Megapolis Facebook Top 1000 Guide

Trying to get in the top 1000 players in Megapolis is no easy task especially if you started later. In this guide, we will go over everything that you will need to know about reaching and staying in that top leader board.

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The Megapolis Leader Board Factors

To have a shot at showing off your Megapolis City in the game, you must have one of these metrics higher than the rest of the players in the game.

Experience: Displayed by Your Megapolis City Level
Coins: Ranked by how much Megapolis money you have.
Population: Ranked by total population in your City
Achievements: Obtained by the numbers of achievements that you have.

Citywide Top 1000 Player City Requirements

To be eligible to appear on the leaderboard though, you must satisfy some “appearance” requirements. In addition, you must be “active” and log in at least once per week to be eligible. The easy requirements are easy to achieve, you simply need to have enough of the items to be eligible. However, the harder requirements require you to not have the identical buildings in the game – for Megapolis residential and infrastructure buildings.

Easy Requirements:
Residential Building Requirement x10
Infrastructure x15
Decorations x5
Roads x8

Harder Requirements:
Identical Residential and Infrastructure limit x10 each

How to Get in Top 1000 Megapolis

Your primary goal in the game is to gather as much coins as possible. With enough bank roll, you will have higher chances to break into the top players list. Consider building a ton of identical building such as Wooden House and Office Buildings to generate that amount of money and population.

After the coin leaderboard, the next one that you can consider breaking into is the Population count. By having more infrastructures in the game, you will naturally gain more population to unlock more production buildings. The leveling and XP Top 1000 leaderboard will come naturally as well.

The hardest leaderboard to fully master is the achievements. Megapolis on Facebook or other social platform has a few timed and special events. These events will sometimes offer you additional achievements and trophies. However, if you have started later in the game, you are almost guaranteed not able to catch up with the top players unless the top players quit playing the game.

The bottom line is that you should play as often as possible to fully master and optimize your playing time. You can also consider to spend some real cash on special items and building materials to help you advance faster in the game.

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