Differences between Battle of the Immortals and War of the Immortals.

The new release of the War of the Immortals can be a bit confusing for the new and old players alike. Below spells out some of the major differences between the two games. Hope this list will help you to figure out the version of the game that best suits you.

War of the Immortals is hugely based on its predecessor with many of the main classes being the same. However, it does add three more classes to its game play. In addition, some of the story line branches out from the original Battle of the Immortals.

Some of the major differences between the two games are the following:

There is a new addition of Gold gears added. Gold gears are better for Player versus Monster PVE playing. Also it becomes easier to get better pets in the War of the Immortals. War of the Immortals will have more guild war events that are more focused on group playing.

Battle of the Immortals should have better stories because it will be more focused on the single player content as well as straight out player versus player. The current edition of Battle of the Immortals also have better skills and events because the War of the Immortals is still relatively new.