Marvel Future Fight Basic Special Gear Guide

It should be noted that higher level Dimension Rifts drop higher stats special gears. The percentage is a straight addition. The update on 7/1 in Future Fight adds Special Gear features. You can equip the special gears under the character hero’s gear section within the information screen.

Below is a quick estimate of the stats values that we have observed. It may not be 100% correct but its a rough guess.
Level 1~2: 10~20%
Level 3: ~30%
Level 4~5: 40~50%

The damage boost enhances the damage output of elemental attacks. For example, Thor’s Rift’s Special Gear Thunder Damage Boost will help Black Widow’s Thunder skill attack. It does not “add” elemental type damage to attacks in general.

Here is a list of all the different types of Marvel Future Fight Special Gears that you can get from each of the Dimension Rifts.

Captain America – Crit Damage
Iron Fist – Dodge boost
Spider-Man – Stats Debuff Resists web, snare, stun, movement speed
Black Panther – Crit Rate boost
Hawkeye – Ignore Dodge
Blade – Recovery Rate
Loki – Ice Damage
Destroyer – Poison Damage
Ghost Rider – Fire Damage
Vision – Mind Damage
Thor – Thunder Damage