League of Angels Erebus Quiz Answer

In League of Angels, you have the Erebus Quiz that you take everyday for additional items. Use this simple table look up tool to help you solve the answer. Simply type in part of the question in the search box to pull out the list of answers.

Erebus Quiz QuestionsQuiz Answers
Which northwestern state has the towns of Starbuck , Walla Walla , Port Angeles , and Olympia ?Washington
I am in a state with beautiful peach orchards and many Civil War battlefields . I have passed through Macon , Augusta , Peachtree City , and Marietta . What state am I in ?Georgia
Which state do Missoula , Whitefish , Big Fork and Butte call home ?Montana
Which state includes Atlantic City and the towns of Somerville , Tenafly , Springfield , and Hoboken ?New Jersey
Which midwest farmland state includes New Salem , Springfield , Metropolis , and Champaign ?Illinois
Which Mississippi state - called " America's Heartland " - is home to Amana , Fort Dodge and Dubuque ?Iowa
In which midwest state is Springfield , St.Joseph , Creve Coeur , and Cape Girardeau based ?Missouri
Which ' four corners ' state is home to Alamogordo , Taos , Truth or Consequences and Mescalero ?New Mexico
Which state - named after a European Monarch - has town called Lafayette , Lake Charles and Bogalusa ?Louisiana
Which state on the Canadian border is home to Coeur d'Alene , Downey , Idaho Falls and Pocatello ?Idaho
What is the largest landlocked country in the world ?Kazakhstan
Which is the world's largest port according to volume ?Shanghai
Superheroes have fought the Kree , The Skrull , and aliens from other galaxies . What's our galaxy called ?The Milky Way
In 1997 , who became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom ?Tony Blair
Each country taking part in the Olympics has a 3 letter code . Which is NOT an Olympic county code ?BBC
Medals are awarded for first , second , and third places in Olympic events . What are these medal called ?Gold , Silver and Bronze medals
Which children's television show are following names from : Donatello , Splinter Leonardo , & Raphael ?Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
What is the name of the organ in our bodies that pumps blood ?Heart
Where am i if i am in the largest city in Africa eating baklava , watching feluccas sail up to Nile ?Cairo
What is capital of Angola ?Luanda
I am very much like orange . I am the same color but a little bit smaller Tangerine
Officer paper is typically sold in packs of 500 sheets . What is this pack called ?Ream
If you are " intestate " , what don't you have ?A will
Midori , " verde " , " vert " , and " gruen " all translate to what English word ?Green
What is the last letter of the Greek alphabet ?Omega
In New York City , on which is street is the New York Stock Exchange ?Wall Street 
What agency of the United States Department of Defense is responsible for the creation and development of new military technology ?DARPA
I'm standing under the ' Brandenburger Tor ' , its ' Weihnachten ' it's snowing , and smell of ' Apfel Strudel ' fill the air . Which country am i in ?Germany
Where was the United States capital located during most of George Washington's two terms as President ?Philadelphia
Which word best describes the union of two political parties with the aim of having sufficient combined elected members to form a government ?Coalition
What biological family does the alpaca belong to ?Camelidae
What are the main reason to domesticate alpacas ?For their wool and meat 
On average , how long does a healthy alpaca live ?20 years
An alpaca's gestation period is approximately the same length as which of the other animal ?Horse
If i decided to take a Caribbean Cruise which one of these island nations would i NOT be able to visit ?Tahiti
If i told you i was going to watch the Daytona 500 in person , to which American state would i be traveling ?Florida
To which of the following countries will i need to travel to if i wish to see the prehistoric hill figure known as the Uffington White Horse ?England
To which continent am i going if i have decided to visit the Ellsworth Mountains , Queen Maud Land , and Deception Island ?Antarctica
I'm on a river cruise , visiting Vienna , Budapest , and Bratislava . Which river am I gliding down ?Danube
To which Asian country am i traveling if i am going to visit the Forbidden City ?China
If i decided that i wanted to go visit Bondi Beach ( one of the most beautiful beaches in the world ) , to which country would i be traveling ?Australia
Which of the following methods will i be most likely to use if i want to make the trek up to mountain to see the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru ?Take a tour bus
To which Canadian Province will i be going if i tell you i am off to see the Calgary Stampedes ?Alberta
What is the capital of Scotland ?Edinburgh
Which does NOT have an even number for its square root ?81
What is the largest continent in the world ?Asia
Which is NOT a primary color ?Orange
What is the highest mountain on earth above sea level ?Mt. Everest
Which of the following is NOT a key on a standard keyboard ?Repeat
Which of these fruits grows on a vine ?Grapes
If a woman gives birth to triplets , how many babies does she have ?3
This musical instrument has four strings , is usually made of the wood from a spruce tree , and is played with a bow generally made from horsehair . What is this musical instrument called ?Violin
This musical instrument usually has white and black keys as well as having two or more pedals . What is the name of this musical instrument ?Piano 
Which brass instrument is played by blowing into the mouthpiece and has 3 buttons that change the sound ?Trumpet
This musical instrument is a member of the percussion family . It is played by striking wooden bars with a mallet . What is its name ?Xylophone
This instrument can often be found in a rock band . The instrument usually has six strings and uses an amplifier to make the sound louder . What is the name of this instrument ?Electric Guitar
