self and toady was 1 I didin’t got me 10 gems (because it dose it by it self, dont know why).

    • gabboy300 on said:

      Check your phone. If it is android then it is, unfortunately, currently unavailable

    • Ec1ipse on said:

      I’m level 34 and I can’t find it in the shop at all!!!

  8. hayley on said:

    I don’t see a training center in my game. It isn’t in the shop and there is no update avaliable

    • gabboy300 on said:

      That was because you get it in the shop at level 20 for 500K coins.

  9. ikadek Jedy jayanata on said:

    Gimana cara nya biar dapet legendary dan pure

    • ikadek Jedy jayanata on said:

      Aku mau legendary dan pure

  10. ridlo asyifa on said:

    aku pingin dapat 10000 gems dragon city

    • Giannis Karimalis on said:

      xriazomai epigontos diamadia

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