Tiny Monsters Complete Monster Breeding Guide

Tiny Monsters is another cool monster breeding game. There are multitudes of Tiny monsters breeds combinations that you can do in the game. In this complete Tiny Monster breeding guide, we will walk you through the basics of these breeding strategies to help you obtain all of the monster hybrids. Please let us know if we have missed anything and check out our Tiny Monster guides.

To follow and use this breeding guide, you can get a handle of how breeding progresses in the game by looking at their generations. The higher the generation of these Tiny Monsters, the more breeding steps that the breeding takes to achieve your result. Again, some of these results are not 100%, thus you simply have to keep on breeding until you get the monster you want.

Basic Breeding Monsters

These are you basic monster breeding blocks. When you first start in the game, you will have to purchase one of these for coins before you can move on to hybrid breeding monsters.


Generation “Mythic” Element

After you have built the Mystic Cave building, you will be able to have a shot at making Mythic generation Tiny Monsters. To breed the Mythic ranked breeds, simply you breed the monster of same elements. However it should note that the chance of making the mythic is not 100%.

In addition, any Hybrids listed in the following generations all have a chance at becoming “Mythic”, as long as you have the mystic cave built.

Generation 1 Tiny Monster Hybrids

Gamelytic has labeled the following breeding formulas generation 1, because they are only 1 step away from you basic breeding monsters.

Fire Monster Generation 1 Hybrid

Fire + Earth = Cinder or Magma or Gloom
Fire + Plant = Flower or Bug
Fire + Electricity = Flare or Strike

Earth Monster Generation 1 Hybrid

Earth + Fire = Cinder or Magma
Earth + Ice = Frost or Snowbluff
Earth + Plant = Tree or Mountain or Graveleaf
Earth + Electricity = Earthquake or Thunder or Grimbolt (Limited)
Earth + Water = River or Seacliff

Plant Monster Hybrid Generation 1 Breed

Plant + Fire = Flower or Bug
Plant + Water = Pond or Bayou
Plant + Earth = Tree or Mountain
Plant + Ice = Silk or Tundra
Plant + Electric = Buzzy or Voltleaf or Sporespark

Ice Monster Breeding Generation 1 Hybrid

Ice + Earth = Frost or Snowbluff
Ice + Electricity = Spark or Flash Freeze
Ice + Water = Freeze or Icefloe
Ice + Plant = Pollen or Flitter

Water Monster Generation 1 Breeding

Water + Earth = River or Seacliff
Water + Plant = Pond or Bayou
Water + Ice = Freeze or Icefloe

Electricity Generation 1 Hybrid

Electricity + Fire = Flare or Strike
Electricity + Earth = Earthquake or Thunder
Electricity + Ice = Spark or Flash Freeze
Electricity + Plant = Buzzy or Voltleaf or Sporespark

Generation 2 Hybrids

The Opposite Elemental Monster Breeding
Fire + Fire Hybrid = Bellow
Fire + Frost (Earth + Ice) = Frozenflame
Fire + Any Ice Hybrid = Frostember
Ice + Any Fire Hybrid = Frozenflame or Frozenblaze or Iceflare or Wildfreeze
Fire + Any Water Hybrid = Spitfire
Electricity + Freeze (Ice + Water) = Shockwave
Water + Any Electricity Hybrid = Surge
Water + Any Fire Hybrid = Burst
Earth + Any Ice Hybrid = Memorial

Rare Elemental Hybrid Breeding
Mountain (Earth + Plant) + Flower (Fire + Plant) = Air, Shadow, Light
Earthquake + Frost

Legendary Tiny Monster Breed
Earthquake + Frost = Legendary
Plant + Mountain = Legendary
Flower + Mountain = Legendary

Generation 3 Monster Breeding

Air Based Tiny Monsters Breeds
Ice + Air = Zyphyr or Flurry
Water + Air = Vapor or Puff
Electricity + Air = Tailwind or Bolt
Plant + Air = Pollen or Flitter
Fire + Air = Inferno or Flamegust or Independence

Light Hybrid Tiny Monster Breed
Fire + Light = Sun
Ice + Light = Aurora
Earth + Light = Goldstone or Sunstone
Water + Light = Lightswell
Plant + Light = Lushleaf
Electric + Light = Luster

Dark Element Tiny Monster Breeds
Water + Shadow = Aquaveil
Earth + Shadow = Darkscale or Brimstone
Ice + Shadow = Blackice
Electric + Shadow = DarkBolt or Flicker
Plant + Shadow = Eeriewood
Fire + Shadow = Embershade

Generation 4 Hybrids Breed

Earth + Vapor (Water + Air) = Tempest
Air + Any Earth Hybrid = Windstone

Generation 4.5 Breeding
The tiny monster breeds listed here are combined by the breeds from generation 3 only.
Light Hybrid + Shadow Hybrid = Lighthorn or Goldenhorn or Shadowmare
Air + Light = Soar
Air + Shadow = Sonar