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With so many breeding guides or tools, it’s important that you start with one that works with easy to access information. This complete Mutants: Genetic Gladiators breeding guide will help you with just that. We will go over the basic of mutants cross breeding guide, and help you to breed all the mutants in the game.

This guide is last updated on May 23, 2014. Please feel free to leave comments or questions if you cannot breed any of the recipes or are looking for other mutant breeding formulas.

We will organize by the different genes and walk you through potential MGG cross breeds and their recipes. Before you start following our complete mutants cross breed walkthrough, please note the following key points on how to breed more effectively in game.

1. All cross breeding pairs are hugely based on luck. There is no tips or tricks for you to get a guaranteed breed result. If you do not get a mutant with your first attempt, simply keep on trying until you get the mutant breed you want.
2. The order of the parents in the breeding center makes no difference on the outcome.
3. Level of breeding center increases the chance on how to breed a rare mutant by 12% per level. So upgrade the BC levels early on to boost your odds of breeding a rare mutant.
4. Similar to the breeding chances mentioned in number 1. The correct parent breeding pairs can result in multiple mutants as well. So keep on trying until you get the hybrid breed that you want.
6. PVP / PVE, Zodiac, or Legendary mutants cannot be obtained by cross breeding common or rare mutants. The only way on how to get legendary is by obtaining these mutants as rewards, slot machine, or shop and then you can breed elite versions of them.

Mutants: Genetic Gladiators Breeding Combinations

Basic Generation Genes

These are you basic of the basic genes that can be obtained via the shop.

Saber Gene: Warrior
Necro Gene: Zombie
Cyber Gene: Robot
Zoomorph Gene: Beast
Galactic Gene: Alien
Mythic Gene: Demon

Mutants: Genetic Gladiators Second Generation Mutants

When you cross breed the different genes together, you have a chance to get the original mutant or you can end up with completely different mutants breeds. This Mutants: Genetic Gladiators breeding guide contains a list of of all the cross breeds when you succeed. To obtain the “rare” breeds with higher chance, you should substitute the double gene mutants in place of single gene.

For example, you can substitute Nordic Nightmare in place of Warrior for any of these breeds and increase your odds at obtaining the rare mutant breeding. Any kinds of first generation has a chance of getting normal breeds or rare breeds. However you can increase your chances at getting a “specific” rare if you use this the specific rare breeding combo utilizing firs tier pure breeds.

Pure Double Gene Breeds Combinations
We have summarized the breeding list of the double gene pure breed with this list. You can use this to double reference your cross breeding preference from the game. Below contains some of the correct parents list.

Saber Gene: Nordic Nightmare = Warrior + Warrior
Necro Gene: Leech Lord = Zombie + Zombie
Cyber Gene: Android = Robot + Robot
Zoomorph Gene: Kaiju Kitty = Beast + Beast
Galactic Gene: Astro Surfer = Alien + Alien
Mythic Gene: Pit Lord = Demon + Demon

Saber Gene Cross Breeding Combinations
Warrior + Warrior = Nordic Nightmare
Warrior + Zombie = Blade Banshee (Rare) or Dire Despot
Warrior + Robot = Enforcer or Stealth Bot (Rare)
Warrior + Beast = Honey Bunny or Rakshasa (Rare)
Warrior + Alien = Martian Marauder (Rare) or Bounty Bug
Warrior + Demon = Valkyrie or Gandolphus (Rare)

Necro Gene Cross Breed
Zombie + Zombie = Leech Lord
Zombie + Warrior = Dire Despot or Blade Banshee (Rare)
Zombie + Robot = Zomborg (Rare) or Dead Bot
Zombie + Beast = Undead Dragon (Rare) or Cerberus
Zombie + Alien = Ghostmonaut or Tutti Gooey (Rare)
Zombie + Demon = Baron Lundi or Grim Reapress (Rare)

Cyber Gene Combination Cross
Robot + Robot = Android
Robot + Warrior = Stealth Bot (Rare) or Enforcer
Robot + Zombie = Dead Bot or Zomborg (Rare)
Robot + Beast = Beetle Bot or Reptoid (Rare)
Robot + Alien = Colossus or Planet Cleaner (Rare)
Robot + Demon = Deus Machine (Rare) or Techno Taoist

