How to Make Gold Coins Easy | Castle Empire / Settlers Online

Gold Coins are important later on in game to upgrade all of your production buildings. This guide will teach you everything that you need to learn about how to make and gain more gold coins in Castle Empire / Settlers Online. Read more of my Castle Empire guides if you have found this Gold Earning guide helpful in your Castle Empire game play.

We will go through every methods in the game to help you advance further and make more gold.

Gold Coins from Quest
Explorers Find Gold Coins through Treasure Search
Gain Gold Coins as Adventures Rewards
Use Your Gems Wisely

Gold Coins from Quest

The first way that you will get coins from are through the Castle Empire quests. Some of the later quest chains will give you gold coins as rewards so that you can hire the specialist. And after you advance to the level only quests, the gold coins are typically given to you as rewards in Settlers Online.

Use Specialist Find Gold Coins through Treasure Search

When you first start in the game of Castle Empire, you will reach the point where you will have to use these specialists in game to unlock and progress through additional Castle Empire game features. This guide will help you to understand everything that you need to know about the Castle Empire specialists including the general, explorer, and geologist.

After you have constructed the Castle Empire Tavern, with certain level up’s, you will be able to recruit and hire Castle Empire specialists for a price, below are what you pay for them.

General: 200 Gold Coins
Explorer: 800 Gold Coins
Geologist: 300 Gold Coins

Castle Empire Generals
After you have hired and recruited the General. You will have to setup a Garrison for the general to march the troops from. It should be noted that you should send the general to as close as the Enemy camps as possible to lower the troop marching time.

When you click in the Castle Empire Garrison, you will see a unit screen where you can assign your trained Castle Empire troops. Use the scroller to add or remove troops under your General’s command.

After you have assigned the troops to your garrisons under general’s command. You can send out your troops for attack, simply choose the attack function and click on the enemy camp. It should be noted that you should select camps closest to you so that you will not get hit by other enemies on the way.

Transferring of your units can be done when you have multiple generals with different garrisons. Lastly, retreat function will bring your entire combat troops back to your garrison.

Under the Star Menu, you can quickly view the numbers of units under your general’s command by hovering the mouse over your Castle Empire general.

Castle Empire Explorer
There are a couple Explorer functions that you can use in game. They are useful in gather adventure maps as well as explore sectors. Below are more details of what Castle Empire Explorers do in game.

Castle Empire starting island is divided into many sectors. You must send out your explorer to explore in order to clear out all the foggy areas.

There are various time lengths on where you can send out your Castle Empire explorer on treasure hunts. You will gain certain materials by sending these explorers out. Below are a list of items and time for each of the treasure hunts.

Quick Treasure Hunt:
Requires Level 10
6 Hours
Loots: Stone, Fir Wood, Marble

Medium Length Treasure Hunt:
Requires Level 20

Long Treasure Hunt:
Requires Level 32

Very Long Treasure Hunt:
Requires Level 42

Castle Empire Geologist
The geologist is used to refresh the mineral resources that you use in game. Below are the times that it take for the Geologist to search for the different minerals.

Castle Empire Geologist Mine Searching Time:
Stone: 4 Minutes
Copper: 10 Minutes
Marble: 30 Minutes, Level 17
Iron: Level 18
Gold: 4 Hours, Level 23
Coal: Level 22
Titanium: Level 52
Granite: Level 52
Saltpedre: Level 52

Minting Gold Coins Yourself

After you have reached level 23 in Castle Empire, you will have the ability to construct Gold Mines, Gold Smelter, and Coinage. With this and proper Castle Empire buffs, you will be able to turn a profit from coin minting with the Gold Mines.

Obtain Gold Coins via Battle Loot

You can get coins from winning battles in the Battle field with your generals attacks. Depending on the strength and difficulties of the enemy camps, you may receive differing amount of Gold coins by chance.

Gain Gold Coins as Adventures Rewards

Running Adventures is a fun way in Castle Empire to gain rewards as well as leveling up. Below is a complete guide on everything that you need to know about Castle Empire adventure system from how to obtain adventures, to the strategies and tips on how to beat these Castle Empire Adventures. You can invite friends to join your Castle Empire adventures if the adventures allow the you to.

Obtaining Adventure Maps
You can obtain Castle Empire adventures by sending out your Explore to obtain the adventures. Depending on the length of the explore that you send your Castle Empire explorer to, you will have different chance at obtaining varying length and difficulty of adventures available in game.

