Mastery and Battle Score Guide for Marvel Avengers Alliance

To obtain mastery or stars for the different missions and chapter in Marvel Avengers Alliance, you will need to achieve high number of points based on the battles that you score during each of the fights. This guide will shed some light on how these mastery points are calculated in game. This Marvel mastery score is a total of a different scores and multipliers. These include: Vitality, Overkill, Rounds, Victory, Body Count, Endurance, SHIELD, Avengers, Hero Survival Multiplier and Threat Multiplier. Please check out our other Marvel Avengers Alliance guides if you found this helpful.

Base Bonus Battle Mastery Scores

Vitality – 500 Bonus Points Max
Earn Vitality bonus points by winning the battle with a high amount of health, the point decreases as you receive more damage during the battle.

Overkill – 150 Bonus Points Max
Deal more damage to enemies than what is needed to win. It appears that you need do to roughly 30~40 damage than their remaining health points to earn this credit.

Rounds – 500 Bonus Points Max
Bonus for finishing the battle in a low number of turns, the point decreases by 100 points after the first round.

Victory – 500 Points
Base score that is given for successfully completing the fight with a victory.

Each victory grants you 500 points.

Body Count – 150 points per enemy
Bonus for the number of enemies that you defeat. Depending on the different types of enemies that you face in MAA, you will receive differing battle mastery points for the body count.

Endurance – 150 Bonus Points
Bonus for not resting at all during the fight, you will earn 150 points for completing the fight without resting.

One-Shot – 150 Bonus Points per One Shot Kill

Marvel Avengers Alliance bonus battle points per every one hit kills.

Quartermaster- 250 Max Points Bonus

Bonus points of 125 for using at least 5 items plus 25 points per item after that to a maximum of 250 bonus battle score points total.

Marvel Avenger Alliance Team Up Bouses

Depending on the type of teams that you put together, you will obtain various point bonuses, use these team up boosts to maximize your point gain.

all X-Men members = X-Force (50 points)
all Fantastic 4 members = Fantastic 4 (50 points)
all Heroes with a Flying ability = Aviary (50 points)
Thor / Hulk / Hawkeye / Black Widow / Ironman / Captain America = Assemble (50 points)
Thing / Hulk / She-Hulk / Phoenix = Tossers (50 points)
Dr.Strange / Mr.Fantastic / Ironman = Illuminati (50 points)
Hulk / Spiderman / Ironman / Mr.Fantastic / Black Panther = Egghead (50 points)
Wolverine / Black Cat / Sif / Black Panther = Bloodlust (50 points)
Spiderman / Black Widow / Spiderwoman = Arachnophobia (50 points)
Thor / Sif = Asgard (50 points)
Luke Cage / Iron Fist = Heroesforhire (50 points)
Kitty Pryde / Black Cat / Black Panther = Cat Fight (50 points)
Spiderman / Black Cat = Cosplayers (50 points)
Dare Devil / She Hulk = Ambulancechasers (50 points)
Dr.Strange / Hulk = Defenders (50 points)
Mockingbird / Hawkeye = Best Coast (50 points)
Storm / Black Panther = King and Queen (50 points)
Iron Man / Mr.Fantastic = Illuminati, Egghead (100 points)
Kitty Pryde / Colossus = X-Force, Hard and Soft (100 points)
Cyclops / Phoenix = X-Force, X-lovers (100 points)
War Machine / Iron Man = Tinmen, Aviary (100 points)
Invisible Woman / Human Torch = Sibling Rivalry, Fantastic 4 (100 points)
Phoenix / Human Torch = Aviary, Hotstuff (100 points)
Phoenix / Ms. Marvel = Marvelous, Aviary (100 points)
She-Hulk / Hulk = Green Giants, Tossers (100 points)
Phoenix / Storm = X-Force, Aviary (100 points)
Hawkeye / Black Widow = Frenemies, Assemble, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (150 points)

Mastery Points Multipliers

Hero Survivor Multiplier
Multiples your score by the total number of heroes that remain standing after the fight.
Three heroes = Base Score x 3
Two heroes = Base score x 2

Threat Multiplier
Multiples your score by the threat level of the enemies you defeated (x1 being the lowest multiplier)

Low Threat = Base Score x 1
Medium Threat = Base Score x 1.5
High Threat = Base Score x 2

Boss Fight Multiplier

Threat bonus score multiplier does not apply to boss fights. Boss multiplier will be instead used in the mastery score calculation in Marvel Avengers Alliance.

Mini Boss = Base Score x 3
Boss = Base Score x 5
Epic Boss = Base Score x 10

Multiple Bosses
2 Birds (2 Bosses Together) = Base Score x 10
3 of a Kind (3 Birds = 3 Bosses Together) = Base Score x 15

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