Zoomorph Gene Cross Breeding Combinations
Beast + Beast = Kaiju Kitty
Beast + Warrior = Rakshasa (Rare) or Honey Bunny
Beast + Zombie = Cerberus or Undead Dragon (Rare)
Beast + Robot = Reptoid (Rare) or Beetle Bot
Beast + Alien = Parasite Queen or Xenos (Rare)
Beast + Demon = Dracus Nobilis (Rare) or Medusa

Galactic Gene Cross Breed
Alien + Alien = Astro Surfer
Alien + Warrior = Bounty Bug or Martian Marauder (Rare)
Alien + Zombie = Tutti Gooey (Rare) or Ghostmonaut
Alien + Beast = Xenos (Rare) or Parasite Queen
Alien + Robot = Planet Cleaner (Rare) or Colossus
Alien + Demon = Nebulon or C’thlig (Rare)

Mythic Gene Cross Mutant Breeds
Demon + Demon = Pit Lord
Demon + Warrior = Gandolphus (Rare) or Valkyrie
Demon + Zombie = Grim Reapress (Rare) or Baron Lundi
Demon + Beast = Medusa or Dracus Nobilis (Rare)
Demon + Alien = C’thlig (Rare) or Nebulon
Demon + Robot = Techno Taoist or Deus Machine (Rare)

Rare Mutant Breeding Guide

The game states that you will have increased chance of getting rare mutants if you breed with double gene mutants. This MGG Breeding guide will help you with how to breed rare. This may mean that you can potential increase your odds at getting a specific rare gene combination if you use 1 double with 1 single of the targetting gene. However, this breeding theory needs more testing. However, below is a list of mutant breeding combinations for the rare mutants, in their specific primary gene category.

This also means that you can take advantage of rare cross breeding if you are looking for both of the rare aliens in the same category. For example: If you are new and trying to breed both Blade Banshee and Martian Marauder. Your chance is the best if you breed together Nordic Nightmare + Either Tutti Gooey (Rare) or Ghostmonaut. This is because if you breeding a double Saber gene together with Zombie/Alien combination.

By following the correct parent combos list here, you will learn how to get rare mutants from the crossbreeding list.

Rare Saber Crossbreed Guide
Blade Banshee: Nordic Nightmare + Zombie
Martian Marauder: Nordic Nightmare + Alien
Bushi: See Specific Breeding.

Necro Rare Cross Breeding
Zomborg: Leech Lord + Robot
Undead Dragon: Leech Lord + Beast
Terrordoll: See Specific Breeding.
Dark Seer: See Specific Breeding.

Cyber Breeding Guide
Captain Wrenchfury: See Specific Breeding.
Stealth Bot: Android + Warrior
Deus Machina: Android + Demon

Rakshasa: Kaiju Kitty + Warrior
Reptoid: Kaiju Kitty + Robot
Dracus Nobilis: Kaiju Kitty + Demon

Tutti Gooey: Astro Surfer + Zombie
Planet Cleaner: Astro Surfer + Robot
Xenos: Astro Surfer + Beast

Gandolphus: Pit Lord + Warrior
Grim Reapress: Pit Lord + Zombie
C’thlig: Pit Lord + Alien

Specific Generation Mutants

The mutants breeds in this section can only be done when you breed certain mutants together.

Saber Specific
Bushi (Rare) = Stealth Bot + Zomborg

Necro Specific
Terrordoll (Rare) = Undead Dragon + Reptoid
Dark Seer (Rare) = Bushi + Captain Wrenchfury

Cyber Specific
Captain Wrenchfury (Rare) = Terrordoll + Bushi

Zoomorph Specific
None at the moment.

Galactic Specific
None at the moment.

Mythic Specific
None at the moment.

Correct Parents Breeding

Below is a list of correct parents breeding to help you get started. We have also put other hybrid breed possibilities in () to help you see other potential breeds coming from these correct parent combos. Follow this correct parents breeding guide to figure out how to breed those hard to get crossbreed mutants.

