Gardens of Time: Complete Main Story Scene List

This post contains all the Main Story scenes available in the Playdom game Gardens of Times. Use this list to figure out the next scenes that you can unlock in game. Please check out our Playdom game guides for more useful information.

Chapter 1- Trouble at Time ManorReputationGold
Giza RiverfrontTutorialTutorial
Time ManorTutorialTutorial
Pyramid Shadows2204
Egyptian Tomb Paradox5304
Hourglass Study10004
Horus TemplePremium19
Chapter 2- Induction, InterruptedReputationGold
Streets of Florence14704
Ancient Ship Paradox21604
London Nightclub26604
London Groovy Flat40804
Carnaby Street54004
Westminster BridgePremium22
Chapter 3- Big Trouble in Ancient ChinaReputationGold
Suzhou Gardens69505
Relic Trunk Paradox87406
Beijing Market99807
Shaolin Temple Paradox132008
Shanghai Dock159009
The Great WallPremium25
Chapter 4- Great Caesar’s GhostReputationGold
Ancient Ship189009
Walls of Troy222009
Hanging Gardens of Babylon245009
Roman Colosseum2960010
Roman Throne Paradox3340010
Chapter 5- A Tale of Two TimelinesReputationGold
Hourglass Study Paradox3720011
Italian Carriage4100011
Venice Gondola4330011
Greek Temple4870011
Greek Altar5250012
Garden of HesperidesPremium32
Chapter 6- Return to the NileReputationGold
Relic Trunk5650012
Thames Market6040013
Egyptian Tomb6290013
London Clock Tower6840013
Pyramid Shadows Paradox7250013
Al-Azhar UniversityPremium35
Chapter 7- Hollywood FolliesReputationGold
Hollywood Backlot7650014
Time Manor Paradox8060014
Pyramid Steps Paradox8320014
DaVinci Studio Paradox8900015
Hollywood Dressing Room9320015
Grade TheaterNA38
Chapter 8- A Renaissance FlairReputationGold
French Battlefield7650015
Paris Palace9740015
Paris Café10200016
Italian Carriage Paradox10400016
DaVinci Studio11000017
Eiffel Tower By AirPremium41
Chapter 9- A Work in the ParkReputationGold
London Nightclub Paradox11900017
Shanghai Dock Paradox12400017
London Clock Tower Desk12600018
Beijing Market Paradox13300018
Shaolin Temple13700018
Palace of Heavenly PurityPremium45
Chapter 10- Ambitions of CaesarReputationGold
Walls of Troy Paradox14200018
Inside Troy14600019
Giza Riverfront Paradox14900019
Aurora Borealis15600020
Roman Imperial Throne16000020
Greek VineyardPremium48
Chapter 11- Cowboys and IndiaReputationGold
Wild West Town16500020
Bazaar Paradox17000020
Gateway of India Paradox18000021
Taj Mahal18500021
Elephant FestivalPremium50
Chapter 12- the End of the BeginningReputationGold
Mad Dog Saloon18900022
Card Table Paradox19400022
The Great Train Robbery20000022
Sheriff’s Office20500023
Kinari Bazaar21000023
Whistler’s MinePremium54
Chapter 13- A Rift in TimeReputationGold
Sydney Harbor21500023
Coober Pedy Paradox22000024
Great Ocean Road22400024
Aurora Paradox23000024
Great Barrier ReefPremium57
Chapter 14- Quests for CamelotReputationGold
Steed Stables24500025
Merlin’s Lab25000025
Saloon Paradox25300025
Elephant Festival Paradox25700026
The Round Table26000026
Chapter 15- To Russian With LoveReputationGold
Guinevere’s Balcony27000027
Marionette Theatre Paradox27500027
St. Basil’s Cathedral28000027
Streets of Florence Paradox28500027
Ruins of Florence29000028
Winter PalacePremium64
Chapter 16- A Journey Through MaritimeReputationGold
Tortuga Tavern3000028
Easter Island30500029
Paris Palace Paradox31000029
Kremlin Wall31500029
Barbarossa’s Brigantine32000029
Treasure CovePremium67
Chapter 17- Fashionably on TimeReputationGold
Manhattan Office33000030
Hollywood Backlot Paradox33500030
The Catwalk34000030
Hanging Gardens Paradox34500031
Fashion Show Backstage35000031
Central ParkPremium67
Chapter 18- Memoirs of a time TravelerReputationGold
The Catwalk Paradox36000031
