Wings of Destiny Material Gathering Map List

There are many materials that you can gather to craft your gears in Wings of Destiny. Although we already have a Wings of Destiny Material location list. We think it would be helpful to separate out the gathering spots listing too. Use this guide in conjunction with the link above to make your life easier for gathering the different materials on maps. If you have found this listing helpful, please check out the rest of our IGG game guides index for Wings of Destiny guides.

The usual respawn time for these gathered materials are 10 minutes. In addition, some of the drops are not 100% especially for higher level materials. So your best bet is to keep on trying and camp the gathering spots for your materials.

Use Ctrl+F to quickly find the item that you need. Remember that different Wings of Destiny maps may offer the same gathering materials. So it is best for you to gather and hunt at the map that is suitable for you. Make the most of your time by gathering materials and killing monsters while waiting for the material respawn time.

Jade Quarry
Copper Ore (x:112,y:109)
Copper Ore (x:112,y:109)

Hope Canyon
Dried Pelt (x:73,t:173)
Lumber (x:148,y:270)
Iron Ore (x:182,y:313
Lumber (x:120,y:92)
Dried Pelt (x:200,y:127)
Iron Ore (x:241,y:77)

Arbor Valley
Iron Ore (x:26,y:208)
Lumber (x:109,Y:301)
Lumber (x:173,y:357)
Dried Pelt (x:352,y:173)
Dried Pelt (x:250,y:125)
Iron Ore (x:192,y:61)

Holy Grounds
Silver Ore (x:24,y:190)
Skin of Decay (x:138,y:315)
Silver Ore (x:160,y:185)
Skin of Decay (x:215,y:218)
Forrester Toughwood (x:335,y:204)
Forrester Toughwood (x:288,y:127)

Castia Corridor
Beast Pelt (x:135,y:272)
Gold Ore (x:144,y:313)
Forrester Toughwood (x:184,y:346)
Forrester Toughwood (x:251,y:184)
Beast Pelt (x:160,y:90)
Gold Ore (x:119,y:110)

Crater Plains
Beast Pelt (x:78,y:250)
Beast Pelt (x:159,y:253)
Forrester Toughwood (x:219,y:288)
Forrester Toughwood (x:328,y:213)
Gold Ore (x:313,y:179)
Gold Ore (x:165,y:161)

Fallen Swamps
Iron Pine (x:143,y:63
Beast Pelt (x:135,y:123)
Iron Pine (x:139,y:159)
Beast Pelt (x:229,y:87)
Red Iron Ore (x:277,y:119)
Red Iron Ore (c:260,y:275)

Dark Rainforest
Iron Pine (x:73,y:126)
Red Iron Ore (x:26,y:202)
Iron Pine (x:130,y:289)
Beast Pelt (x:309,y:233)
Beast Pelt (x:309,y:233)
Red Iron Ore (x:245,y:111)

Jade Sanctuary
Azure Ore(x:26,y:178)
Skin of the King (x:86,y:223)
Azure Ore (x:141,y:305)
Skin of the King (x:248,y:283)
Jade Wood (x:326,y:200)
Jade Wood (x:255,y:86)

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