Which percussive instrument is played by striking a stretched skin with a stick , such as ' bongos ' ?Drums
Which woodwind instrument is played by blowing into a mouthpiece , and has twenty or more tone holes ?Saxosphone
When the Israelite's journeyed for 40 years to the promised land , God promised what would NOT wear out ?Clothes and shoes
Which of these living things does NOT have a backbone ?Earthworm
Which of these is't a fruit ? I am found underground , can be made into fries and can also be baked ?Potato
Which Irish instrument consists of many strings which are plucked by the hands of the musician ?Harp
Which mountain has the highest altitude in the world ?Mt. Cook
Which European city was divided by a wall , separating capitalism in the west from communism in the east ?Berlin
If the moon is full , what shape is it in the sky ?Circle
Which disciple did not want Jesus to wash his feet at the Last Supper ?Peter
Daredevil is blind but uses sound to ' see ' objects , like sonar . What else uses sonar ?Bats and submarines
There are many different sports at the Olympic games , which of these is an official event at the modern Summer Olympic Games ?Swimming
Which ocean has the largest area ?Pacific
Which is the longest river in the world ?Nile
The amazing X-Men's powers come from genetic mutations. Mutations from a part of what process ?Evolution
Which of the following instrument is a member of the strings family ?Cello
Which country has the largest oil reserves ?Saudi Arabia
What is the name of the invisible line that runs right around the Earth's middle , dividing it into two halves ?The Equator
How often do the Summer Olympic Games take place ?Every 4 years
The Flash runs very fast but according to science , there's something that's even faster . What's that ?Light
You can find me up a palm tree . I am brown on the outside and white on the inside . I am very hard , and i sometimes fall on people's heads .Coconut
On September 11th , 2001 , many died in NYC from terrorist attack . Which building was involved ?World Trade Center
What happens if you melt something ?It changes from a solid to a liquid
If i dissolve sugar in water what have i made ?A solution ( in game answer - solvent)
Up to and including the 2012 Olympic games , which city has hosted the Olympic games more that once ?London , UK
I am a shiny fruit and you can find me in red and green colors . " An ___ a day keeps the doctor away " .Apple
Iron Man's armor can perform miracles . Many animals also have ' armor ' . What is such a skeleton called ?Exoskeleton 
Where would you find the historic temple of Angkor Wat ?Cambodia
In what religion was Jesus raised by his parents ?Jewish
Where was Paul on his way to when Jesus stopped him with a bright light , beginning the transformation of Paul's life ?Damascus
What is the capital of Turkey ?Ankara 
Which of these world capitals is also the largest city in its home country ?Tokyo
In 2008 the 29th Olympic games mainly took place in which Asian City ?Beijing
God created the whole world and everything in it , but who gave all the living creatures their names ?Adam
Which of the following island is not located in Europe ?Maldives
Peter Parker ( Spiderman ) has many spider-like abilities . What type of animal is a spider ?Arachnid
Saddam Hussein was the dictator of which Middle Eastern Country ?Iraq
Which athlete won the 110m hurdles at the Athene Olympics ?Liu Xiang
Who was the first male tennis player to win all four Grand Slams on three different surface ?Andre Agassi
When Violet from The Incredibles is visible , how do people see her ?Light bounces off of violet and into their eyes
In the '60's and '70's , many men were sent into space in the Apollo Missions . Where did they land ?Moon
Magneto's amazing powers can manipulate and use magnetic fields . What would be most affected by Magneto ?A steel paper clip
Roald Dahl wrote about a boy called James and his adventures on a flying fruit . The book is called , ' James and the Giant __ ' .Peach
Nelson Mandela is celebrated worldwide for fighting racism . Of which African country was he president ?South Africa
Which state has many Civil War battlefields and is home to Macon , Augusta , Peachtree City and Marietta ?Georgia
What is lighting made of ?Electricity
What was the name of the Princess of Wales who died in 1997 as the result of a car crash in Paris ?Diana
The modern Olympic Games were started by an organization called the IOC . What does IOC stand for ?International Olympic Committee
Olympic Games have one or more mascots . Which of these mascots is from the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics ?The Fuwa
Which of these is the hottest ?The Sun
Superman can fly . But what's the name of the natural force that keeps ordinary people down on earth ?Gravity
The Pharaoh would not let the Israelite's leave Egypt . Moses lead them out after 10 plagues were set down . What was the last plague ?Death of all the firstborn sons
I am bright red . I have all my seeds on the outside , and I am sometimes served with cream .Strawberry
I am purple-colored fruit . Little Jack Horner pulled me out of a Christmas pie !Plum
What is the name of the gas in the air that keeps us alive ?Oxygen
When and where did the original Ancient Olympic Games take place ?Over 2000 years ago in Ancient Greece
Tennis player eat me between games to keep nice and strong . I can also be found in pajamas !Banana
When Jesus was born , his mother , Mary , did not have a cradle , so she placed him elsewhere . Where ?Manger
The Cold War was a war of words and hostility mainly between USSR and which country ?USA
Which sport is an official event at the modern Summer Olympic Games ?Swimming
Jesus called upon Lazarus for a meal . Who was the lady who sat at his feet and listened to him talk ?Mary
The Olympic Flame is carried around the world to the Olympic host nation . Where does its journey begin ?Olympia in Greece 
I am bitter and a lovely shade of yellow . You can find me in a well known rhyme - " Oranges and ____ "Lemons
The Harmonica is a small instrument made from plastic and metal , how do you play it ?With your mouth