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Character Information
Generic Game Play Tips
Adventuring Tips
Icy Peaks and Icy Castle


Getting started in a new game is fun. Legends: Rise of a Hero is a fun Midcore game that incorporates RPG and minor city building elements. In this guide, we will guide you through some major points in the game. Please feel free to leave comments. Please share this guide with your friends too if you have found it helpful.

Character Information

Basic Class Information
At the time of writing, once you pick a character, you cannot change your Hero’s class. The game offers three classes: Warrior, Ranger, and Wizard. Depending on the class that you have chosen, you will need to focus on the different stats.

Strength: Increases warrior damage and attack rating number for all classes.
Dexterity: Increases Ranger damage and evade probability for all classes.
Intelligence: Increases wizard damage and hit chance for all classes.
Luck: Increases critical hit chance.

Note for attack rating, higher attack rating gives you closer to 100% of optimal damage output.

Remember to Use Your Character Stats
When you level up, you will gain some character stats.
Warrior – Str.
Ranger – Dex.
Wizard – Int.

By using your stats every time you level, you make sure you get the most out of them.

It is all About Gears
The Legends: Rise of a Hero offers plenty of gears for you. In general, you want the gears that boost your attack. You will need to take into consideration of both “damage” and stats boost. Sometimes the gear with higher damage might deal less damage because of weak stats boost. Test around to see which one is the best. In addition, there are Racial boosts for certain gears that deal additional damage to certain monster races.

Strategy and Team Members
In the tavern, you can “hire” friends to party with you. Although their stats are nerfed when they party, they are still essential for you to pass through hard stages. It should be further noted that some monsters have weaknesses toward certain attacks, which makes it really worthwhile to hire friends of different class.

Generic Game Play Tips

Make the Most Out of Energy
Like most of the social games, your primary limit is your Energy. Energy is needed to do most of the actions required for questing. In addition, you will spend energy to harvest materials for building and crafting. When you are going to be afk, always make sure you use up all of your energy. You will never have enough stones, woods, and other items.

Make More Gold
Gold is essential in the game to help you build more buildings as well as crafting materials. For example, you will need quite a bit of gold to craft Icy Travel Stone as the key to get into Icy Peak. Build a healthy amount of housings to ensure you have a good stream of Gold without monster grinding too much.

Castle: Yield more coins.
Weaponshop: Unlock higher level gears when you reach the appropriate levels.

On a side note, the trees and rocks typically regen after a couple of days. To ensure that you have enough materials to construct buildings, you should start chopping and mining the trees often to make the most of both your energy and natural resource regen.

Do Your Quests
Legends: Rise of a Hero has good straight forward quests that help you to advance in the game. Make sure you follow them whenever necessary – especially the crafting quests so that you do not waste your materials. Your best bet is to focus your energy and time on the quests. Quest offer great gold money rewards as well as best amount of XP for leveling up.

If you are having trouble finding some of the items in the game, this section of our guide will help you.

Hot Ember: At the campfire when you first enter the map in Goblin Fall.
Mandrake Root: You can get it from the farm in Goblin falls, then you can plant it in your village from Store and then Farm.
Old Mans Ring: This is a small mini game inside the cave, you will have to play “getting hotter/colder” game with the person.
Alpha’s Journal: Defeat Xorn in Forsaken cave.
Bloodwood: This particular item is needed for higher level upgrades. They will be available in Icy peaks in the future update.

Adventuring Tips

Watch Your Health
Your health is another limiting factor in Legends: Rise of a Hero. When you run out of HP, you will die against enemies. So you would rather take it slow and wait for regen sometimes if you run out of HP. Never fight battles that you know you will die from. Your Health is key to keeping you alive in Legends: Rise of a Hero.

Throughout the game, you can craft or get stats enhancing potions. Save them and only use them for situations that you have a hard time. By using potions in hard caves and dungeons, you will have an easier time of passing them.