You have a couple options of time to send out your Castle Empire Explorer. The options are following as well as their costs, the longer Castle Empire explorer adventure hunts will give you higher level adventures. However, there is a chance that you can get either the adventures themselves or the adventure map fragments.

Short Adventure hunt
24 hours – 10 Gold and 50 Sausages
Medium Adventure hunt
36 hours – 30 Gold and 150 Sausages
Long Adventure hunt
48 hours – 60Gold and 350 Sausages

However, it should be noted that Castle Empire Savage Scout lowers the search time by half.

Purchase with Gems
You can visit the trader and obtain some of the adventures from that selection. You will have to pay some money or combine the Castle Empire adventure map fragments to obtain the adventures themselves. Most of the adventure however has to be bought with Gems.

Adventure Map Trade
You can also obtain the Castle Empire Adventure maps by trading them with friends. However, only the adventure map fragments can be traded globally in game.

Start the Castle Empire Adventure
You can start the CEO adventure mission by clicking the adventure map in your star menu. You can start the adventure to clicking on “Start Adventure” within the star menu. During this, you can check the details for the certain Castle Empire Adventures that you are working on. Then, you will have to change the view of your friend list to view all. The active adventure will be available to be seen within your friend list bar.

Castle Empire General and Adventure
You can send armies along with your general like normally by clicking on the adventure on your friend list. You can send multiple generals each with their group of units to the adventure map which takes a while to arrive. However, once arrived your Castle Empire general will build a garrison on the adventure map.

To reinforce your troops inside an adventure map, you must send your general back to your home base in order to obtain more troops. While your general is at home to recruit troops, your troops on the adventure map will remain in place to wait for your Castle Empire general.

While on the adventure map, you can swap the units between your units to the general of your choice.

Adventure Rewards and Failure
Depending on the different adventures, the rewards differ differently upon completion. You can find the Castle Empire adventure rewards in your message in box after you complete the mission.

If you fail a adventure by either aborting it or fail to complete on time, your troops will return home along with your general. You will not receive any adventure rewards, however you will receive any EXP points obtain during battle.

Trade To Earn More Gold Coins

To trade effectively in Castle Empire, you must have some understanding of how basic trading works online in game. In this guide, I will go into specifics on how you can make money and gold with trading on Castle Empire Online.

Storage Spaces for Trading
Your job before you start really trading, is to build and upgrade enough storage houses so that you can house the number of resources that you want to trade for. Without storage, you will not be able to play around with your resources and making money. If you want to treat it like a business, you must have enough spaces to house your raw materials.

Trading for resources is an important aspect of the game in Castle Empire Online. This guide will teach you everything that you need to know about trading for resources and how to take the full advantage of it. If you like this guide, please check out my other Castle Empire / Settlers Online guides.

Start Trading in Castle Empire
To start trading in Castle Empire online, you first need to build a Branch Office before you can trade in game. You can either build it directly after you reach level 16 or you can build it faster by purchasing a Branch Office Deed. However you should just wait for the level instead of purchasing them with gems because there are better things to buy with your Castle Empire gems.

Accessing Castle Empire Trading Screen
Once you have built the CEO branch office, you can access the trading screen via the chat screen. Click on “Trade” Tab and you will a list of all available trades in game that you can partake. On the trade screen, you can see what people are “offering” and what you will need to provide to complete the trade.

Trading Directly with People
To trade directly with a certain player, you will have to add them as friend before you can trade.

What is Stack
A stack in Castle Empire trading screen is 400 of one resource. Usually the lower end materials such as Fish and water are traded by stack.

Popular Trading Items
Some of the popular trading items are weapons, gold coins, and building materials.

Gold Coins the Common Currency
Gold Coins are the common currency in game, you can practically trade everything with gold coins. Because of their worth, you can trade all the resources via gold coins.

Good Deal or Bad Deal
To understand whether or not your are getting good deal on your trades, your first stop should be scanning through the entire trade list to check if there are discrepancies. If you are in need of a certain Castle Empire resource, another person might trade them for less cost than the others. If you really need a certain resource to continue building, scan through the list.

Trading for profit is another game, you will need to dig into the ingame economy of how fast certain resources are generated. One good place to start is to check other online Castle Empire resource calculators by doing a simple google search. However, you should always keep a sharp mind instead of blindly following the trade calculators. The in game economy is dynamic and the cost of trading really depends on the resources that all the players on the server are building. By blindly following the advices of trading calculators can lead to loss of your trades.

