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If you have played the original Ragnarok Online, you would know how important the cards are to your game play. Cards in RO2 play a little different role than the original game. In this version, cards are used to boost your character’s stats. Please check out the rest of this Ragnarok Online 2 Basic Card Guide.

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Understanding Ragnarok Online 2 Cards

Like the original Ragnarok Online, monster cards will give various stats boost to your character when equipped. However, the monster cards now have “ranks”. High ranked cards will give out stats boost than its lower ranked relatives.

To use the cards system, simply drag and drop the various cards into your character window. You can use the Shortcut “C” to access the Ragnarok Online 2 card system. In addition, more card slots are unlocked as you level up in the game. Below is the levels and the numbers of RO2 card lot that opens:

Level 1 – 1 slot opened
Level 10 – 2 slot opened
Level 20 – 3 slot opened
Level 30 – 4 slot opened
Level 40 – 5 slot opened

It should be noted that the cards are Permanently attached to your character once you slot it. You CANNOT take it out. However, you could slot a new card and replace your old one. However, the old card will be destroyed once you do so in Ragnarok Online 2. Be very careful when you are upgrading your cards gears into higher ones, you do not want to destroy the cards that you still want to keep on your character.

In addition, you should avoid inserting cards that do not suit your character stats. Save those cards so that they can be synthed into other cards for your needs in the future.

Obtaining Cards and Card Album

You can obtain the monster cards by killing the monsters. Like the original RO, RO2’s monster card dropping chance is still pretty rare. In addition, you will usually only get green card when it drops. You will then need to synthesize the cards to obtain the higher ranking cards. However, the boss and dungeons do have chances at dropping higher ranking monster cards.

After obtain the cards, you can also check them via the card album. The card drops are randomly generated. This means that it all depends on your luck whether or not you can obtain the cards. Simply farm enough mobs to get the card drops. It should be noted that although you can continue to farm a certain mob for their cards, the chances are that you can obtain better cards as you “outlevel” them. Do not limit yourself to one specific RO2 card. Do the research to figure out the best for your class 1~2 levels ahead of you too.

RO2 Card Ranking System
At the time of writing the guide, there are three ranks currently available in the RO2 card system. These card ranks are the following. You will most likely deal with green cards when you first star, and as you play and farm more monsters in the game, you will have higher ranked cards to buff up your Ragnarok Online 2 character.

Green (Normal and Normal+)
Blue (Silver)
Yellow (Gold)

The green cards are the normal and regular cards from normal monsters. Blue cards denote rare cards that you can get normally through bosses. The Yellow cards are the super rare cards that give awesome stats boosts.

RO2 Card Sets

Some of the cards in the game have “sets”. These card sets, similar to equipment sets, will give extra stats when you collect and equip all of the cards in the same set. In general, the boosts in cards make them really worthwhile compared to equipping and slotting cards not in the same set. We are working on a working table with different card sets to help you determine the best card set for your RO2 character.

Special Notes about Normal and Normal+ in Set bonuses
Both your normal and normal+ cards DO count in terms of set bonuses. So do not be afraid to switch out your normal one with the plus to enhance your stats in Ragnarok Online 2 further.

Card Synthesis and Combine

The Ragnarok Online 2 card synthesis process can be done by going to the Card Master or Card Merchant NPC in every town. You will need a “Card Synthesis Stone”. You can purchase the card synthesis stone at the card master as well. The chance of Card Synthsis is about 50% chance success.

At success: One of the card gets upgraded to normal+ OR you can get a brand new blue card in place of the card, the other 4 cards are lost.
At failure: You lose all of your cards with nothing in return.

Level of the New Card
If you succeed at card synthesis and get a brand new blue card, the blue card that you produce will based on the lowest level one out of your 5 cards. This means that you should average out the level of the cards synthesis to get the most out of it. For example, you do not want to mix a bunch of level 50’s with a level 10 card. Instead, you should rather synth a group of cards with the same level.

Card Designated Synthesis
This is a cash shop item from Kafra. If you have the money and is dealing with high level cards, you should consider purchasing this and use the Card Designated Synthesis. There are two functions that associate with this awesome cash shop item. Although the use of this item does not boost your RO2 card synthesis success chance.

1. Designate as Base
The use of Card Designated Synthesis will use that particular as the base to upgrade to Normal+ if it succeeds.

2. Destruction Protection
In addition to card designation, in the odds that your attempt fails, this item PROTECTS your base card from being destroyed.

With the Designated Synthesis, you could also “upgrade” your main base card with 4 other crap cards. This is because the use of the item actually takes away your chance at upgrading for blue cards.

Rare Card Synthesis Stone
With the rare card sysnthesis stone, you can combine “5” blue rare cards for a chance to obtain yellow cards. The Rare Card Synthesis stones are rare drops in hard dungeons.

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