Seaside Hideaway Complete Search Cheats

Versus: Sail Regatta
Versus: Japanese Garden
Versus: Airport Alley
Versus: Beach Shop
Ep1 Seaside Harbor
Ep1 City Hall
Ep1 Mayor’s Office
Ep1 Old Lighthouse
Ep2 Surf Woody
Ep2 Sandy Beach
Ep2 Beach Blanket
Ep2 Tide Pool
Ep3 Havana Street
Ep3 Cathedral
Ep3 Cigar Bar
Ep3 Castillo
Ep4 Train Depo
Ep4 Main Street
Ep4 Antique Shop
Ep4 Malt Shop


We have compiled a complete a compilation of grid tools to help you search for all the items for all the maps in Seaside Hideaway. If you are stuck with any of the stages, please feel free to use these tables to help you search for the items faster. All the pictures can be clicked on and enlarged. Either find the item of interest from the table underneath the picture or stage, or type in keywords to help you look for the item.

Please let us know if any of the entries are incorrect. Thank you!

Versus: Sail Regatta

Versus maps in Seaside Hideaway is an important game for you to earn additional experience and coins in the game. In this guide, we will go over the different Seaside Hideaway versus maps. Use this grid map guide to help you find the different hidden items in the game. Please let us know if we have missed anything! Also share these photos and Seaside Hideaway item locations with your Facebook and online game friensd! Remember to link back to us and check out the rest of our Seaside Hideaway game guides.

Versus Grid Guide Sail Regatta for Seaside Hideaway by

Air Balloon E1
Anchor C2
Anteater A7
Antlers C5
Arrow F2
Banana G6
Beach Ball B6
Biplane B1
Boat Wheel F5
Bottle H7
Burger E5
Butterfly A5
Canoe A4
Crab D7
Crown H3
Depth Buoy D5
Diving Helmet A5
Feather G7
Fish Crochet D5
Fishing Rod E5
Fishnet B4
Flag C2
Frog A5
Gold Heart G7
Grapes G6
Gym Shoes C5
Hut A3
Kiss C5
Kite D1
Lantern H7
Lifesaver C4
Magic Hat C1
Mandolin C6
Maoi Statue H3
Moon C3
Necklace D6
Newspaper D7
Oar A4
Octopus H4
Orange H7
Palm Tree C2
Paw Print A7
Pie F5
Pie F5
Pineapple F7
Propeller C3
Purse C6
Queen F7
Rocket G1
Rope Ladder C3
Rose D4
Sand Castle E7
Scarf B4
Seagull H1
Seahorse F3
Seal A4
Shell B7
Snake E3
Socks F6
Sphinx B3
Star Fish C7
Sun A1
Treasure Chest A5
Treble Clef G4
Tropical Drink F7
Turtle A6
Umbrella H4
Watermelon H6
Wind Turbine A2
Wood Sign H4

Versus: Japanese Garden

 Versus Grid Guide for Japanese Garden for Seaside Hideaway

4 Leaf Clover B7
Acorn H5
Apple E5
Arrows B2
Ax E3
Beetle F6
Berries A1
Bird Bath D2
Bird House G2
Birdfeeder D2
Bison F2
Black Bird G1
Black Swan H3
Bluebird H2
Boat D4
Bonzai D3
Bow H1
Brick D6
Broccoli B7
Bucket F2
Buddha B2
Butterfly F7
Carnation D6
Chicken A2
Cow C1
Crane F1
Crank B5
Daisies F2
Dragon C1
Dragonfly C2
Duck D4
Flamingo G1
Flower Pot F5
Flute G2
Frog E5
Goose B1
Grasshopper D6
Hatchet D5
Hose D5
Hummingbird A5
Japanese Doll H2
Kite E1
Ladybug F7
Light String G3
Lighthouse F1
Lilly Pad E5
Lily A5
Maple Leaf G6
Melon C4
Mouse E6
Nest B4
Oar C4
Panda B1
Paper Boat A4
Paper Fan F5
Paper Lantern E1
Pears H6
Pelican F1
Pinecone C6
Poison Ivy H6
Rabbit H5
Rake A3
Rose A1
Shovel A3
Sparrow E2
Squirrel F4
Sunrising H3
Sushi rolls H4
Sword C5
Tea Kettle E4
Tea set F4
Tiki Torch H3
Toadstool H7
Toast B3
Tortoise Shell C5
Trowel A6
Windchimes B5

