Marvel Contest of Champions Loading Screen Tips

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General Tips
Check back every day for new Event Quests with exclusive rewards!

The Stash stores gifts and excess inventory items. Be sure to collect them before they expire!

With great power comes great responsibility.

Battle Chips are only found in Versus mode. Use them to purchase exclusive Crystals.

There are six Champion Classes: Cosmic, Mutant, Mystic, Science, Skill, and Tech.

Each Champion Class is strong against another. Choose Class match-ups that give your Champions the advantage!

Rank Up
Use Catalysts to rank up your Champions! Catalysts are most commonly found in Event Quests.

1-Star and 2-Star Champions unlock new Special Attacks by Ranking Up!

In Quest Mode, your Champions’ health persists between fights. If a Champion’s health gets too low, use a Potion to heal them!

If one of your Champions is knocked out in a fight, use a Revive Potion to get them back on their feet!

When you find a Chest, you can’t open it until you complete the quest. Defeat the boss to claim your reward!

When you run out of Quest Energy, you can use an Energy Refill to get back into the action!

Stuck on a Quest? Upgrade your Champions to shift the odds in your favor!

Fully explore each Quest to receive bonus loot!

Out of Quest Energy? Try Versus Mode! You can take on other players and earn exclusive rewards.

In Quests, Gates block paths to greater rewards. You’ll need to have the right Champion in your team to unlock them.

In Quests, Potions and Revives can be used as soon as you find them!

Scout the path ahead on quests. You don’t want to run into enemies too powerful for your team. Come back later and crush them!

Getting and Upgrading Champions
Get new Champions by opening Crystals in the Crystal Vault!

Make your Champions more powerful by Upgrading them with ISO-8!

Class ISO-8 is more effective when used on a Champion of the same Class.

You’ll need Gold, ISO-8 and Catalysts to unlock the full potential of your Champions.

Some stats, like Critical Rate, are only increased by ranking up your Champion.

Combat Strategy Tips
Special Attacks deal devastating damage to your opponent!

Remember to Block! Blocking significantly reduces incoming damage.

You can use a Heavy Attack to break through your opponent’s block!

Some Special Attacks can trigger powerful Status Effects that give you the edge in the fight!

Bleed damage ignores Armor and Resistances, but some Champions do not bleed.

Critical Hits exploit weaknesses in opponents’ armor to deal massive damage!

Armor reduces damage from attacks, but watch out for Armor Break reducing your Armor!

Champions can activate Synergy Bonuses by teaming up with friends, teammates, rivals, and more!

Abilities that inflict Bleed or Armor Break are effective counters to armored Champions.

The Nullify ability instantly removes the target’s beneficial effects, such as Regeneration or Armor Up.

Special abilities, like Bleed or Regeneration, become more powerful when you Rank Up.

When Blocking, some Champions have a chance to Perfect Block, which reduces all incoming damage to zero!

Hero Rating represents the overall power level of your Champion, including any active bonuses.

In a fight, fill your Power Meter by taking and dealing damage. Save up Power to unleash devastating Special Attacks!

Some Champions’ attacks can Stun their opponents, rendering them unable to attack, block, or even move!

The Contest grants Mutant Champions a Class Bonus against Skill.
The Contest grants Science Champions a Class Bonus against Mystic.
The Contest grants Mystic Champions a Class Bonus against Cosmic.
The Contest grants Cosmic Champions a Class Bonus against Tech.
The Contest grants Skill Champions a Class Bonus against Science.
The Contest grants Tech Champions a Class Bonus against Mutant.

Watch out! If your opponent has a Class Bonus, you also receive a penalty.

Some Champions have the ability to Regenerate their Health during a fight.

Mix Light and Medium Attacks to create Combos!

Armor and Power Drain make Tech Champions effective against the high Special Damage of Mutant Champions.

Regenerative abilities common to Mutant Champions are effective against the Bleeding inflicted by Skill Champions.

Frequent Bleed damage from Skill Champions is effective against the high base attributes of Science Champions.

The high base attributes of Science Champions cannot be nullified or purged by Mystic Champions.

Many Mystic Champions are able to remove the status effects created by Cosmic Champions.

The status effects of Cosmic Champions are effective at bypassing the resistances of Tech Champions.

Some Champions are fully immune to certain status effects.

Alliance Related Information
Loyalty is earned by helping other Alliance members. Use Loyalty to purchase the Alliance Crystal at the Collector’s Vault.

Join an Alliance for access to chat, to receive help, and the ability to purchase the Alliance Crystal.

There is a limit to how much Loyalty can be earned in a day, but you can still help your Alliance!

Asking your Alliance for help while questing will award you with energy!

Asking your Alliance for help in Versus will reduce that Champion’s cooldown!

To ask your Alliance for help in Versus, the Champion must be out of stamina.

To ask your Alliance for help in Quests, you must be out of energy.

Swipe the chat window from side to side to easily change chat channels.

Tap on the help icon on each Champion in Versus Team Select to quickly ask your Alliance for help!

Join an Alliance to participate in exclusive Alliance Events and Arenas.

The Alliance Treasury holds resource donations from it’s members. Treasury funds are used to start Alliance Quests.

Alliance Energy isn’t used up when travelling down a path that another player has visited.

Fights in Alliance Quests are locked to one player. Any damage dealt persists, so deal as much damage as possible!

In Alliance Quests, defeat bosses on Linked and Global nodes to make fights easier for your allies!

The fee to start an Alliance Quest grows based on the Alliance’s size and power, but so do the rewards.

Prestige represents Alliance Quest difficulty and score potential. Win Alliance Quests to earn more score!

Use communication and strategy on Alliance Quests. Work as a team to fully explore each one!

Is an ally stuck in an Alliance Quest? Send them an item to help them on their way!

Alliance Quests limit the number of items that can be used per quest. Carefully choose which items you use!

Alliance Quests last a set amount of time, even if the final boss is defeated.

Even with superpowers, Champions may only adventure through one Quest at a time. Try different teams to succeed in both Story and Alliance Quests.

Spectate Battlegroups to see their quest progress. Chat and help them strategize!

Activate Summoner Masteries to enhance your Champions. Access Masteries through the Summoner Profile.

Recover your Mastery Points as often as you’d like to create optimal setups for every game mode!

You can Duel another Summoner’s Top Champion from their Summoner Profile.

Duel Credits refresh daily and are used to challenge another Summoner’s Top Champion.

You can view your Duel Stats on your Profile page.