Wartune Double Skill Tree Guide

The Double Skill tree is a feature introduced in Wartune just recently. In this guide, we will explore some basic introductory ideas on whether or not they are useful. You will have to decide for yourself whether or not spending close to $10 worthwhile. We will go over some concepts on whether or not the new Wartune Double Skill tree feature will work for your particular game play strategy. If you have found this guide helpful, please check out the rest of our Wartune guides.

Double Skill Tree Basic Idea

The basic idea is that Wartune classes in the game typically has two skill trees, one specifically made for DPS, and another for more PvP. Because your skill points are pretty limited, in most situations you cannot master either of the skill tree. This is when Wartune double skill tree feature kicks in.

Knight Double Skill Tree Uses

For Wartune knights, the skills can be categorized into DPS for the delphic strike chain or the tanking chain ending with Apollo shield. We recommend to keep the one of the use with the apollo shield to help with the multiplayer dungeon as well as general pvp uses.

For the second skill tree, max out the Delphic strike as well as the enhanced delphic strike. You may want to put points into Divine blessing as well to increase your HP count a little bit more.

In general, the double skill tree is useful for knights because the two skill tree setups differ from each other so much.

Mage Double Skill Tree Uses

Wartune mages can only make good use of the double skill feature. Their skills are mainly divided between heal and DPS. Healing is great when you have decent troops and in multiplayer situations such as the Wartune multiplayer dungeon and the arena. With the healing skills, you will also have an easier time to pass crypt levels as well.

By having another skill set that focuses more on damage output for the world boss. Just like knight, having two skill trees can greatly enhance the flexibility of mages in Wartune.

Wartune Archer Double Skill Tree

The role of the archers in Wartune is mainly to have as much damage output as possible. The only difference in the double skill tree is that one focuses more on the AoE aspect and another focuses more on the single target skill. Both are helpful in achieving high damage output. Because of such, the double skill tree does not really work well for the archer class because both of the skills are equally weighted in the majority of the cases. We believe that the best skill setup for archers is to have a mix of AoE to take out enemy troops and arena, and single attacks to get out the heroes directly.

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