Versus: Airport Alley

Versus Gird Map Airport Alley for Seaside Hideaway by

Aluminum Bat F5
Binoculars G6
Biplane B2
Butter Knife G1
Calculator B3
Captains Hat A5
Car Battery G7
Cardinal C4
CB Radio A6
Ceiling Fan C2
Cherries B5
Clothes Pin E4
Cricket Bat D4
Curtains E2
Door Latch G4
Drill D7
Duct Tape H4
Fire Extinguisher E3
Flashlight D7
Flute F2
Gas Can G6
Glass Eye F5
Gloves C7
Goggles F5
Golf Tee C4
Grate H7
Guitar Pick D3
Hammer C7
Hard Hat D6
Headset B4
Helicopter A3
Hockey Puck B2
Hotel Bell G4
Ice Cream H4
Key H4
Lion F1
Luggage D4
Lunch Pail F7
Microphone G5
No Smoking H2
Number 88 A5
Oil Slick D6
Paint Brush H7
Paint Can H7
paper Planes H3
Parachuter G1
Pen E5
Ping Pong Paddle C6
Pinup F3
Plug H7
Pool Rack D3
Pyramid E4
Ruler A1
Shark Fin G3
Spark Plug G7
Spatula G3
Stained Glass F2
sunglasses D7
Thimble D4
Toolbox C7
Utility Knife F7
Walkie Talkie G6
Water Cooler E3
Whitewall Tire H6
Wind Sock H1
Wrench A7
Yo Yo B6
Zipper G3
Mop E5
This Side Up E3
Spear B5
Traffic Cone D5

Versus: Beach Shop

Beach Shop Versus from Seaside Hideaway by

Acorn B7
Balloon Animal E4
Battery Fan C4
Beach Ball H5
Beachy G6
Boot A4
Bowling Pin B3
Cactus D5
Carrot H6
Ceramic Pot C6
Cherry B6
Chicken G4
Cog C7
Cow E1
Cupcake D3
Dragonfly C2
Easter Egg B3
Egg C2
Flashlight C6
Frisbee G5
Fuzzy Dice F3
Giraffe C3
Golf Ball C4
Key G1
Lilac C6
Lobster C5
Magic 8 Ball F6
Magnifying Glass E6
Megaphone B1
Necklace H1
Number 87 H5
Number 9 B6
Owl F3
Peacock Quill H3
Pear F2
Pig D5
Pocket Watch F1
Popsicle H4
Purse E1
Question Mark A1
Rabbit D5
Robot E3
Rose B6
Rubber Band Ball D4
Rubber Stamp E5
Sandals G3
Shoe Strap A2
Snorkel H7
Soap On A Rope B2
Spider A7
Star F3
Strawberry A7
Sunglasses H3
Tangerine F1
Toy Blocks F5
Trap Door D7
Tree E1
Troll D4
Trophy D2
Turtle G6
Twine E5
Umbrella E6
Wine Glass F4
Wrist Watch A3

Ep1 Seaside Harbor

The Seaside Harbor Grid Map

Anchor E2
Balloon A1
Bell H5
Broccoli E1
Canteen G7
Cat A4
Chest B6
Chrysanthemum E5
Clamshell A3
Clock G1
Column D3
Compass A7
Crab A6
Diving Mask G6
Dog H3
Dolphine F5
Eagle A2
Easel B5
Envelope H5
Extinguisher H4
Fan E2
Fish Hat F5
Fishing Basket G7
Fishing Rod F6
Flag C1
Flashlight F5
Flip Flops E7
Flippers H6
Handbag C4
Hang Glider B1
Horn C4
Ladder C3
Lemon F2
Letter C F1
Life Jacket G4
Lipstick D2
Match Stick B1
Megaphone G4
Motorcycle E3
Oars B4
Octopus A5
Oyster B7
Palm Tree B2
Paper Lanterns G3
Paw Print C7
Pelican B3
Pineapple D4
Pipe H7
Playing Card H2
Rolled Rope B7
Seagull F1
Seahorse H2
Shark Fin G6
Sponge H5
Star B5
Starfish H6
Swordfish G2
Truck A3
Tulip Shell A7
Turtle D6
Umbrella E5
Watermelon D5
Welcome E4
Wrench B6

