Perfect Strategy Bonus Guide for Marvel Avengers Alliance

Perfect Strategy is one of the mastery score bonuses that you can obtain in Marvel Avengers Alliance. In this guide, we will go through the different tips and complete information on everything around this topic. If you have found this guide helpful, please check out our other Marvel Avengers Alliance guides.


Perfect Strategy is one of the few perfectionist score bonus that you can get while playing Marvel Avengers Alliance. By having the Perfect Strategy bonus while achieving Survival and 2 bird multiplier, you can earn an additional 45000 points for completing the stage. You can break down the different strategies into multiple parts. This guide focuses on the defense and team setup that is needed to avoid damage. However, you will still need to have decent enough weapons and damage to effectively take out enemies before your defenses wear out.

Tips to Obtain Perfect Strategy Bonus

Below are some of the quick tips that can help you achieve the Perfect Strategy bonus. With all tips considered, one of the most important factor is “luck”, as to whether or not your team can land the first hits on the enemy team. Another concept is your ability to adapt to the different situations as the turn in the battle is arrange. If you can not achieve Perfect Strategy, you should still aim for bonuses such as overkill.

1. Finish the battle quickly, the faster you finish the battles, the less likely that your team will get damage from enemy attacks.
2. Use Captain America who can most likely successfully dodge all attacks.
3. Utilize attack redirection techniques to heroes equipped with more force fields or evasion.
4. Use Any kind of Field Generators such as Force Field Generator, Mirror Field Generator, Magnetic Field Generator, Construct Matrix.
5. Increase your Marvel Avengers Alliance teams’ evasion as high as possible to increase their chances of dodging enemy attacks.
6. Take advantage of Marvel Avengers Alliance enemy’s class weakness. The most offensive bonuses come from Blaster against Bruiser (attacks are guaranteed to ignore defense and crit, hopefully One-Hit-KO them).
7. Use Quantum Jumper or other turn granting items. Having an extra turn for your team is a huge advantage, especially if you exploit enemies’ weaknesses.

Attack Redirection Techniques

Below are techniques that can redirect enemy attacks which can help you to achieve perfect strategy in Marvel Avengers Alliance

Redirect single-target-attacks:
1. Phoenix’s “Mind Link.” Can choose which ally you intend to be the target.
2. Colossus’ “Steel Curtain.”
3. Thing’s “Stonewall.”
4. Luke Cage’s “Bodyguard.”

Redirect multiple attacks
1. Captain America’s “Shield Guard.” Offers 100% protection but has 2 rounds cooldown.
2. Spiderman’s passive “Great Responsibility.” This skill protects randomly and stays active. With good evasion stats on Spiderman, it can help evade attacks on your other heroes.

Items which redirect single-target-attacks:
1. Svalinn Defender (gadget obtained from deploy drops).
2. Item “Protect.”
3. Paladin Array (buyable gadget after researching “Preemptive Defenses”).

Force Field Related Perfect Strategy Methods

There are three Marvel Avengers Alliance heroes that can setup Force Fields currently in game. It should be noted that although Invisible Woman can generate shield to all your allies, however, the shield does not absorb as much damage as Iron Man or Dr. Strange’s shielding skills. In addition, you should consider equipping your agent with even more force field generation gadgets.

Heroes who can set up Force Fields:
1. Iron Man’s “Deflector Shield” (generates force field for him only).
2. Dr. Strange’s “Shield of the Seraphim” (generates force field for a single ally).
3. Invisible Woman’s “Force Field” (generates force field for all allies).

Items and gadgets which set-up shields:
These additional Marvel Avengers Alliance shield items can help you absorb even more damage to achieve Perfect Strategy bonus.

1. Norton shield. This item removes any kind of debuffs and prevents new application for 4 turns or until the shield taken down. Unfortunately, this shield does not absorb much damage and does not stack with Force Field Generator. The good news is, this shield is stackable with some other shields such as Mirror Field.
2. Mirror Field Generator (one ally).
3. Force Field Generator (all allies).
4. Magnetic Field Generator (all allies).
5. Construct Matrix (all allies).

Evasion Factors to Help Dodge Damage Attack

Evasion enhancers
Heroes with evasion enhancing abilities:
1. Daredevil’s “Radar Sense.” Self-buff, highly increases Daredevil’s evasion along with his accuracy.
2. Spiderman’s “Spider Sense.” Self-buff, highly increases Spiderman’s evasion and gives extra turn when attacked.
3. Invisible Woman’s “Invisible.” Self-buff, high chance to dodge singe target attacks.
4. Kitty Pryde’s “Phased Attack.” Self-buff, gives infinite evasion against all attacks until she is de-phased.
5. Cyclops’ “Evasion Maneuvers.” Gives “Agile” status to all allies.
6. Storm’s “Protective Shroud.” High chance to dodge single target attacks for all allies.

Evasion enhancing gadgets and items:
1. Digital Decoy. Dodges up to two hits in one attack for all allies.
2. Evasion Patch. Increases evasion for one ally.
3. Hologram Generator. Dodges up to two hits in one attack for one ally.
4. Early Warning Detector gadget. Gives “Agile” status to all allies.

Useful Marvel Avengers Alliance Combos

Below are currently all of the standard combinations of skills and techniques to make Perfect Strategy bonus in Marvel Avengers Alliance possible.

1. Protect allies abilities + Force Field users or gadgets.
Focus the shield on one single hero and redirect all of the attacks to him or her.
2. Increase evasion + protect allies abilities.
Spiderman and Daredevil are two heroes with the best evasion ability. Redirect all of the attacks to these two heroes.
3. Item “Protect” + invulnerability.
Only one character has a move which grants invulnerability, and that is Kitty Pryde. Her “Phased Attack” gives her “Phased” status which renders her invulnerable to all attacks. Redirect all of the enemy attacks to her while she is in Phased Status.

Factors that do NOT affect Perfect Strategy

Now, these are the things that do NOT ruin “Perfect Strategy”:
1. Using a Shield and Receiving “0” damage when enemy hits land on shields.
2. Debuffs such as Slowed, Exhaustion, etc that do not deal damage will not affect the Perfect Strategy bonus.
3. Distress calls with damage dealt to the summoned units will not affect the granting of Perfect Strategy.
4. Damage Over Time skills will not affect your Perfect Strategy bonus when removed before they deal damage.

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