FarmVille 2 Hen House Guide

Hen House is the latest feature released in FarmVille 2. In this guide, we will go over how and why you should go for the Hen House. If you like this guide, please check out the rest of our FarmVille 2 guides.

This Hen House for FarmVille 2 is released on 10/10/12. It comes with a timed 12 day quest as well as a couple of the FarmVille 2 crafting recipes.

How to Unlock and Build Hen House

You will need to be at least level 5 and 3 non-prized chicken on your farm to unlock the FarmVille 2 Hen House.

The hen house comes as a quest with a building that you need to complete. The steps are as followed:
Step 1:
8 Wood Plank
8 Hammer
8 Bird Nest

Step 2:
4 Neighbors are required to be hired.

Harvesting Hen House

The Hen House has a 24 hour harvest time span and can drop the following items:
1. Regular Chicken Eggs
2. Uncommon Exotic Eggs
3. Rare Exotic Eggs
4. Ultra Rare Exotic Eggs

When you have more non-prized chickens on your farm, you will earn additional egg bonus as well.

Exotic Egg Collection

When you have collected all 2 uncommon, 2 rare, and 1 ultra rare egg, you will receive a Polish Silver Laced Chicken which can produce Polish Red Egg. The Polish Red Egg can be used for crafting or sold for money. The Polish Silver Laced Chicken drops 2 eggs per harvest.

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