Ep1 City Hall

Seaside Hideaway City Hall

8 Ball G7
Acorn H1
Aquarius C6
Army Helmet B2
Basketball A3
Bell F1
Bill Booklet A7
Book E5
Broccoli E1
Butter Packet D7
Cane B3
Cat A3
Challah Bread C6
Clothes Line C2
Clover H4
Coffee Bean D7
Credit Card A7
Croissant B5
Crow A1
Dinner Roll B6
Fork C6
Gargoyle D1
Garlic B3
Japanese Fan G5
Lemon Slice F5
Light Bulb A1
Moon D1
Napkin D5
No Smoking E5
Orange Juice D5
Pie C6
Plaid Cloth C7
Postal Box D4
Queen of Hearts E2
Receipt A7
Rock Piece H5
Rope H2
Salt A5
Scooter H6
Stop Sign C4
String of Lights A3
Sugarcubes D7
Sun G6
Sword B1
Tea Cup C5
Tennis Balls A5
Toast H1
Top Hat H1
Totem Pole G3
Trowel G5
Volleyball G6
Waffle E4
Wallet H7
Water Glass A5
Watermelon H5
Yellow Clouds G5
Yin Yang A6

Ep1 Mayor’s Office

Academic Letters A3
Apple H6
Ball Crackers A3
Barometer C4
Baseball G4
Blue ribbon A3
Bow D1
Cane C4
Carnation D3
Caterpillar B5
China Doll A4
Cigar B5
Cigar Box A5
Coiled Rope C5
Dictionary G4
Envelopes H6
Gloves D6
Headphones G4
Horse G7
Inkwell G6
Jacket E4
Lamp D3
Leaf D4
Lighthouse B1
Map B4
Marble Jar B3
Matryoshka doll A4
Model Boat A2
Necklace A1
Outlet G5
Passport H6
Peacock Feather B6
Plate F1
Postage Stamp G5
Potpourri H4
Purse G5
Quill G5
Rubber Duckie G2
Rubber Stamp H4
Ruler D4
Seal H3
Shell D5
Ship Art A2
Ski Pole C3
Straight Rope F7
Sun Hat E4
Tassel C2
Teddy Bear A4
Telephone F3
Trapdoor C7
Turtle E4
Typewirter G4
Umbrella C4
Watch A2
Whale H2
Wheel B2
Wine Bottle D5

Ep1 Old Lighthouse

Seaside Hideaway Old Light House Guide

Acorn G7
Anchor D6
Animal Tracks E6
Antenna B2
Apples H5
Axe H5
Belt D3
Bike Pump G4
Biplane G3
Birdhouse H1
Bowling Trophy E4
Butterfly B3
Carpet D4
Cat F5
Coral C5
Dipper A1
Fireworks F2
Flute A6
Hammer A7
Hat H4
Hoe F3
Horseshoe E7
Hummingbird G2
Lantern D1
Lizzard B7
Log H5
Mailbox H4
Maple Leaf G7
Metal Pail D5
Milk Can H7
Mug B3
Nautical Star F4
Ornament H1
Rabbit H6
Rake E5
Reel to Reel E4
Saddle G4
Scythe D4
Seagull A2
Shell B6
Spyglass B5
Squirrel C6
Starfish A3
Sun H3
Tortoise B6
Weathervane A2
Whale E4
Wind Chimes H2
Wood Crack H7

