Spirit Tales Couple Introduction Guide

This is a introductory guide on how the Couple system works in Spirit Tales. If you have found this guide useful, please check out our other useful Spirit Tales guides filed by Koramgames.

Declare Love to Enter Couple

You can be entered into couple status with another player of opposite sex when you right click another character and select “Declare Your Love.” When you are selecting to woo another person, make sure that the other person will be active in game so that you can take advantage of the various Spirit Tales buffs.

Couple Benefits and Buffs

Some of the buffs that you can get include, Decreasing damage you take in, increasing WIS and STR for a definte %, increasing EXP by a definite % upon monster kill, and lastly you will gain a teleport skill. You gain additional buffs and their levels upon the duration of the relationship. The longer your relationship lasts, the more buffs that you will earn.

You can learn more about these buffs and their stats by press “O” for the relationship screen.

Break the Spirit Tale Couple Relationship

You can break the relationship after entering the relationship tab with “O”. The breakup button option is located on the lower left of the window. However, after you break the relationship, you will have a 24 hour cooldown before you can declare love to another player.

Best Spirit Tales Couple Combinations

The best class combination for couple status is one DPS and another support class. When you are selecting another player to become your lover in Spirit Tales, be sure to consider the benefit that you would get simply by partying together, your strengths should complement one another.

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