Fallout Shelter Complete Outfit List

Are you trying to collect all the outfits in Fallout Shelter? Use this quick chart to help you figure out which outfit that you are still missing. Please note that this Fallout Shelter Outfit list is not complete yet, so please leave comments if you have any additional finds!

Use filter and sort to help you quickly figure out the stats for each of the outfits.

Armored Vault Suit3Common
Wasteland Medic21Common
Handyman Jumpsuit3Common
Leather Armor12Common
Combat Armor21Common
Formal Wear3Common
Wasteland Gear3Common
Lab Coat3Common
Battle Armor21Common
Raider Armor12Common
Military Fatigues3Common
Radiation Suit12Common
Merc Gear111Common
Initiate Robe21Common
Advanced Jumpsuit5Common
Junior Officer Armor12Common
Sturdy Leather Armor23Rare
Republic Robes41Rare
Mayor Outfit211Rare
Advanced Radiation Suit23Rare
Clergy Outfit41Rare
Engineer Outfit221Rare
Horror Fan Outfit41Rare
Librarian Outfit41Rare
Movie Fan Outfit41Rare
Naughty Nightware5Rare
Nobility Outfit221Rare
Sci-Fi Fan Outfit221Rare
Officer Uniform23Rare
Ninja Outfit41Rare
Sports Fan Outfit41Rare
Sturdy Battle Armor32Rare
Sturdy Vault Suit5Rare
Professor Outfit41Rare
Survivor Armor221Rare
Wrestler Outfit221Rare
Bittercup's Outfit221Legendary
Elder Robe43Legendary
Heavy Merc Gear232Legendary
Heavy Raider Armor34Legendary
Scribe Rothchild's Robe2122Legendary
Sheriff's Duster25Legendary
T51-F Power Armor25Legendary
T60-D Power Armor24Legendary
Tenpenny's Suit2221Legendary
Three Dog's Outift25Legendary
Wasteland Surgeon43Legendary
Lucky Formal Wear7Legendary
Eulogy Jones' Suit2212Legendary