Marvel Avengers Alliance Ultimate Heroes Guide

This guide will teach you everything that you need to know about your Heroes in Marvel Avengers Alliance. Use this guide to understand the different kinds of heroes. Various links will be provided throughout this guide to help you understand the different aspects of the Marvel Avengers Alliance game. If you have found this guide helpful, please share them with you facebook friends and always remember to link back to us. Your links, references, likes, or google plus is our best support. Please also check out our list of Marvel Avengers Alliance guides.

In this guide, we will go through the various items that you will need to learn about your heroes. We will go through the various classes, the heroes stats growth and how they work in Marvel Avengers Alliance, we will touch upon the skills, and lastly the various boosts and combat strategies that you can achieve with different heroes in game.

Class Types of Heroes

The class types of Marvel Avengers Alliance can be broken down into the following types:
Generalist, Blaster, Bruiser, Scrappers, Infiltrator, and Tactician. These class all each have their specialties when attacked against the Marvel Avengers Alliance weakness classes. Typically speaking, you can categorize these MAA classes into the following categories based on their stats, skills, and strategic use in the game. We will go over the basic class diversification and summary below. However, for the strength and weakness system of one class versus another, please visit my linked post.

More details about different Heroes stats in relationship to agent level (stats growth) will be discussed after the Marvel Avengers Alliance class overview summary.

Marvel Blaster Class

The Marvel Avengers Alliance Blaster generally have the highest attack in game. They are the offensive type class that can deal massive damage to your enemies. However, they have the weakest stamina so it might be a good idea to boost them in terms of stamina to ensure their continuous fire throughout the MAA battle.

Marvel Bruiser Class

Bruisers are labeled with Shield icon. This means that they are meant to be a tank class with the highest health boost. They have strong life health and defenses compared to all the other classes. The Bruisers have decent stats growth in attack, however they are extremely weak in Accuracy and evade. Because of such, they have the ability to absorb incoming Marvel Avengers Alliance damage in battle, while they may miss quite a bit and never really able to dodge any attacks.

Marvel Scrapper Class

The scrappers are a generalist class that do not have any specific in stats growth. They are a well balanced class however tend to be weaker towards the evasion stats category.

Marvel Infiltrator Class

The Infiltrators are the assassin type class in the game. They have the highest stat growth in Stamina, Accuracy, and Evade. However, they have below average life and attack.

Marvel Tactician Class

Tactician classes have higher accuracy, and good attack, defense, and evade. However, their life and stamina is on the weaker side.

Marvel Avenger Alliance Heroes Stats (Aka Stat Growth)

How does Heroes Stat Work

All the heroes in Marvel Avengers Alliance have hidden stat growth values. These values are based upon the agent that you control. This means that the higher level agent that you have, the stronger your heroes will be because of these hidden stat values. The stat growth is based upon the base value of your agent, and does not take into account of any weapons, uniforms, or ISO-8 boosts. Therefore, to get a stronger heroes team, you will need to level up your main agent as fast as possible.

Depending on your heroes, they can get a base percentage of your agent’s stats. These stats growth or boost are either 130%, 120%, 110%, 100%, or 90%. For example: If your agent has 300 Life, then your hero with a 130% stat growth will be boosted by your agent’s life 300*130% = 390 health points.

Heroes Stats Growth Listing

Below is a complete table of all heroes stats, you can sort the list, and search for your heroes. With this chart, you can quickly figure out the relativeness weakness of your Hero, and make educated decisions about equipping, strengthening your Heroes with ISO-8’s. The general type of stats that these heroes fall into have already been explained in the previous section of this Marvel Avengers Alliance guide. However, we will provide the average boosts that these heroes have to help you better compare them relatively.

Iron ManBlaster100%100%120%120%110%100%108.33%
Ms. MarvelBlaster110%90%130%120%100%90%106.67%
Dr. StrangeBlaster100%90%130%90%130%100%106.67%
Human TorchBlaster110%110%110%100%120%110%110%
Alternate Form
Alternate Form
Alternate Form
Captain America
Alternate Form
Iron FistScrapper110%110%110%100%110%120%110%
Luke CageScrapper120%110%110%120%110%90%110%
Alternate Form
Black WidowInfiltrator100%120%100%100%120%130%111.67%
Invisible WomanInfiltrator100%110%110%100%120%120%110%
Black CatInfiltrator90%130%90%110%130%130%113.33%
Kitty PrydeInfiltrator90%130%90%110%120%130%111.67%
Alternate Form
Mr. FantasticTactician90%130%90%130%130%110%113.33%
War MachineTactician130%90%130%110%100%100%110%
Captain AmericaTactician110%110%110%110%110%110%110%
Iron Man
Alternate Form
Black Widow
Alternate Form
Alternate Form


Leveling Up aka Training of Your Marvel Heroes

You can train your heroes to unlock additional skills as well as their ISO-8 slots. Once you have picked your heroes, you will need to fully train them for them to max out their combat effectiveness. Refer to the Marvel Avengers Alliance Hero Training EXP and requirement chart. Once you have trained your heroes, they will earn additional remote op bonuses as well as skill slots.

Below is the various special hero training bonuses that get unlocked as you train them.
Level 1: Skill #1
Level 2: Skill #2
Level 3: Iso-8 Slot #1
Level 4: Iso-8 Slot #2
Level 5: Iso-8 Slot #3
Level 6: Skill #3
Level 7: Iso-8 Slot #4
Level 8: Iso-8 Slot #5
Level 9: Skill #4
Level 10: Iso-8 Slot #6
Level 11: Iso-8 Slot #7
Level 12: Iso-8 Slot #8

Marvel Avengers Alliance Heroes Skills Overview

In the next section of the Heroes skill and special stats analysis. We will break them into various classes. Please check back for additional information! More guides are being written and worked on right now.

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