Marvel Contest of Champions Signature Ability Guide

Are you looking for a quick reference with the Contest of Champions’s signature abilities for each of the heroes? Look no more as you can quickly find their ability effects here. We have condensed the signature ability skill descriptions into pure forms that only talk about the actual stats effects. Hope this can help you select your heroes during your fights much more easily.

When you find a duplicate hero, the heroes will be sold while granting signature abilities to the hero that you already have.
2* duplicates increases level by 1
3* duplicates increases level by 8
4* duplicates increases level by 20

ChampionAbility NameActivationTextText
AbominationIrradiateWhen Attackedx% chance to Poison, Health recover -50%, DoT x% Attack (12s).Contact with the gamma-irradiated body has a ??% chance to Poison the target, reducing their Health recover by 50% and dealing 60% of your Attack as direct damage over 12 seconds.
Black BoltProvocationWhen AttackedHit by Critical Hit each time, Attack or Critical Damage +x%.Being struck by a Critical Hit tests Blackagar Boltagon's restraint, each time increasing either his Attack or Critical Damage by 6% for remainder of the fight.
Black PantherLacerateAttackChance to Lacerations. Dealing 15% damage (7s).T'Challas' fists give way to cat-like claws, carving limitless lacerations in his targets with a fixed chance, each dealing 15% of your Attack as direct damage over 7 seconds.
Captain AmericaLast StandPassivePerfectly Block chance +10% for every 1% Health lost.The chance to Perfectly Block all damage increases by 10% for every 1% Health lost, providing hope when the Cap needs it most.
Captain MarvelEnergy AbsorptionPassiveAttack +x% per point of stored Power. Absorb blocked magical attacks to boost Power Meter.Attack is increased by ??% per point of stored Power. In addition, blocking magical attacks absorbs their energy, fueling Captain Marvel's Power Meter.
ColossusOrganic SteelWhen AttackedArmor +x% with a fixed chance.Piotr's organic metal skin shapes and strengthens to his will with no limit, increasing Armor by 20.4% with a fixed chance.
CyclopsExpertisePassiveAs Combo increases, lower enemy block. Beams +x% additional Critical Damage.As his Combo count increases, Cyclops' knowledge of the battlefield prevents opponents from blocking him effectively. In addition, his beams reach up to ??% additional Critical Damage at high Power Levels.
DeadpoolHealing FactorPassiveRegenerate x% health per minute.Permanently regenerating 38.5% health per minute was granted when the natural healing factor of Wolverine was implanted into Deadpool
DraxEnthrallAttackAttack +x% for 6 seconds with fury.Fury fascinates The Destroyer. His builds without limit, increasing Attack by 26.6% for 6 seconds with each activation.
GamoraAssassinationSpecialx% chance Godslayer deal massive Critical Hit Damage.A ??% chance Gamora's Godslayer blade deals a lethal blow, striking for massive Critical Hit Damage.
HawkeyeHemorrhageSpecialArrow strikes dealing % of Attack per minute as direct damage.Arrow strikes the jugular with fixed chance to inflict severe bleeding for the remainder of fight, dealing % of Attack per minute as direct damage.
HulkHulk RagePassive+x% attacks for every 1% Health lost.Hulk is angered by receiving damage, strengthening his attacks for every 1% Health lost, up to ??%. You wouldn't like him when he's angry!
Iron FistFocusAttack-x% armor with each activation.The Iron Fists' repeated strikes to pressure points wreak cumulative havoc on the target's Armor with a fixed chance, reducing it by ??% with each activation.
Iron ManArc OverloadWhen AttackedWhen health below 15%, +25% armor and regeneration.Iron Man overloads the arc reactor in his chest if Health drops below 15%, briefly extendings life span with burst of 25% armor and regeneration.
JuggernautUnstoppableWhen AttackedUnflinch x% chance.The impact of enemy attacks is shrugged off with a ??% chanceā€¦ because he's the Juggernaut.
MagikRewindWhen Attackedx% chance 0 damage.??% chance that Magik teleports into the past to a time before injury.
PunisherDefy PainWhen Attackedx% chance to endure a lethal blow.Marine Corps. The Vietnam War. The Italian Mafia. Frank Castle has conditioned himself for high pain tolerance, granting him a 45% chance to endure a lethal blow.
RhinoRhino ArmorPassivePhysical Resistance +x%A think polymer suit enhances Rhino's gamma-based strength and resilience, increasing his Physical Resistance by ??%
RonanEdictPassive+x% Attack and x% increased Stun duration.The Supreme Accuser judges the target, punishing them for their use of beneficial effects with ??% increased Attack and ??% increased Stun duration.
Scarlet WitchVeil of FortuneCritical HitsWhenever a Critical Hit occurs, x% chance manipulates the outcome.Whenever a Critical Hit occurs for either player, there's a ??% chance the Scarlet Witch manipulates the outcome for her benefit.
Spider-ManSpider SenseWhen Attacked+x% DodgeIncreaed agility coupled with small stature and a sexith sense for imminent danger makes Spider-Man 15% more elusive.
Star-LordTacticianPassive+x% Attack with his Combo and Block Proficiency.As blows are exchanged, Star-Lord familiarizes with opponents' techniques, increasing Attack with his Combo count and Block Proficiency with theirs.
StormConduitSpecial Attacks+x% additional Critical Hit Damage per point of enemy Power.As Power surges and flows through her target, so do her bolts of lightning, dealing 100% additional Critical Hit Damage per point of enemy Power.
ThorRagnarokPassivex% more vulnerable targets for 'That Which Smashes'Dazing the Thunder God enfuriates him, while opponents dazed by the Thunder God become 46.6% more vulnerable targets for 'That Which Smashes'
VisionSynthesisPassivesynthesizing x power periodically during battle. The only known Synthezoid, the Vision is capable of synthesizing 80 power periodically during battle.
Winter SoldierTormentPassive+x% Attack for each instance of Bleed on Target.The Winter Soldier prolongs suffering with 10% increased Attack for each instance of Bleed on the target.
WolverineCellular RegenerationWhen AttackedHP recover +x% Health.Wolverine's natural healing factor accelerates, granting cumulative Regeneration with a fixed chance to recover ??% Health.