Wartune World Boss Guide

The World Boss fights in Wartune is one of the best ways for you to earn additional Gold and Daru. It is especially important if you are one of the top Wartune players dealing top notch damage. In this guide, we will go over the various aspects of Wartune World Boss fights to help you understand better how it works, and how you can be better at dealing damage to the World Boss. If you have found this guide helpful, please share them with your friends and always link back to us if you decide to share this. Also please check out the rest of our Wartune guides for additional helpful tips.

Basic Wartune World Boss Information

At the time of writing, there are three world bosses available in the game. Depending on the server and publisher that you are playing Wartune with, the timing may be different. However, in general the time should not deviate from each other too much. The World boss is one of the best way to make Wartune Gold and Daru in Wartune.

You will basically fight the World Boss along with other players during the time of the boss. Depending on the amount of damage that you do, you will earn various rewards in Gold and Daru. The boss’ level scale with what we believe the average level of the players on the server. With advanced servers, the World bosses will have more HP.

It should be noted that your troops, potions are not lost even if the Wartune World Boss kills you in one hit. Thus you should play in Wartune World Boss events all the time to ensure maximum gold and Daru gain. The bosses usually die within the first 15 minutes of spawn, but it depends on the population of the server too.

Wartune World Bosses List:
11:00 – 12:00: Blood Fang
16:00 – 17:00: Ragnoch
21:00 – 22:00: Redoga Drake

Available World Boss Rewards

At the time of writing, there are a couple of rewards available for the World Boss. We did the translation because it does not appear with English. It should be noted that Archers typically win the top damage because of their high damage capability with critical attacks.

It should be noted that the prizes needed to be claimed via your Mailbox.

Base Damage and Daru reward: Based on damage, gold and daru are rewarded
World Boss Hero: 0.3% Damage for 20k Gold Reward
World Boss Elite: 0.5% Damage for 40k Gold Reward
World Boss Hero: 0.8% Damage for 60k Gold Reward
Apollo Reward: 1% Damage Consolidation Reward: 50k gold 50k
Top 3 Damage Dealer: Additional Prizes
Rank 1: 250k additional Gold
Rank 2: 200k additional Gold
Rank 3: 150k additional Gold

World Boss Last Hit: Depending on the age and level of server, the final hit reward ranges from 600k to millions.

Tips to Get Last Hit on World Boss

To get the last hit on the boss, timing is key. The first timing that you need to consider is the timing of death and cooldown period. You will definitely not be able to land the last hit if you are not doing damage at all. After that, your goal is to get your attack higher so you have higher chance of landing the last hit on the Wartune World Boss.

Wartune World Boss Mastery Guide

Although World Bosses in Wartune are strong and supposed to kill you in one hit at earlier levels. There are things that you can do and directions in development to take to maximize your damage. In this section of the Wartune World Boss guide, we will explore some of these options to help you.

World Boss is All About Damage Output
The bottom line of all these Wartune boss tips is to increase your Damage over the span of the battle. The more damage you do, the more rewards that you will get from fighting the World Bosses. Damage means that great skill uses, Wartune gem with attack, attack astrals, and equipment refinement toward damage output. We have laid out the character development for you to effectively deal damage to the Wartune World Boss. You can check our guide how to achieve higher Wartune damage output.

Earlier Stages: Below level 30, when you first start on the new server, the Wartune World boss will be able to one hit kill you. At this stage your goal is to get as high attack as possible. There isn’t much to be done. The more attack and damage you do. So focus on PATK and MATK.

Mid Stages: This stage ranges from level 30~50 for most of the non paying players. At this stage you can take maybe 1~2 hits from the World Bosses. The same idea applies with the early stage where you want to maximize your damage through PATK and MATK, however you will want to add in or refine your gears more toward Critical rating because critical can greatly increase your damage output toward the Wartune World boss.

End Stages Balances: This stage focuses on players level 50+. At end game, you should be able to take more hits from the Wartune World boss. At this time, you will have to balance your gems and astrals to achieve the most damage while staying alive to take the boss hits. You want to rotate your equipment so that you can survive to deal the most numbers of hits.

Troops and World Boss in Wartune

With troops selection, you basically get the strongest and highest level troops that you can afford. Place the troops in front of you. However, we will spend some time to discuss the use of Wartune Knight or Angel in the World Boss Fight.

Knights will most of the time outdo damage compared to Angels, because Angels waste some of its turn doing “Restore”. If you are looking for maximum damage, knights as troops will do a better job than angels most of the time. However, the only exception is that if your angel is high level enough and be able to keep your hero alive for a couple more turns. You may end up dealing more damage because the Angel keeps you alive.

World Boss Big Move

The Wartune World Boss will start preparing big moves after 4~5 turns of battle. In most cases this move will automatically kill your hero instant dealing 100k to 1 million or so damage. The only way to counter this move is by using knight’s intercept to drain the boss’ rage points. Otherwise, just simply wait for the 30 second revive time or balen revive.

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