Frequently Asked Question for Marvel Avengers Alliance

The Marvel Avengers Alliance is the new Facebook social game created and hosted by Playdom. Below are some of the frequently asked questions that you might run into while playing the game. Please feel free to ask more questions and we will try to answer them if we have the answers for you. If this FAQ page has helped you, you may want to check out our list of guides for Marvel Avengers Alliance.

More FAQ’s will be added as I go through the game.

Purpose of 5 Star Mastery for Missions

After you have completed the 5 star mastery for the missions, there is no point to go back other than leveling up your other Marvel Heroes. The missions which you have achieved and obtain the complete 5 star mastery will be able to grant you lots of experience points for completing them.

When and How to Unlock Basic Functions

Fight Deck: Complete Basic Tutorial
Shop: Complete Chapter 1, Mission 1
Team: Complete Chapter 1, Mission 1
PvP: Complete Chapter 1, Mission 4
Research: Complete Chapter 1, Mission 2

How to Get More Energy in Marvel Avengers Alliance

You can obtain more MAA energy by doing the following actions:

1. Level up
2. Visiting friends and collect from their MAA buildings.
3. Use Energy Packs Through Gifting and Regifting Marvel allies.
4. Purchase Energy with Gold
5. Wait for Energy to refill through time.

How to Reset or Restart the Game

There is currently no way to start over in Marvel Avengers Alliance right now.

How to Change Agent’s Name

You can change the name by going into Team -> Agent Stats -> Customize -> Change Name.

How to Get Marvel Avengers Alliance Chapter Mastery Reward

You will have to obtain 5 star mastery for all the missions inside the chapter, including the premium mission, to obtain the Chapter Mastery Reward.

How to Remove a MAA Ally

You can remove your allies by the tab on top – the Allies. Under the invite tab it lists all of your current allies and you can choose to remove them from you Marvel Avengers Alliance game.

What is the Limit for the Numbers of Allies that You can Have

You can have up to 50 “real” person allies in Marvel Avengers Alliance, however you will have 52 on your ladder because “you” and Mr. Stark will both take one slot.

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