Ultimate Dictator: Outbreak / Revolt Walkthrough Guide

Dictator: Outbreak is straight forward and simple. You have three factions and each faction will come to you for you to make decisions. Each of these decisions made will affect the likeness or support rating all three factions. In this complete walkthrough guide, we will teach you the exact steps on how to max your money, and win in the game of Dictator: Outbreak.

If you play with the right strategy and moves, the revolution will never come for you game, and you stay as the dictator in Outbreak / Revolt forever. (Or until your phone runs out of battery).

You will earn money when you get more than 10 black x’s. You lose the game when you have less than 0 black X or when you have 10 gold X’s.

It should be noted that Revolt features more factions, but the strategy will generally be the same. We will go through the exact steps and solutions to help you master the game. With the answers and rules to beat the game, you can cheat your way to ultimate Dictatorship fast.

Dictator Outbreak and Revolt Answer Solutions
To really maximize the strategy listed and written here, you will have to follow the answers listed at : http://dictatorguide.com/. This awesome site has all the answers to all the decisions that you have to make.

Step 1: Starting Out

In the beginning of the stage, your goal is to please one of the faction as soon as you can. For example, we will pick to please “people” in the beginning. Your goal is to listen to both Oligarch and Police faction. Generally pick “no” to their answers so that “People” like you more.

However, for exact yes or not. Check the Dictator: Outbreak Answer Listing mentioned earlier in this guide.

Your goal is to bring it to at least 2~3 golden crosses before your turn ends. You will need at least 5 golden star to stay alive for unlimited basic loop in dictator series game.

Step 2: Jail or Pay Off

You should never ever use the violent selection against any of the factions. The reason is that you will lose 50 per turn on the jailed faction, and you cannot answer “no” to those jailed faction. By jailing the faction early game or even consistently, you will bound to lose eventually by choosing a bad selection, or losing your money.

Pay off the angry factions with your money, it is much easier than the violent option provided.

Step 3: Double Faction Strategy

After you survive the initial money crunch, your next step is to bring two factions to golden cross level. Again, use the answer site to almost always pick the decision that grant you a net positive. For example…Saying no to Oligarch gives you 1 negative, while granting two +1’s to both police and people. Those are the options that you want to choose and those options will win you the game.

If you choose not to use the Dictator solution guide website, simply choose “no” and hope for the best.

Step 4: Capping Golden Crosses

This step is important in the walkthrough strategy guide for Dictator: Outbreak and Revolt. Your country will still have a revolution if you keep a faction too happy.

To pull this off, you generally want to cap the happiness at 17 crosses. To avoid a wrong decision that pull you over the top. When we have a faction at 17 crosses, we generally go with that category, pick “NO” to drop it a little. Or pick another faction to select yes. Make sure you consult with the solutions listing to get the exact outcome of the decisions.

You never want to end up with 2 red crosses on the golden side, you will get instant revolution where you lose the game instantly. And that can happen if you choose a decision that give you more than +1.

Lastly, all you can do after mastering these steps and moves is to be consistent. Your goal is to keep everyone happy, but not too happy. Fill up your bank and money reserve, and stay as a dictator for the rest of your people’s lives.