Marvel Avengers Alliance Customized Weapon Guide

The Customized Weapon tag in Marvel Avengers Alliance is the latest technology addition to the game. We will go over some basic concept about this new Customized Weapon and how you can take advantage of this new addition in Marvel Avengers Alliance. If you have found this guide helpful, please for sure to check out our list of Marvel Avengers Alliance guides.

What is Customized Weapon Tag

The Customized Weapon tag is listed with those weapons that are customized. The customized weapons are weapons that have fixed power levels that are scaled based on your agent level. The higher level of your Marvel Avengers Alliance agent, the stronger the customized weapons will be for you.

How to Take Advantage of Customized Weapon

Your customized weapons will shine based on the level of your agent. Typically, your agent will have to be roughly 100+ in most cases for customized weapons to excel. This is because most of the higher level weapon drops are more rare and harder to get. This offset of power is based on the Marvel Avengers Alliance Weapon Power level.

Is Customized Weapons Worthwhile

In general, the customized weapons are only worthwhile if you get them as you play along. Spending gold for these items are not worthwhile because they will quickly become outdated as your agent levels up. However, for collection’s purpose, you should still consider purchasing the Customized Weapons simply because of them can be rare and limited time only.

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