DragonBound Control and Game Play Mode Guide

DragonBound is a Facebook or browser game port of the popular game GunBound. In this guide, we will go over some basic functions and in game modes to help you break into the game. You will find this guide as a helpful beginner’s guide to the game. If you have found this DragonBound guide helpful, please check out our other Browser game guides for more DragonBound information.

DragonBound Controls

The controls in the game is pretty straight forward:

ESC in game: Pull up in game options, in this option you can change options such as music and effects, as well as resign (surrender) from the match.
F1~F6: Use items chosen.
Tab: Change Weapon
Enter: Chat functions:
/G + Enter = Guild Chat
/T + Enter = Team Chat
Spacebar = Shoot
Right Mouse: Drag the map.
Left Mouse: Select
Change Mobile: You can change the different mobile carts at the map and player selection screen.

DragonBound Game Modes

There are three main playing modes in DragonBound: Normal, Boss, and SameSame.

Normal Mode
On this mode you can select different amount of players to play, you can also choose the type of maps.
Depending on the level of the players, the winning side will win different amount of GP.
Avatar on will give a 10% additional GP
Wind options: 0 = 0% GP, 12 = 5% GP, 26 = 10% GP, 50 = 15% GP.

Boss Mode
This is the mode where you can fight the different DragonBound bosses. As you beat the levels, you advance onto the next one. In addition, you can select to fight more than 1 boss bot at the time. However, the maps are selected as random in this mode.

Clown Stripe: 1 GP
Haris Pilton: 2 GP
Harly Potler: 3 GP
Angie Jelly: 4 GP
Floyd Pinkus: 5 GP

By default the Avatar option is on for the Boss mode.
Wind options: 0 = 0% GP, 12 = 5% GP, 26 = 10% GP, 50 = 15% GP.

Same Same Mode
This mode is unlocked after you have beaten all the boss levels.