The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth Best Troops and Combat Guide

Being a battle and strategy game, you should know and plan ahead your troops to really succeed and win in the game. In this guide, we will go over everything that you will need to know about the different troops available for you in the game. If you have found this guide helpful, please share them with your alliance members and friends! Please let us know if we have missed any information. Feel free to leave any comments if you have any additional information to add. You can check more of our Kingdoms of Middle-earth guides at Kabam Mobile Game Guides.

The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth Troops Basics

Before we get into the detail about how the troops function in the game, we will go over some beginner basics about them.

Factors that Affect Your Battles
1. Different races have troops of the same stats at the time of writing this guide.
2. The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth has 3 main troops categories – Mounted, Foot, and Ranged. They each have advantage against one another in a triangle.
Mounted > Ranged > Foot > Mounted
3. Higher level heroes can improve the health and attack of your troops – thus lowering your losses.
4. Higher level researches can boost various aspect of your troops.
5. You can further boost your The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth troops stats with runes.
6. The resource transports such as porters and supply wagons never fight in the battle. However, they will be destroy only if you lose the battle.

Hiding Your Troops
Hiding your troops can avoid your troops from being killed. Although you leave your resources open for plunder, you will still have your troops to conquer the enemies and farm weaker cities. It should be noted that your “reinforcements” to your city or other people’s city are never hidden.

Combat Mechanics
In general, your lower tiered units engage the enemies and die first. Because they are cheaper and take less time to make, it may be worth while to build a handful of them to absorb enemy damage. However, you will still have to calculate the best ways to earn resources. You can check the AI controlled wilds and goblins camps in our The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth Wild and Goblin Camp Strategy.

The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth Troops Stats

Attack: Attack strength
Life: Unit health points
Load: How much resources each troop can carry during resource loot or plunder
Speed: Marching time, does not affect battle.
Upkeep: The cost of food resources needed for each troop unit per house.
Might: Your total might is a sum of all of your military units might.

1MountedMounted ElvesMounted Dwarves124005044RangedFoot
1FootElven MilitiaDwarven Militia124005044MountedRanged
1RangedElven ArchersAxe Throwers124005044FootMounted
2TransportSupply CartsSupply Carts04900180040N/AN/A
2MountedMounted HuntersBoar Riders2460040816RangedFoot
2FootElven WarriorsDwarf Warriors2460040816MountedMounted
2RangedScorpionsSiege Crossbows2460040816FootMounted
3TransportSupply WagonsSupply Wagons081300450080N/AN/A
3MountedMounted GaladhrimHeavy Boar Riders48900301624RangedFoot
3FootBattering RamsBattering Rams48900301624MountedRanged
1Foot DefenseTrapsTraps1200018FootMounted
1Mounted DefenseCaltropsCaltrops1200018MountedRanged
1Ranged DefenseDefense CrossbowsDefense Crossbows1200018RangedFoot
2Foot DefenseRock DroppersRock Droppers2400030FootMounted
2Mounted DefenseThorn HedgesThorn Hedges2400030MountedRanged
2Ranged DefenseDefense TrebuchetDefense Trebuchet2400030RangedFoot
3Foot DefenseFire DroppersFire Droppers4800056FootMounted
3Mounted DefenseTanglevinesTanglevines4800056MountedRanged
3Ranged DefenseMist GlobesMist Globes4800056RangedFoot


Troops Unlock Reference

We have put together the unlock requirement for you to easily plan out when and how to build out your troops.

Tier 1 Mounted1Horseshoes Level 1
Tier 1 Foot2Fletching Level 1
Tier 1 Ranged3Fletching Level 1
Supply Carts4Saddlebags Level 1
Tier 2 Mounted4Staples Level 4Siege Weapons Level 4
Horse Shoe Level 4
Tier 2 Foot5Forge Level 4Honed Blades Level 4
Siege Weapons Level 4
Tier 2 Ranged6Armory Level 4Siege Weapons Level 4
Fletching Level 4
Supply Wagons7Forge Level 4Saddlebags Level 4
Siege Weapons Level 4
Tier 3 Mounted8Stables Level 9Siege Weapons Level 9
Horse Shoes Level 9
Tier 3 Foot9Forge Level 9Honed Blades Level 9
Siege Weapons Level 9
Tier 3 Ranged9Armory Level 9Siege Weapons Level 9
Fletching Level 9


Researches that Boost Troops Power

Below are the researches in the game that can affect your troops in The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth.

Siege Weapons: Increase speed of troops training by 10% per level
Honed Blades: Advanced forge lore increases your troops’ attack strength by 5% per level.
Saddlebags: Well designed and well placed saddlebags increase troop’ load by 10% per level.
Cartography: Increase troops’ marching speed by 10% per level.
Horseshoes: Increase mounted troops’ march speed by 5% per level.
Vigor: Increase troops health by 5% per level.

Scouting Level and Their Effects

Scouting can be quite useful when you are not sure whether or not you should hide or unhide your troops. One good rule of thumb is to always use scouting against enemy attacks or cities. However, you should always be careful of some other factors such as instant marching or battle items such as combat and shield runes. These factors can tip the battle.

Level 1: Incoming attack warning
Level 2: Increases Scouting Speed and Information
Level 3: Indicate time of arrival for attacking enemy. T
Level 4: Indicate level and alliance of attacking enemy.
Level 5: Indicate enemy estimated troops.
Level 6: Indicate enemy troops type.
Level 7: Indicate estimate of each troop type amount.
Level 8: Indicate exact numbers of enemy troops
Level 9: Indicate the level of the leading enemy hero.
Level 10: Indicate the research level of enemy army.

The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth Units and Their Costs

This reference chart list out the different units as well as their costs. Use this list to figure out the cost effectiveness of training certain units.

Tier 1 Mount150110502002
Tier 1 Foot150220100502
Tier 1 Ranged150552001002
Supply Carts1001101001002
Tier 2 Mount3002201004004
Tier 2 Foot3004402001004
Tier 2 Ranged3001104002004
Supply Wagons2002202002004
Tier 3 Mount6004402008008
Tier 3 Foot6008804002008
Tier 3 Ranged6002208004008