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Go Fishing Tournaments are one of the rare ways that you can earn Pearls for Free on Go Fishing Facebook. However, there seem to be alot of confusion on how to win more tournaments in the game for many of the players. This guide will shed some light and teach you some tips and walk through on how to beat other players. Please note that you will have slight edge over other players if you follow this Go Fishing Tournament guide to the book. However, if everyone plays effectively and efficiently, then it will simply be a tough battle of luck. Good luck in winning more tournaments to gain reputations and pearls in game.

Please leave comments on this post if you have any thoughts or tips to add, hopefully these tips and strategies can help you to place first on your Go Fishing tournament. Additional guides can be found at Facebook game guide index.

Bait and Location Selection

Depending on where you are in the game and tournament, different bait can yield vastly different results in attracting the right fish that will bring home the Go Fishing Facebook tournament trophies for you. Use our easy to use Fish Location and Bait table to help you quickly locate the different baits for the different tournament locations. You want to pick the best bait possible that yields the heaviest fish to win in Go Fishing Facebook Tournaments

Tournament Level Range and Weight Potential

Take note of the level offering on the Go Fishing Tournament screen, you want to join tournaments that you are a upper level range of. By being in the top range of the tournament in Go Fishing on Facebook, you will gain an edge over other players by wielding the strongest tackles for that level bracket. This allows you the abilities to capture bigger fish faster and more efficiently, which in turn will help you win the tournament by catching the biggiest fish.

Pro Pearl Tackle Setup for the Win

Paying some money and buy the Pearl powered PRO Go Fishing Gears may be what you need to gain great edge over your tournament opponents. In general, the PRO gears are vastly overpowered in terms of weight and durability compared to their regular coin-powered Go Fishing gear counterparts. Purchase Go Fishing Pro Pearl items will definitely help you win more tournaments with over powered fishing equipment.

Speedy Catches in Tournament

The speed at which you catch fish will either help you or break your tournament. Practice often to learn how to catch fish effectively and efficiently via Overpower and other tips. Your goal is to capture fish as fast as possible – sometimes even at the durability cost of your Rod. By catching fish fast in a consistent way throughout the Facebook Go Fishing tournament, you will have more chances of catching and encountering even more fish.

Go Fishing Facebook Energy Consideration

To succeed in tournament, you must manage the use and gain of your energy efficiently. With Energy, you will be able to catch bigger fish, just like you cannot catch bigger fish in Go Fishing tournament without energy. Bring plenty of energy items so that you can replenish your energy count throughout the tournament game play. With great energy management, you will have more chance at winning the tourney.

Use of Items – Bread Chum and Lucky Potion

You can use Go Fishing items such as bread chum or lucky potion to increase the chance and rate at which you can fish. Faster fishing rate will improve your tournament winning chances in Go Fishing. However, it should be noted that the typically activation time for bread chum still applies, for example, if the bread chum takes 2 hours to activate, you will need to start preparing 2 hours before the start of tournament. For the use of Go Fishing lucky potion, it is an one time use thing that improves your trophy and unique. However, through the use of lucky potion through the tournament event, you will have consistently improved chance to win.

Withhold Leveling Speed To Stay in Tournament Level Bracket

Sometimes it may be beneficial for you to slow down or completely stop leveling when you are in the upper range of the tournament bracket. Simply do the exact opposite of our Go Fishing Facebook Leveling guide. If you are winning in one tourney bracket, you may not win in higher level ones because your competitors will have stronger gears. By slowing down and stopping your EXP gain, you can stay in the lower bracket to win the tournaments.

Avoid Player Who Hacks or “Helpful Tools”

When you are joining tournaments in Go Fishing, also note the time and typically players that join in the tournament. If their scores greatly outrank some of the other tournament players, you should avoid playing during that time frame. Although it is rare, there are Go Fishing players who do hack or using tools to help them fish. Avoid joining the tournament with these hacking players during the time that they play. Although I do not promote any kind of hacking or cheating in the game, this effect should still be noted in this tourney guide because it does affect your Go Fishing tournament winning chance.

Sometimes Tournament is Just Luck – Be Patient

If you have applied and use all of our tips and still lose in tourney, be patient and play more. Sometimes it is simply luck that you rank and place low on the tourney. Just be patient and really practice the skills to catch big fish in game, you will eventually win Go Fishing Facebook tournaments.

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