Ep2 Surf Woody

Seaside Hideaway Surf Woody Guide

Barbeque Fork G6
Beach Grass A7
Binoculars A1
Blanket A1
Blue Crab B7
Boogie Board H4
Butterfly H1
Button H2
Cheese G3
Conch Shell F7
Country Code A5
Cribbage Board B3
Croissant H4
Dog B3
Dogtag G5
Drain E5 (smaller)
Fishbone G3
Folded Umbrella B2
Frisbee B1
Grill B1
Hacky Sack B2
Happy Face H4
Hawaiian Dancer C3
Hibiscus F3
Ice Cream B5
Keychain G1
Kite E2
Manhole G6
Meter F4
Okay A3
Open Umbrella F3
Parasail C1
Parking Ticket D3
Peace Symbol G2
Pigeon G5
Question Mark D1
Record C4
Road Maps D5
Sailboat H3
Sandals C5
Sea Glass D7
Shark H1
Shell Necklace F5
Shoes D6
Shuttlecock B6
Slushy A5
Snorkel D6
Spare Change H7
Speaker E5 (larger)
Sunglasses D4
Surfer A4
Swim Cap F5
Tanning Oil G7
Tassel G5
Valve Handle E4
Volleyball C7
Wallet A6
Wave A5
Wet Suit F4
Wrench F7
Yin Yang G3

Ep2 Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach Seaside Hideaway

Arrow F3
Bananas F3
Beachball E6
Bleach Bottle E5
Bobber E4
Bowling Pin E5
Cheese Wedge H2
Cherries A4
Coin Purse G7
Cotton Balls H1
Crab F1
Danger H4
Dolphine A4
Dreidel E5
Drink F2
Dumbell H7
Fist Aid Kit F7
Folded Umbrella G4
Hamburger F2
Hawaiian Flower E1
Jolly Roger Flag A1
Life Preserver H4
Lightning B2
Lime D3
Loose Nail D1
Lunch Pail C6
Lure F4
Moon F2
On Duty F2
Open Umbrella H3
Orange D3
Palm Tree D4
Pearl B1
Pelican C2
Pencil D2
Piping Bag E6
Pool cue B2
Popsicle H7
Rat F6
Recycle E2
Rescue Float C5
Rum Bottle F7
Sandal H6
Seagull Tracks B7
Shark Jaw G6
Shoes E7
Snorkel F4
Starfish E3
Sunglasses G7
Surfboard H5
Thermos G6
Tube Socks F6
Water Tube H5
Wave F4
Whistle F7
Yard Stick A5

Ep2 Beach Blanket

Ep2 Tide Pool

Seaside Hideaway Tide Pool

Ballons F1
Bottle C6
Buoys D3
Bowling Ball C5
Broccoli H7
Bucket A7
Bush E2
Camera H5
Carabiner C7
Catfish D5
Chocolate Bunny D1
Clam C5
Climber B1
Cogs F5
Crab D6
crayon D2
Diamond F6
Dingy F2
Diving Flag E1
Diving Helmet B5
Dreidel B7
Dress Shoe A5
Ducks A2
Earrings D7
Feather F4
Fish Hook D3
Glock A6
Handprint B2
Kayak E1
Key B7
Knight Armor A2
Lantern A6
Life Preserver E3
Lighter B2
Lighthouse H1
Lobster B5
Marker C1
Moai Statue A1
Palm Tree G1
Pinball H5
Polka Dot Fish G5
Quarter A5
Rowboat H2
Sandcastle A1
Sea Otter B3
Seagull G1
Seahorse C4
Shark C5
Starfish G7
Sunflower E1
Volkswagon F1
Wedding Band B7
Windsurfer H2
Zebra F4

Ep3 Havana Street

Seaside Hideaway Havana Street grid guide

Asparagus G6
Bag F6
Ball of String D6
Ballet Shoes A2
Banana Peel B7
Bandage C6
Baseball A7
Bell G4
Bike B5
Blackbird E1
Blimp B1
Bow Tie C4
Broom G6
Butterfly A7
Carrot F7
Cat F1
Cheese H7
Club G2
Corn G7
Cutting Board H6
Dreamcatcher H4
Dress A2
Drum F5
Electric Fan E4
Envelope G4
Fire Hydrant E6
Fire Poker C7
Fish H6
Fish Basket G6
Flower Necklace F4
French Bread F7
Garlic H3
Grapes G7
Guitar E5
Hand Fan C5
Hat E1
Kettle E7
Ladder D4
Lion E4
Mermaid C6
No Entry C4
Onion G7
Paw Print C5
Photographs F2
Pineapple H7
Plane A2
Pretzel H7
Pumpkin G6
Rope D7
Shell C4
Soccer Ball B6
Squirrel A3
Street Cone C6
Street Sign C3
Sun A5
Thermometer F7
Traffic Cone C6
Tread Marks C7
Trumpet E6
Turtle E7
Umbrella Stand G5
Wagon Wheel B6
Wig C3
Wine Bottle H6
Wine Glass H7
Wrench D6