Anubis + Leech Lord = Anubis (Leech Lord, Baron Lundi, or Grim Reapress)
Anubis + Zombie = Anubis (Leech Lord, Zombie, Baron Lundi, or Grim Reapress)
Anubis + Snowmage = Anubis (Pit Lord, Baron Lundi, or Grim Reapress)
Anubis + Lichlock = Anubis (Leech Lord, Pit Lord, Baron Lundi, Grim Reapress, or Lichlock)

Behemoth + Astro Surfer = Behemoth

Crypt Wraith
Crypt Wraith + Zombie = Crypt Wraith (Leech Lord)
Crypt Wraith + Leech Lord = Crypt Wraith (Leech Lord)

Zomborg + Planet Cleaner = Devourer (Android, Dead Bot, Tutti Gooey, Colossus, or Ghostmonaut)

Master Splitter
Cobrakai + Master Splitter = Master Splitter (Kaiju Kitty, Cerberus, Undead Dragon, or Cobrakai)
Medusa + Master Splitter = Master Splitter (Medusa, Dracus Nobilis, or Kaiju Kitty)

Stealth Bot + Bushi = Terrordoll (Enforcer, Dead Bot, Nordic Knightmare, Dire Despot)

Thor + Pit Lord = Thor (Valkyrie, Gandolphus, or Pit Lord)
Thor + Nordic Knightmare (Japan Reactor) = Thor (Nordic Knightmare, Valkyrie, or Gandolphus)

Xenarach + Leech Lord = Xenarach (Dead Bot or Leech Lord)
Nordic Knightmare + Undead Dragon = Captain Bag ‘O’ Bones (Blade Banshee, Dire Despot, or Honey Bunny)
Astro Surfer + Nordic Knightmare = Martian Marauder (Bounty Bug)
Monocerus + Kaiju Kitty = (Monocerus) Kaiju Kitty, Reptoid, or Beetle Bot
Terrordoll + Captain Bag ‘O’ Bones = Interceptrix (Leech Lord, Dead Bot, Enforcer, Dire Despot, Blade Banshee, or Stealth Bot)
Bushi + Terrordoll = Captain Wrenchfury (Enforcer, Stealth Bot, Leech Lord, Dire Despot, Blade Banshee, Dead Bot, or Zomborg)
Shell Shock + Astro Surfer = Shell shock (Astro Surfer, Parasite Queen, Xenos)
Tecno Taoist + Retribution = Retribution (Pit Lord, Techno Taoist, Deus Machina)
Haggis + Nordic Knightmare = Haggis (Nordic Knightmare, Honey Bunny, or Rakshasa)

Mekali + Android = Mekali (Techno Taoist, Deus Machina, or Android)
Satyr Shaman + Kaiju Kitty = Satyr Shaman (Medusa, Dracus Nobilis, or Kaiju Kitty)
Kaiju Kitty + Master Splitter = Master Splitter (Kaiju Kitty)
Deus Machina + Grim Reapress = The Darkseer (Techno Taoist, Deus Machina, Dead Bot, Zomborg, Pit Lord, Grim Reapress, or Baron Lundi)
Nordic Knightmare + Galactic Guardian = Galactic Guardian (Nordic Knightmare, Bounty Bug, or Martian Marauder)

