Archer Guide | KingsRoad

With three classes currently available in KingsRoad, it is hard to determine the right skills to use for your class. In this archer guide, we will go over some builds to help you determine the best Archer skills for you to use in KingsRoad. We will first list out all of the skills and their effectiveness in both solo and party settings.

Archers is relative weaker early game, but their strong passive skills tie really well with the late game skills and equipment. When properly built with decent gears, they can do massive damage and can solo the majority of the KingsRoad maps without any troubles. Please check out the rest of our KingsRoads guides if you want to learn more about the game.

Please feel free to leave any comments if you have any thoughts about our introductions!

Level 1
Skill Effect
Effect Per
Skill Point
Volley1Shoots 3 arrows in quick succession at an enemey50% (150%) Damage
10s cooldown
8 Mana Cost
3% (9%) Damage
-1s cooldown first point
-0.5s cooldown after
73% (219%) Damage
5s cooldown
8 Mana
Spread Shot1Shoot arrows in an arc, dealing damage and knocking enemies back50% Damage
3s cooldown
5 mana cost
3% Damage
-0.3s cooldown for 3 levels
-0.2s cooldown for 6 levels
73% Damage
1s cool down
5 Mana cost
Focus5Passive Aura
Increases chance for a critical strike for you and your party
4% critical chance3%+ critical chance31% critical chance
Dodge5Passive Aura
Chance to avoid a range attack for you and your party
5% dodge chance4%+ dodge chance41% dodge chance
Ice Arrow8Shoots an ice arrow that deals damage and
decreases movement speed by 50% for 3 seconds
to an enemy and any nearby enemies
60% Damage
4s cooldown
5 mana cost
3%+ damage
-0.3s cooldown for 2 levels
-0.2s cooldown for 7 levels
87% Damage
2s cooldown
5 mana cost
Decoy8Summons a sturdy decoy for 30 second0% Health boost
50s cooldown
25 mana cost
+10% Health per level
-3s cooldown for 2 levels
-2s cooldown for 7 levels
90% Health boost
30s cooldown
25 mana cost
Exploit12Passive Aura
Increase damage on critical strikes
20% damage+20% damage per level200%+ critical damage
Quickness12Passive Aura
Increases movement speed for you and your party
4% movement speed+4% movement speed per level40% movement speed
Flame Arrow15Fires a flaming arrow that deals damage to an enemy and all surrounding enemies90% damage
6s cooldown
7 Mana cost
+5 and 4% damage
-0.3s cooldown for 2 levels
-0.2s cooldown for 7 levels
131% damage
3s cooldown
Shock15Shoots a lightning arrow that deals damage and stuns an enemy for 3 seconds70% damage
12s cooldown
5 mana cost
+4 and 3% damage
-01s cooldown for 3 levels
-0.5s cooldown for 6 levels
102% damage
6s cooldown
5 mana cost
Haste20Passive Aura
Increase rate of attack for you and your party
3%3% haste per level30% Haste
Drain20Passive Aura
Restores X Health on every hit for you and your party
1 Health restored per hit1 health per level10 health restored per hit
Firestorm25Shoot a rain of arrows at your enemies.
Enemies hit will be set on fire and
run away in fear for 3 seconds
80% damage
18s cooldown
12 mana cost
4% damage per level
-1s cooldown for 3 levels
-0.5s cooldown for 6 levels
116% damage
12s cooldown
12s mana cost


KingsRoad Archer Skill Uses

Max out Focus (Critical strike chance), Exploit (critical strike damage), and Haste (Attack speed). These passive skills are a must have for your KingsRoad archer. We would consider saving all of your skill points on these skills before investing them on others.

Consider putting 1 point into Shock, Flame Arrow, and Fire storm after maxing the must have skills. These skills off you crowd control abilities to fight further.

Lastly, if you have the money, consider buying skill poinst to get Haste, this can improve your dungeon grinding ability by improving your movement speed.

Archer Stats Builds

Your archer mainly focuses on the ability to dish out damage. Thus, your goal in training and equipping your archer all along the lines of boosting their damage further. Boost their stats in the following order:

Critical Chance
Critical Damage
Attack Speed