Ep3 Cathedral

Seaside Hideaway Cathedral grid guide

Anchor D5
Arrow A2
Bag of Money C7
Bagpipe F7
Basket of Apples D7
Bat A1
Books E6
Boot E7
Bow B7
Bowling Ball C6
Bust B5
Cage G3
Cane B6
Car H6
Carpet F7
Cat C6
Chain G3
Clarinet F6
Clothespin B1
Clown D6
Clown D6
Coat Hanger E3
Crayon H6
Dartboard C7
Dog B5
Eagle D1
Earring B7
Envelope E4
Fire Extinguisher D7
Fireworks F2
Fork D7
Frog B6
Fruit Baskets C3
Gate E5
Goggle G5
Gramophone E7
Handprint E6
Harp F6
Ivy H3
Kegs G7
Key Hole C5
Keyboard G6
Kite D2
Ladder C5
Lamp H3
Lizard A5
Maple Leaf G6
Monkey B2
Music Stand F6
Paint Brushes D7
Piggy Bank B4
Propeller G1
Rosary H5
Scroll E6
Skating Statue C1
Skull E5
Snake H2
Sphinx G3
Star D5
Straw Hat C7
Street Sign H5
Sunflower B3
Sword E2
Tombstone F3
Trident E3
Umbrella H4
Vase G7
Wooden Door D4
Zodiac E3

Ep3 Cigar Bar

Seaside Hideaway Cigar Bar grid guide

Airplane H1
American Flag A1
Antenna D3
Baby Bottle B3
Ball D2
Banana F5
Banana Peel D7
Bandage F7
Bar Sign B2
Beetle C7
Boat D3
Bonsai D3
Bow E1
Bucket D6
Cabbage H6
Cat H5
Ceiling Fan D1
Cigarette A6
Clothes Hanger D2
Computer D4
Dartboard E4
Dragonfly F4
Drum D3
Fedora H2
Fishing Rod D2
Flute B5
Fly Paper G2
French Bread A6
Globe D4
Gramophone A4
Heart A7
Hook G1
Kite E2
Lamp G3
Lighthouse D2
Matches D7
Meat Grinder C5
Mouse C6
Mug B3
Pepper Grinder C6
Pineapple H2
Pitcher H5
Rainbow F3
Rucksack G6
Sack D3
Shave Brush A6
Ship D3
Shovel E6
Skull H4
Spiderweb H6
Telephone B6
Tie F1
Turkey G5
Umbrella C6
Wasp F7
Wheel A2
Windchime H4

Ep3 Castillo

Seaside Hideaway Castillo grid guide

Anchor F7
Antenna A1
Antler A4
Ball F4
Balloons G3
Barrel C5
Bell C2
Bird F4
Cannon Ball E5
Cat D5
Chainsaw C6
Chair G6
Chameleon H1
Chess Clock H6
Chess Piece G6
Chimney B1
Cow B5
Crown C1
Fish Basket G7
Fishing Rod G5
Grapes C7
High Heels C7
Hot Air Balloon G1
Keepnet H3
Ladder C4
Ladybug H5
Lamp G3
Life Preserver F6
Lion D4
Map B4
Motorcycle C5
Number 2 B2
Paper Fan H7
Parachute E3
Puzzle Piece C3
Radio C5
Rooster E5
Rope E5
Sack C7
Scaffold D4
Scales D6
Sea Star E7
Snail D6
Snake H4
Spool A7
Tambourine D5
Television E4
Tentacle G5
Treasure F5
Trident D2
Umbrella G4