Take Advantage of Your Own Economy
Trading is a great way to plug any holes that you may have with your production train. Trading well can actually improve the overall function of your Castle Empire economy. Do you have too much of one resource but need another? Trade them away for the resources that you need to continue building. Although your goal in Castle Empire building is to create a self-sustained production chain that your settlers can keep bringing you the resources that you need. However, by focusing your resource production with certain items, can make you a leader in trading of that certain Castle Empire resource.

Make Money in Trading
To make money in trades of Castle Empire, your goal is really to buy low and sell high. Have a standard of how much you will take an offer, and turn around to trade those materials for a profit. For example, if you paid 15 gold coins for a stack of 400 hardwood, go ahead and turn around to trade away 400 hardwood for 20 coins.

Supply and Demand
First of all, you have to understand that trading in any game or economy is all about supply and demand. If you sell something in high demand, you will earn more profit. However, if you sell something in ample supply, you will expect to make less money. Your first task before your start of the Castle Empire Online trading day is by going through the trade offer list to see the items that everyone wants, but not many people are selling.

Spread Trading for Profit in Castle Empire
It is all about getting the most of your trades, if you have placed trades in CEO, you will know that sometimes people will typically pay more for items that they need. Yet sometimes people sell cheap for the items that you no longer need or have excess of. This is where you come in to take a profit out of the trading posts.

I will use a simple basic Gold Coin versus Bronze Sword. You will sometimes see people selling the swords for 16 gold coins, however, people will pay you usually 20~24 gold coins if you place an offer. This is valid at the time of writing, but in-game online economy changes over time depending on the player behavior. With this example, you will be able to make 4 gold coins for every trade that your process through.

Time of Trading Online
Time of trading matters to in game, when there are not many online users, the spread tend to be bigger, however it is harder for your trades to go through because people do not need your stocks. So it is a double edged sword, you can aim for bigger profits at weird playing hours, and little but frequent profits when most people are playing such as 7 p.m. for example.

Whole and Retail Trading
With the amount of resources in mind, sometimes you can sell not full stack of materials and get more profits. This happens because sometimes people do not have enough gold or other resources to accept your trade. What you do is to buy full material stacks, and break them up to sell at a profit.

Prey on Mistakes
Castle Empire Online is a game of trading, people and players make mistakes. It could be its late, or some other scrolling errors. People put on wrong trades all the time, try to see if you can search through them and make profit out of it.

Setup Trading Traps for Other Players
You can also setup really bad trades for other people to step into. However this is not really nice and is frowned upon in game. In addition, some occasional trades may really put you into a profitable side, yet for the long term economy of the game, you should try to always setup reasonable trades for the entire marketplace.

Avoid Making Trading Mistakes in Castle Empire Online
Similarly to preying on and setting up trading traps, you need to avoid making the mistakes in the first place. Always think your online trades through before putting the offer. You can lose all of your gold trading by making one big mistake.

Power of Raw Material and Buff
Another powerful tool because of trading is that you can purchase the raw materials. By combining raw material and using buffs, you will be able to make definite profit out of every trades.

Effective Material Gathering Rate
With all things said, your time is a valuable resource too that you should think about. It might be more profitable for you if you place better trades that go through, than no profit at all. If you cannot gather the material fast enough, the traded materials cannot uphold your own economy. So always place good trades that can be overall profitable for you after your own personal production.

By applying some or all of these Castle Empire Online trading strategies, you will be able to make more money, gold, and improve your economy. Good luck and see you in game.

Use Your Gems Wisely

Using gems can propel your Castle Empire building speed by many times, below is a guide on what you should spend your dollars on for the gems that you purchase in Castle Empire. In a nutshell, the best use of gems are the uses under the Architecture tab where these spending can grant you additional buildings or more efficient buildings. The buildings can help you build more and generate more resources in Castle Empire. Below is a complete list of these gem uses in game.

10 Building Licenses
This is probably the best purchase of Gems in Castle Empire for your money. By having more buildings, you have more room to build more production buildings and resource buildings. This means that you will have an easier time to manage around your empire for the best economy possible.

Castle Empire Noble Residences
This is another gem purchase that can save your building licenses for other uses. The noble residences can boost your population further. The extra Castle Empire population is needed later in game to train enough troops for Castle Empire adventures.

Other Time Saving Buildings
There are some other good purchases with gems such as the Silo, the Watermill. The silo can help you with the wheat fields and water mill can prevent you from having to build numerous wells. If you do not play often and you have a high level Castle Empire, building these time saving Castle Empire Trader architect buildings may your best bet.