Be Careful About Farming
The farming for gold has been nerfed in the game. You will no longer make a profit by farming seeds. However, you will still need to farm to craft the various potions in the game. In most of the higher level situations, you will need stats boosting potions to pass through the stages.

The Beauty of One Shot Kill
When you have enough weapon and damage output, grind a bit against monsters that you can kill in one shot. These are good kills because they will not damage your HP much, while you can gain some XP and gold at the same time. You want to grind for Legends: Rise of a Hero when you can one shot kill enemies.

How to Defeat Most of the Bosses
For most of the boss fights, your hero most likely cannot take the damage by themselves. Thus, you will have to use hit and run tactics to make sure how you can beat the bosses like Xorn.

Warrior: Charge with Shield slam, stun, hit, and run for cooldown.
Ranger: Net, poison, hit and run.
Wizard: Fire ball, Ice block, and Chain lightning while running away from the boss.

Icy Peaks and Icy Castle

Unlocking Icy Peaks
To unlock the your ability to get into Icy Peaks, you will have to do some preparation work. Below are the steps:
1. Build a mystical forge for 1500 gold.
2. Craft the Icy Travel stone which takes 24 hours. You only need this stone once to unlock Icy Peaks content. Two materials are needed: 8 Sapphire, 40 Blood, and 5000 gold.
Sapphire can be obtained via Mining.
Blood can be obtained via killing enemies.

To enter Icy Peaks, you have two routes to do so:
You can either enter via Forsaken Caves 3 or Goblins Falls. However it is recommended for you to go through Goblin Falls to avoid fighting Xorn in Forsaken Cave. The two entrances have minor difference in your starting position on Icy Peak, however they do not differ by much.

Icy Peaks Strategy
Icy Peaks is a content designed when you have reached level 12+. This is because some of the crafting materials are dropped for level 12 gears. However, with high level party members, the Icy Peaks can be beaten with at least level 10+.

If you are finding the enemies too hard, farm and craft a couple of potions to boost your stats. Every bit of stats gain helps you to finish the game. Lastly, if the game is still hard, try to get a few levels in the content before Icy Peaks before you continue. However, it should be stressed that strategy and timing is key to winning the game. Consider changing party members and get in certain positions.

For the trolls when you enter Icy Peaks, focus on killing the Trollin first.
The standard hit and run strategy still applies in addition to having party members. Some of the best strategy is to mob the monsters while your party members gradually killing them.

Enter Icy Castle
The Icy Castle is designed to be roughly level 15+ for you to complete. However, with proper gears that you can obtain from Icy Peaks, you may be able to beat it at level 13+.

You will need frozen travel stone to get into the castle as well as an Ice Throne key.

More information will be added as we play through the game as well.


Legends: Rise of a Hero Game Play Guide — 7 Comments

  1. Renu on said:

    i’m level 15 i cannot defeat the frost king what can i do?

    • Anonymous on said:

      is best you make some potions

  2. Simona on said:

    i’m level 7 and i cannot access caves. Why?
    Thank you for your answer.

  3. MICHAEL M on said:


  4. peg wilson on said:

    I defeated zorn as a wizard. Things are slightly different based on your class. I brought in my party the two highest in damage level. Defeating him is a lot like defeating the golems. You hit zorn and move to other side of the cave. When he pounds the ground with his fists, blast him again. I have since been able to bypass fighting zorn by sneaking through the gates without firing on him; this works for when you are trying to get to icy peaks without too much damage to yourself, Hope I helped…good luck.

  5. kevin fernandez on said:

    how do you beat zorn in the level three caves i have tried and tried and tried to beat him with no luck whatsoever and i have read all the tips and suggestions that i can find!! also where do you find adamantite as i cannot find it anywhere and what do i need to craft the icy travel stone these are questions that i just cant seem to get!! and it is so frustrating especially seeing as how much i like playing the game and just cant seem to get anywhere at all!! zorn just seems to pummel me every single time i go up against him!! and no matter where i look i cant find any adamantite at all any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ….thank you

    • suzanne on said:

      He’s slow run around and hit him..use fleetness potion if needed

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