Ep4 Train Depo

Seaside Hideaway Ep4 Train Depot Grid Guide

Airplane H2
Bell C3
Birds G3
Bolt Latch B2
Busker Hat G6
Can D7
Carabiner H3
Cartoon Crab D4
Change F6
Cigarette Butt E7
Clothes Hanger H3
Coal Bin E5
Coffee Cup A4
Dice D7
Door Knob B5
Exclamation D3
Flower Bouquet G6
Gear D1
Handkerchief E6
I Heart NY H6
Ladder E4
Lantern B1
Light Bulb A2
Lighthouse C4
Luggage Tag H5
Mail Bag C6
Mail Slot A7
Matches E7
Microphone A4
Pencil E7
Pigeon F6
Rat G7
Restroom Sign C3
Rope E1
Security Camera D2
Spring D2
Steeple H2
Thermometer C2
Ticket Punch F7
Token G7
Toolkit E6
Train Ticket H7
Umbrella H6
Violin G6
Wrench E6
Zipper G5 (on the luggage behind the grid line)

Ep4 Main Street

Seaside Hideaway Ep4 Main Street Grid Guide

Battleship F2
Black Bird C1
Bluejay A5
Bubbles G2
Bunny E6
Buoy F6
Camel B1
Champagne F4
Chicken A3
Crew Team G4
Disco Ball F3
Dove H4
Duckling G7
Fish F2
Fishing Bobber H6
Flashlight H4
Fork A6
Frog A5
Hawk D5
Heart D2 (Hint: the cloud)
Hockey Stick A2
Lantern B5
Life Saver H5
Light Post C3
Lilac C5
Match F4
Number Three B4
Paper Boat H4
Pineapple F4
Plate F4
Rose B4
Silver Dollar F7
Step Stool A7
Strawberries A4
Sunflower A4
Walkie Talkie E3
Windmill H2

Ep4 Antique Shop

Seaside Hideaway Ep4 Antique Shop Grid Guide

Abacus B6
Anchor D5
Arrow Head B7
Art Dummy H6
Axe H3
Bagpipes G5
Bear Head G3
Bonsai Tree G4
Bust A4
Butterflies H4
Calendar D5
Calipers B7
Camera F6
Cane H5
Cat G7
Clock C4
Cougar E2
Deer D2
Desk Lamp D5
Dino Print H3
Dinosaur Skull F5
Diving Helmet E4
Dodo H4
Eyeglasses E7
Fish Fossil H2
Glider G1
Hat E6
Hawk B3
Hole Punch B6
Hourglass B7
Inkwell C6
Kachina Doll G4
Magnifying Glass D6
Mammoth Tusk F3
Mayan Mask D4
Medusa G2
Microscope E5
Ming Vase H4
Musket H3
Name Plate D7
Noh Mask C4
Owl E5
Paper Plane G6
Pipe A7
Pocketwatch D7
Pyramid H5
Rhino C2
Sabretooth Skull D6
Samurai Sword C2
Sarcophagus G5
Scrimshaw E6
Shield D2
Solar System F2
Spartan Helmet A3
Specimen Tag A7
Stapler C6
Tape Recorder C7
Tea Cup D6
Telephone C6
Telescope D5
Thumbtack B5
Uniform A5
Violin F5
Whip H6
Zodiac C3

Ep4 Malt Shop

Seaside Hideaway Ep4 Train Depot Grid Guide

Balloon H1
Banana Split D4
Bowling Bag E4
Bride And Groom B6
Brownie A5
Burger F7
Candy Lips A2
Candy Sign B1
Carved Initials C7
Cinnamon Bun B5
Club Sandwich F6
Cupcake B6
Fan F1
Five Dollars E6
French Fries E7
Frosted Cookie A5
Fuzzy Dice D4
Gas Pump G3
Glasses H7
Ice Cream Scoop B3
Ladder G3
Ladybug C7
Light Switch H3
Lollipop B3
Menu H7
Music Note G3
Onion Ring G7
Open Sign H3
Peppermints D7
Poodle Skirt G2
Receipt E6
Record F2
Restroom Sign E2
Rocket G2
Root Beer G6
Salt And Pepper E4
Scarf G5
Seltzer Bottle C3
Smoke Detector H1
Snow Cone C3
Soda D4
Soda Jerk Hat D3
Tip Jar F4
Toothpick H6
Toy Car B2
Trophy A3
Yo Yo H6

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