Wartune Synthesize, Gear and Shop Master Guide

Getting gears up in Wartune is important to stay competitive in the game. This guide will serve as a master manual for you to keep a tab on the different items that are offered in the game and where to get them. We will first discuss the major places of getting and updating your Wartune equipment, and lastly provide a detailed table as to what items and costs are associated with these items. Please share this Wartune guide with your online friends if you have found this guide helpful.

Wartune Gears Color Ranking

In Wartune, the rarity and strength of the different gears are ranked by the following color.
White < Green < Blue < Purple < Orange This ranking system is the same as the Wartune Bounty quest feature.

White Equipment Drops

You will get these in Wartune when you run dungeons or fight in the Wild. However, these weapons are store trash. Simply sell them as soon as you get them to save the Wartune Inventory Space.

Crypt Dungeon Shop

The gears for rings slots are bought here as well as some of the items necessary for crafting and synthesizing higher level Wartune equipment.

Dungeon Runs – Multiplayer Dungeon and Solo Dungeon

When you do dungeons, you have chances of receiving mostly green and sometimes blue gears. At the final drawing for the dungeons, you have chances of getting purple gears. In addition, you can get valuable Wartune Crystaloids that are needed to craft various gears.

Synthesize for Gears

Your Wartune Blacksmith is your friend to help you craft additional gears. You mainly have three types of items that you can craft in the game. Gears, Gems, and Items. Check the master list below to see the types of materials that you need for Wartune Synthesizing. In general, gears need Crypt item and Crystaloids. Gems need lower level gems. And items need lower level items.

Other Server Rewards

Wartune also offers a variety of “gifts” that are available through different events, especially the first time Balen purchasers. It is hard to keep track of these and the rewards differ from time to time, check it against your existing equipment to see if they make sense for you to try to get.

Wartune Master Shop and Synthesize List

In this section below, you will find the recipe for all the synthesize, and the gears that you can buy from different shops. Please note that we omit any items that are duplicate (except for level) such as Wartune gems. You can use this as a quick reference to figure out where to buy what in Wartune.

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