Monster Story Complete Monster Breeding Guide

Similar to Dragon Story, Monster Story lets you breed different kinds of monsters by putting them together. In this Monster Story breeding guide, we will teach you how to breed the monsters that you want in the game. With these simple and easy to follow combinations, you will be able to breed your monsters of choice in Monster Story. If you have found this guide useful, please check out the rest of our Mobile game guides!

<b>Basic Monster Breeding Block</b>
Blue Blob Tree Rex Dream Bird Fire Fox Shell Lizard

Generation 1 Monster Story Breeding

These are the first step to get the different generation 1 monsters in Monster Story breeding.

Blue Blob Breeds
Blue Blob + Tree Rex = Ecogoo (Medusasaur)
Blue Blob + Dream Bird = Wavewing (Birdball)
Blue Blob + Fire Fox = Sea Buffalo (Furball)
Blue Blob + Shell Lizard = Tonguetoad (King Clam)

Tree Rex Breeding Combos
Tree Rex + Blue Blob = Ecogoo (Medusasaur)
Tree Rex + Dream Bird = Plamwing (Mosstrich)
Tree Rex + Firefox = Leaf Lion (Inferoo/Burnbark Lizard*)
Tree Rex + Shell Lizard = Shraptor (Forest Scarab)

Dreambird Breeding Combination
Dream Bird + Blue Blob = Wavewing (Birdball)
Dream Bird + Tree Rex = Plamwing (Mosstrich)
Dream Bird + Fire Fox = Griffin (Phoenix)
Dream Bird + Shell Lizard = Sky Turtle (Eaguana/Shellwing*)

Fire Fox Breeds Formulas
Fire Fox + Blue Blob = Sea Buffalo (Furball)
Fire Fox + Tree Rex = Leaf Lion (Inferoo/Burnbark Lizard*)
Fire Fox + Dream Bird = Griffin (Phoenix)
Fire Fox + Shell Lizard = Cuddlecrab (Hermit Cat)

Shell Lizard Breeding Guide
Shell Lizard + Blue Blob = Tonguetoad (King Clam)
Shell Lizard + Tree Rex = Shraptor (Forest Scarab)
Shell Lizard + Dream Bird = Sky Turtle (Eaguana/Shellwing*)
Shell Lizard + Fire Fox = Cuddlecrab (Hermit Cat)

Shell Lizard Breeding Creation

The Shell Lizard in Monster Story is a special case. When you breed an original 4 monster: Blue Blob, Dream Bird, Fire Fox, or Tree Rex PLUS a hybrid of another 2 breeds. You will have chances at getting the Shell Lizard.

Generation 2 – Diamond Pegasus Results

The diamond pegasus in Monstery Story can be bred from any of the double hybrids of different elements. As long as the parents have the elements from either Blue Blob, Dream Bird, Fire Fox, Tree Rex, or Shell Lizard, you will have a chance at getting the Diamond Pegasus from breeding. If you do not get it the first try or second try at breeding, just keep on breeding and eventually you will get it.

Generation 3 – The Diamond Combo Breeding

After you have gotten Diamond Pegasus from breeding, you will be able to breed the next tier of ultra rare monsters in Monster Story. Below are some of the combos that are currently available in the game.

Diamond Pegasus + Blue Blob = Blue Bob (Sapphire Kraken**)
Diamond Pegasus + Fire Fox = Fire Fox (Ruby Manticore**)

Update History

As more monsters are being added to the game, we will continue to add to this guide. So please check back often for more useful updates!