The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth Battle Calculator

Gamelytic has created a battle combat simulator for The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth. You can use this Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth calculator excel spreadsheet to estimate the result of the battle. You can estimate the amount of losses that you will have after the attack. This calculator tool is made as a part of our kabam game guides series.

Please note that this combat simulator is preliminary and may yield incorrect results, the results may have a positive or negative factor of up to 20%. This is based on our initial testing. However, it is a good beta first test to see if you can successfully take down the enemies in The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth. So please let us know what you think!

To use this calculator, simply fill out the yellow squares where applicable. Please make sure to get your hero and research levels, they do make a huge difference in the calculation. We are requesting your help to make our combat tool better. Please post your battle results as comments if your final results differ by too much.

Please note your hero level, research levels, and the wild and goblin camps that you have hit. Use the preset to quickly generate the values of the NPC tiles. Please let us know the amount of your units and the numbers of units that you have lost during battle.

Have fun and enjoy making your Hobbit kingdoms and alliances stronger! Share this calculator with your friends and allies.

Please bookmark this post. We will release our future updates to the combat calculator via this page.

Current Version:
Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth Battle Calculator Spreadsheet

V0.2 created via Excel on 3/15/13


The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth Battle Calculator — 30 Comments

  1. Gonçalo Oliveira on said:

    i can’t see anything……

  2. Stephen on said:

    I think there is a problem with calculations for T3 mounted. I’ve run a scenario for a lev.19 camp and despite my adding 10,000 T3 mounted the Goblin T3 (500) is not reduced at all!

  3. RedQueen on said:

    Im using an iPad, there are no yellow squares, nothing! I’m trying to work out what to use against an alliance boss, elite mounted. I’m Dwarf

    Thanks RedQueen

  4. Stephen Byron on said:

    Where are the Orc units??

  5. Zep on said:

    that is a mess of a spreadsheet and some info I don’t need just want to figure out ratios

  6. Riz on said:

    level 7 goblin camp is wrong

    should be goblins 800 and Goblin warriors 500

  7. Riz on said:

    Hi can you add hero level, Vigour and Honed blades to auto populate for goblins and wilds.

    Also the screen keeps jumping around and i cant see the right hand side. Im using internet explorer.

    Can you email me the back up data for this and i will try to help create something to help.

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