Marvel Avengers Alliance Black Panther Guide

Black Panther is the latest Marvel Avengers Alliance Heroes addition. In this guide, we will go over some basic information about this new hero that you can recruit. If you have found this guide useful, please check our other Marvel Avengers Alliance guides. Please feel free to leave any comments if we have missed anything, please remember to link back to us if you decide to share our guides with other MAA players. Thank you.

MAA Black Panther Cost and Basic

The Black Panther costs 90 CP to recruit. The Black Panther has a passive skill:
Woven Vibranium:
Chance when melee’d to take half damage and dizzy attacker.

MAA Black Panther Skills

You can unlock the following skills as you level up your MAA heroes.

Level 1: Anti-metal Claws
2 hits, Single target, Type : Vibranium slashing melee
Ignore Defense : Damage ignores enemy’s defense stat . Attacks penetrate shield statuses
Bleeding: 4 Turns, this effect can be applied 5 times.
Heart of the Panther: Grant Black Panther: the heart of panther. Increase Accuracy by 50% that lasts 3 turns.
No cooldown.

Level 2: Wakanden Arts
2 hits, Single target, Type : Unarmed Melee
Exploits bleed: deals extra damage against bleeding targets
Eye of the Panther: Grant black panther the eye of the panther. Increase evasion by 50% that lasts 3 turns.
No cooldown.

Level 6: Panther Stance
Buff. 3 rounds.
Panther Stance: Increase attack and defense
Rage of the Panther: Transform heart of the panther into rage of the panther. Increase accuracy. Add follow up attack.
Guile of the Panther: Transforms eye of the panther into guile of the panther. Increase evasion. Add counter attack.

Level 9: Viberanium Daggers
1 hits, Single target, Type : Slashing Vibranium
Remove beneficial buffs effects from target.
Stun mechanical targets for one turn.

Team-Up Score bonuses

When you team up with Black Cat or Kitty Pryde, you can gain additional Marvel Avengers Alliance mastery score bonuses when you complete the scenes.
Cat Fight: 50

When you team up with Wolverine / Black Cat / Sif, the following bonus is gained.
Bloodlust: 50

Potential ISO Buildings

Build 1:
4 x 116 health/23 attack
4 x Chaotics

Build: 2:
8 x Attack ISO

Good MAA Hero Team Combinations

Consider team Black Panther up with other MAA bleeders to take advantage of the extra damage on bleeding effects. Black Panther’s debuff skill is pretty versatile to be used in most of the situations.