Rusty Hearts Pet Farming Guide

To farm pets in Rusty Hearts fast, below are some of the guidelines for you to know when farming for pets. If you have found this guide useful, please check out my list of Rusty Hearts guides.

Step 1
Make an Alt or Throw Away Character. It should be a character that you have experience with, that you know you can level up fast and simply throw it away when you are done with Rusty Hearts pet farming.

Step 2
Level up to level 8 or 9, remember to party up with other pet farmers to get up levels fast.

Step 3
Complete “Find Joheim” quest which you will be rewarded with a box that contains Monster Seed

Step 4
Unlock the box, summon the pet seed and continue Rusty Hearts leveling.

Step 5
Hit Level 13 and seed will become a random pet. The pet that the seed evolves will be complete random that range from weaklings to rare pets. Now you have a choice to whether to continue leveling, or start over for better Rusty Hearts pet farm.

Step 6
If you chose to keep the pet, continue to level up your Rusty Hearts character to level 15. At level 15, you can “seal” your pet and transfer the Rusty Hearts pet via the mail. Or you can sell the pet in the auction house for some money.