King’s Bounty: Legions Level Up Reward Table

Getting to know what you are getting next with level up can be quite helpful. You can use this advanced knowledge to pre plan the make up of your army in King’s Bounty: Legions. Please share this list of level up rewards with your friends if you have found it to be helpful! Lastly, please remember to link back to us and share any comments if you have received different rewards for leveling up in the game! And you can check the rest of our King’s Bounty: Legions information via our list of Facebook game guides.

215 Peasants20
34 Possessed Bears30
42 Pilgrims 40
59 Swamp Serpents50
66 Sea Wolves 60
74 Alchemist 70
85 Ancient Serpents80
97 Swordsmen90
106 Fiery Spiders100
113 Paladins110
126 Gunners120
1340 Cave spiders130
144 Ancient Serpents140
1512 Ghosts 150
1610 Royal Thorns160
1712 Eyebeasts170
187 Sea Wolves180
1920 Zombies190
205 Gunners200
2110 Assassins210
228 Ancient Serpents220
23100 Young Fairies 230
247 Sea Wolves240
2525 Gargoyle Trainee250
265 Royal Thorns260
2725 White Unicorns270
2810 Black Unicorns280
2930 Druids290
3010 Gunners300
3120 Gargoyle Shamans310
3215 Ancient Serpents320
335 Paladins 330
34Sea wolves340
355 Assassins350


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