New York City Street36500031
Tea House37000032
Tah Mahal Paradox37500032
Zen Garden38000033
Shinto ShrinePremium67
Chapter 19- Richard’s Grim TaleReputationGold
NYC Street Paradox39500033
Neuschwanstein Castle4000034
Ocean Road Paradox41000034
Hansel and GretelPremium67
Chapter 20- Pinoy NoirReputationGold
French Battlefield Paradox43000034
Higantes Festival43500035
Captain’s Quarters44000035
Easter Island Paradox44500036
Manila Jeepney45000036
Tubbataha ReefPremium67
Chapter 21- Time Agents & the Temples of DoomReputationGold
Pyramid of the Moon46000036
Great Train Paradox46500036
Coober Pedy Study47000037
Neuschwanstein Paradox47500037
Yucatan Cenote48000037
Feathered Serpent TemplePremium67
Chapter 22- A Road to El DoradoReputationGold
Chac-Mool Temple49000038
Pyramid of the Moon Paradox49500038
Rainforest River Passage50000038
Attache Case Paradox51000039
Jousting Tournament52000039
El DoradoPremium67
Chapter 23- Apocalypse? How?ReputationGold
Lady of the Lake53000039
Arctic Giza53500040
Steed Stables Paradox54000040
Ta Prohm55000041
Ruins of Florence Paradox56000041
Taj Mahal ShadowsPremium67
Chapter 24- Grave New WorldReputationGold
Forgotten Paris Palace57000041
Jousting Tournament Paradox57500041
Manhattan Kitchen58000041
Arctic Giza Paradox59000042
Titanic Wreckage60000042
Flooded ColosseumPremium67
Chapter 25- Green Eggs and NottinghamReputationGold
Sherwood Forest Hideout61000043
Rainforest River Paradox61500043
Lady of the Lake Paradox62000043
German Opera House63000043
Archery Contest64000044
Maid Marian’s ChamberPremium67
Chapter 26- The Original Prince of ThievesReputationGold
Lunar Landing Paradox65000044
Prince John’s Table66000045
Victorian Tea Parlor67000045
Rothenburg Paradox68000045
Robin Hood & Little John69000045
Carriage RobberyPremium67
Chapter 27- Time Out of JointReputationGold
Derby Day70000046
Nyhaven Waterfront70500046
Forgotten Palace Paradox71000046
Danish Bakery72000047
Carnaby Street Paradox73000047
Country WindmillPremium67
Chapter 28- Denmark’s the SpotReputationGold
Viking Ship74000047
Greek Temple Paradox75000048
Greenland Village76000048
Roman Colosseum Paradox77000048
Dragon Lake78000049
Copenhagen Amusement ParkPremium67
Chapter 29- What Happened in VegasReputationGold
Nyhavn Waterfront Paradox79000049
Sands of Time Casino80000049
The Cancanning Crystalettes81000050
Backstage Paradox82000050
Limousine Ride83000050
Royal Crown PoolPremium67
Chapter 30- What Stayed in VegasReputationGold
Ice Cream Parlor84000051
Vegas Casino Paradox85000051
Las Vegas Strip86000051
Manila Jeepney Paradox87000052
Royal Crown Hotel88000052
Hourglass Hotel LoungePremium67
Chapter 31- Kenya Dig It?ReputationGold
Lamu Town89000052
Prehistoric Jungle Paradox90000052
Giraffe Manor91000053
Ta Prohm Paradox92000053
Nagano Hot Spring93000054
Great Rift ValleyPremium67
Chapter 32- The Lyin’ KingReputationGold
Giraffe Manor Paradox94000054
Prehistoric Cave95000054
Maasai Village96000054
Watering Hole96500055
Varanasi Paradox97000055
Gedi RuinsPremium67
Chapter 33- Cloudy with a Chance of SpainReputationGold
The Crow’s Nest98000055
Tea House Paradox99000056
Tablao Flamenco100000056
London Clock Tower Paradox102000057
Park Guell104000057
Festa Major de GarciaPremium67
Chapter 34- The Spanish GardenersReputationGold
Granada Garden105000057
Tablao Flamenco Paradox106000057
Flower Stand107000057
Higantes Festival Paradox109000058
Bullfighting Arena110000058
Sagrada FamiliaPremium67
Chapter 35- A Mystery of Titanic ProportionsReputationGold
Titanic Wreckage Paradox111000059
Southampton Dock113000059
Greenland Village Paradox114000059
Card Table115000059
Luxury Ship Cabin116000060
The Verandah CaféPremium67