Monocerus + Master Splitter = Monocerus (Kaiju Kitty, Beetle Bot, Reptoid, or Master Splitter.)
Supernovus + Alien = Supernovus (Astro Surfer or Alien)
Supernovus + Ghostmonaut = Supernovus (Astro Surfer, Ghostmonaut, or Tutti Gooey)
Xenarach + Cobrakai = Xenarach (Beetle Bot, Reptoid, Dead Bot, Zomborg, Leech Lord, Cerberus, Undead Dragon, or Cobrakai)
Warrior + Haggis = Haggis (Nordic Knightmare, Honey Bunny, or Rakshasa)
Leech Lord + Humongous = Humongous (Leech Lord, Ghostmonaut, or Tutti Gooey.)
Cosmo Kong + Cosmo Kong = Cosmo Kong (Kaiju Kitty, Astro Surfer, Parasite Queen, or Xenos)
Humongous + The Devourer = Humongous (Leech Lord, Astro Surfer, Ghostmonaut, or Tutti Gooey)
Warrior + Dezinger = Dezinger (Nordic Knightmare, Enforcer, or Stealth Bot)
Haggis + Nordic Knightmare (Japan Reactor) = Haggis (Nordic Knightmare, Honey Bunny, or Rakshasa)
Dracus Nobilis + Pit Lord or Cosmo Kong + C’thlig = Horus
Shell Shock + Beast = Shell Shock (Kaiju Kitty, Beast, Parasite Queen, or Xenos)
Triple-B + Leech Lord = Triple-B (Leech Lord, Dead Bot, or Zomborg.)
Crypt Wraith + Captain Bag ‘O’ Bones = Crypt Wraith (Leech Lord, Dire Despot, Blade Banshee)
Rakshasa + Stealthbot = Mantidroid
Interceptrix + Horus = Mantidroid.
Blood Berry + Demon (Girl Power Reactor) = Blood Berry (Demon or Pit Lord)
Warrior (Steampunk Reactor) + Haggis = Haggis (Nordic Knightmare, Honey Bunny, or Rakshasa)
Astro Surfer + Master Oida = Master Oida (Astro Surfer)
Mekali + Mekali = Mekali (Pit Lord, Techno Taoist, Deus Machina, or Android)
Leech Lord (Superhero Reactor) + Sirenia = Sirenia (Leech Lord, Ghostmonaut, or Tutti Gooey)
Sirenia + Ghostmonaut = Sirenia (Ghostmonaut, Tutti Gooey, Astro Surfer, or Leech Lord)
Galactic Guardian + General Chaos = General Chaos (Nordic Knightmare, Enforcer, Stealth Bot, Bounty Bug, Martian Marauder, or Galactic Guardian.)
Slashog + Kaiju Kitty = Slashog (Kaiju Kitty, Parasite Queen, or Xenos)

PvP Rewards

Zombat: Zombat is an exclusive Global tournament Season 4 Grandmaster PVP reward.
Sirenia: Global tournament Season 5 Grandmaster PVP reward
Lichlock: Global tournament Season 6 Experts PVP reward and Steampunk reactor mutant
Behemoth: Global tournament Season 7 Experts PVP’s reward.
Shell Shock: Global tournament Season 8 Experts PVP reward. Completing level 40 in the Olympus Event.
Crypt Wraith: Global tournament Season 10 Experts PVP reward. Completing level 40 in Dark City event.
Mekali: Expert bracket of PvP Tournament Season 11
General Chaos: PVP Season 19 reward
Slashog: Global Tournament PVP Season 21 reward

Star Breeding Upgrades

Star upgrades can make your mutants stronger via breeding and ranking up. We will show you how to breed to make your mutants stronger. To obtain a bronze mutant, you need 2 mutants at least lvl 10 and a bronze star. For a silver mutant, you need 2 mutants at least bronze starred and lvl 15. For a gold mutant, you need at 2 mutants who are at least silver and lvl 20.

You can place a gold or silver mutant in the breeding center with an unstarred mutant and use a bronze star to get a bronze mutant.

Obtaining Ranking Stars
You can obtain stars through the following methods:
Bronze Star: Level up, mystery gifts, and magnetic keys.
Silver Star: Shop item as well as elite league rewards.
Gold Star: Shop item as well as elite league rewards.

Using Stars Through Breeding
You can breed stronger star ranking stars by putting together mutants. Below are the methods to breed and upgrade the mutants’ star ranks.

Bronze Star: 2 Level 10 mutants + Bronze Star (10% Stronger)
Silver Star: 2 Level 15 Bronze Star mutants + Silver Star (30% stronger)
Gold Star: 2 Level 20 Silver Star mutants + Gold Star (75% stronger)

Update Note Information

This Mutants Genetic Gladiators breeding guide 2014 is last updated on 5/23.

5/23 Breeding Update Note:
How to breed planet cleaner added. (Astro Surfer + Robot)
mutants genetic gladiators cerberus added. (Zombie + Beast)
How to breed grim reapress. (Zombie + Demon)
how to breed dracus nobilis (Beast + Demon)
how to breed nordic nightmare (Warrior + Warrior)
how to breed deus machina (Android + Demon)
how to breed oriax – You can get it for free when you first connect your game on the Android application for Mutants : Genetic Gladiators.
how to breed terror doll: Undead Dragon + Reptoid
how to breed medusa: Beast + Demon