PvP Ranking Guide for Marvel Avengers Alliance

For those of who that play Marvel Avengers Alliance on Facebook and cannot figure out how the PvP ranking ladder works. Below is a nutshell guide on how the PvP ranking works in game. If you have found this guide helpful, please also read on my other Marvel Avengers Alliance guides.

The reason why that you might not get a high ranking is because Marvel Avengers Alliance uses a rating system and doesn’t factor win/loss/overkills ratios into its ranking calculation. “Winning PVP matches increases a player’s rating, while losing lowers a player’s rating. \n\nDefeating players with a higher rating grants more rating than defeating players with a low rating awards less. Similarly, losing to a player with a lower rating will reduce a player’s rating more than losing to a player with a higher rating.”

So for example, you will start PvP ladder in the game with a rating of 800. You will then win or lose ratings based on your PvP combat results in game.

You will have 4 PvP rating increased with the following 4 combat scenarios based on your PvP opponent.
Winning against similar rank players (+/-100 rating) will give you +20~30 rating.
Winning against someone around -150~200 rating is about +10~20 rating.
Winning against someone around -300~350 is about +1~+3 rating.
Winning against someone way below your rating (around -400 or more) will actually deduct your rating by 1.

There is also a rating decay system over time where you may lose some PvP ranked ratings. Top 20 players are hovering around the 1600~1725 rating range at the moment.

This means that if you want to achieve a high ranking in the PvP ladder leaderboard system in Marvel Avengers Alliance, you will have to pick battles with the players who are similar to you in ranking to earn the most points possible.